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Cross Country June 2015

Cross Country is the world’s leading voice for hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring pilots. Ten times a year, our magazine content reflects our obsession with flying, and we express it by packing each issue with the most imaginative, inspirational photography and writing we can lay our hands on.

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rainbow nation

After escaping much of winter holed up in the paragliding hotspots of Colombia, I found myself staring down the barrel of a mercury bulb that seemed to be hovering the wrong side of zero degrees. “We’re going speedriding Ed” my enthusiastic colleague Verity told me. Off we shuttled up into the high mountains, where snow was dumping like it hadn’t all season. The boom of avalanches ricocheted around the resort, Les Arcs 2000, where we were signed up and kitted-out with all the necessary gear. Speedriding is harder than it looks! But I will leave that for another time. Suffice to say for now that we all came home happy and in one piece. Spring is fully on in Europe as I write. We’ve been out grabbing it by the tail. Me and…

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Paul Guschlbauer was born in Graz, Austria, in 1983 and introduced to the mountains by his dad. A comp mountain biker by 13 he was a student when he first read about the X-Alps, switching sports there and then. He’s now a pro pilot and works for Skywalk. See Flying With Angels, p76. Ollie Chitty started flying five years ago age 20. An aircraft engineer and tandem pilot he lives on the airfield where he works. He has his eye set on records and Team GB selection, but really it’s all about the fun. “I want to enjoy what I do, help others into it and spread the word of how awesome this sport is!” p92. Jamie Shelden is well known on the comp scene as a pilot, organiser and someone prepared…

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spring magic

Bernie Pessl Antholz in Italy was the launch to be at on Sunday 19 April. Eighteen pilots flew 200km triangles from here as spring burst across the Alps. Bernie Pessl was top of the pops with a 264km flight. Flying here starts with a two-hour walk-up to be on launch getting ready to go by 8.30am. The first part of the day was “really tough”, Bernie said. But later blue thermals were averaging 2-3m/s with very little wind. Pilots were at 3,600m. Bernie’s flight took him just shy of 11 hours, averaging 24.4km/h around the route. A Nova team pilot, he was flying a Mentor 4. Greg Blondeau Former European Champion Greg Blondeau was straight-lining it in Germany the day before Bernie’s big triangle day in the Alps. Taking off from Kreuzberg in…

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green twins get 5,000m ppg record

Twin brothers Ant and Tim Green set a tandem paramotor altitude world record on 22 April when they successfully flew over the summit of Mont Blanc, reaching 5,088m. Both brothers took off on skis under separate gliders, each carrying a passenger. They flew together all of the way to the top of Mont Blanc using a mix of power, thermalling and soaring. Both engines used biofuel to power them on the flight. “We took off at 5pm and landed about 6.30pm” said Ant. “It was really, really nice!” Taking off slightly uphill from the bottom of a depression in the snow, “It was super controlled” and the first part of the flight went smoothly. “We soared the Goûter, then we got to about 4,300m and met this random ceiling of sinking air…

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discovery channel

Sky Country say the Discovery 5 is a simple, reliable and user-friendly wing. The first Discovery came out 10 years ago, and this fifth generation model is much evolved, with plastic leading edge reinforcements, trailing-edge mini-ribs and unsheathed upper lines increasing performance, while the aspect ratio and number of cells have reduced, improving safety and reducing weight. The Discovery 5 is laser cut, and has more comfortable brake handles with magnet keepers and improved risers. Certified EN B in three sizes. sky-country.com…

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in brief

Nova compression bag Nova’s waterproof compression bag has a vent to squash out the air and compress your glider for hike-and-fly. It fits smaller lightweight wings such as the Ibex, Susi Q and the XXS/XS Ion3 Light. nova-wings.com Aircross Insurance All new Aircross wings bought after 1 April (except the U Infinite) benefit from a year’s warranty, extended to four years for annually-serviced wings. aircross.eu Soloshot 2 Soloshot 2 is an automatic tripod. Mount your camera and the tripod will track special tags up to 600m away at speeds of 300km/h, rotating 360 degrees and automatically tilting the camera to keep the target in the centre of the frame. soloshot.com XS GTOs GIN’s XS GTO 2 has recently passed EN-D certification. gingliders.com Crop Circles Mathieu Rouanet, Emilia Plak and Ronan Chollou took their paramotors to the mystery-enshrouded Glastonbury, to fly above the area’s…