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Cross Country July 2016

Cross Country is the world’s leading voice for hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring pilots. Ten times a year, our magazine content reflects our obsession with flying, and we express it by packing each issue with the most imaginative, inspirational photography and writing we can lay our hands on.

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the art of the forecast

I shut my computer, got in the car and drove two hours. It was raining and cloudy, windy, but I was pretty sure the journey would not be wasted. Arriving at the bottom of the chairlift the sky had cleared and the wind slackened. Taking off from the top of the hill half an hour later I hit a moonbeam and was above the mountains in minutes. The early-evening air was sparkling, clear and cold, like champagne. Looking 10km behind me I could see the back edge of the cold front that had gone through – a wall of cloud muscling its way south through the hills. The next day I joined the pilots of the North South Cup (p38) and we flew south en masse, some flying 200+km, others less.…

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Jody MacDonald is an award-winning adventure sport and documentary photographer. Whether it’s kiteboarding, surfing or paragliding she is always out there, exploring the wildest corners of the planet. Her work has been featured in many publications worldwide, including this one. See Malawi, p92 Till Gottbrath has been flying since 1987, “without accident or years off, with some ambition and with still increasing enthusiasm.” A committed EN-B pilot he likes to hike up the hills he flies off. A PR guy by trade he works freelance for Nova looking after their Nova Pilots Team. See On Ambition, p98 Kelly Farina is a former British Team member who became a professional guide 10 years ago. Now firmly established as Austrian Arena, and guiding in the Austrian and Italian Alps, he has written a new…

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in the core

Go, Go Hono Paragliding World Champion Honorin Hamard flew from Gourdon in the south of France to the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland on Sunday 21 May. At a total distance of 342km his was the longest flight from an amazing weekend across the Alps. Flying an Enzo 2 and in the air for almost 11 hours at an average speed of 31.5km/h his route took him along the classic Saint André / Dormillouse run for the first 100k, before heading west around the Ecrins National Park, east of Grenoble and then north to Switzerland. He landed close to Evian les Bains at 9pm. Honorin reported a “slight headwind” to Grenoble, after which a light tailwind of only 5-10km/h from the south, with a maximum base of just above 3,000m.…

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‘perfect weather’ at beach blast ‘16

“What a fly-fest. I haven’t flown this much since Palm Bay. So much cool stuff to try. Always learning. And so many fun folks – passionate people in pursuit of a full life” That was the verdict on Beach Blast in Panama City Beach in May, which saw “perfect, perfect weather” over the four days. Billed as the biggest beach fly-in in the States, it attracted pilots from across the USA and beyond. The long weekend offered four-and-a-half days of flying, with the first pilot briefing at 8am on the Wednesday for the earlybirds. From then, pilots were free to fly until midday Sunday before packing up and heading home. In the mix were single-skin wings being flown under power, and ‘lightweight’ was a buzzword. The story of the fly-in is well known.…

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in brief

Nova Pure Black Nova’s Somnium XC harness is now available in jet black with red seams. It’s the first product in Nova’s new Pure Black line. nova.eu Ten years testing Swiss test house Air Turquoise SA have been certifying paragliders to EN 926-2 for ten years – that’s more than 1,000 paragliders. They are celebrating with a new logo. para-test.com Rocky Mountains Traverse Red Bull TV followed Gavin McClurg and Will Gadd as they vol-bivouaced across the Canadian Rockies. Watch the film at: goo.gl/e4tKrS UP Parasleeve 2 UP’s Parasleeve 2 concertina-packing bag is fully ventilated and has an internal flap which fastens using click buckles. Available in three sizes, it weighs 460g in the M. up-paragliders.com…

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koyot 3

Niviuk call the Koyot 3 a ‘progression’ wing. It’s certified EN A, and they say it’s easy to handle and intuitive to fly, but with XC performance potential. It’s compact with a flat A/R of 4.95. Nitinol rods support the leading edge, and ram air intakes maintain a good internal pressure. Niviuk say the 20% reduction in lines over the Koyot 2 means it’s lighter, has less drag, and it’s easier to sort the lines. The Koyot 3 is available in five sizes (22-31m for 45-135kg) and four colours. niviuk.com…