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Cross Country June 2016

Cross Country is the world’s leading voice for hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring pilots. Ten times a year, our magazine content reflects our obsession with flying, and we express it by packing each issue with the most imaginative, inspirational photography and writing we can lay our hands on.

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listen to your heart

Standing on launch I paused and calmed myself. I listened deliberately for my heartbeat and recognised that it was thumping away regularly quite happily. There was no pounding and no racing. I decided it was calm. I was calm! I felt calm. I lifted the glider and turned and took off. I slid my foot into the pod, looked left and right for traffic, and saw there were three gliders within a turn of me. I flew through them to the bird I’d spotted a little further out. I found the lift and turned in it, comfortably pushing back into my harness. I started to climb. With my mouth dry and my sunglasses fogged from overheating I tugged at my chinstrap that was scratchy and uncomfortable. I looked left and right…

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Joanna Di Grigoli has been flying paragliding comps for a decade, often as part of the Venezuelan national team. She’s recently relocated to Europe, but before she left home she headed high into the Venezuelan Andes for an amazing hike-and-fly adventure. Start climbing on p90 Scott Ritchie lives and flies in the majestic beauty of the red-rock mountains of Arizona. As well as planning his own adventures, he has also been flying the Pacific Coastline of the Americas with Jeff Hamann for the last six years. He invited all his friends to come fly with him last year – see p76. James Bradley started paragliding in 2003 in Southern California. A regular on the comp scene he is also a well-known moderator on the PG Forum. A New Yorker since 2007, James…

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in the core

Luck of the Irish Orin Borodescu set a national record in Ireland on 31 March when he flew 122.1km and became the first pilot ever to break the 100km mark in that country. Having sold his new Artik 4 and one of his two reserves last year to help see himself through college, he went out flying on his eight-year-old Artik 2. “I didn’t think my Artik 2 would be able to handle an XC but it proved me wrong!” He added: “We’ve been chasing 100km in Ireland for a looong time.” The flight happened two days before the Irish Hang and Paragliding Association’s AGM. “The guys were stunned and somehow I created a serious debate at the meeting that it is the pilot who makes the flight, not the equipment.” Ihpa.ie Thai…

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‘the best world cup task ever!’

“Best task ever” That was the consensus following the last task at the Paragliding World Cup in Castelo, Brazil in April. The site, which lies in the state of Espirito Santo about 12 hours north of Rio de Janeiro, totally delivered. Close to the coast and a technical place to fly, with convergence lines and sea breezes, the weather that greeted the pilots was the stuff of dreams. High base, beautiful climbs and deep blue skies. Spain’s Felix Rodriguez, one of the most consistently on-form comp pilots of recent times, won a closely fought competition that saw seven tasks over the week. By the end of that week he was a mere five points ahead of second-placed Lucas Bernadin (FR). Behind them by another mere five points, in third spot on…

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in brief

Basisrausch gloves Basisrausch’s 3.5-season Graphite is a warmer version of the Kristall (see p118). It’s made of soft goatskin with Thinsulate insulation, a flexible windbreaker membrane and a cashmere liner. Sizes XS to XXL. basisrausch.ch Flymaster roaming For €8 plus €2.99 a month, Flymaster’s roaming SIM allows you to use a Flymaster Live tracking instrument in 92 countries. goo.gl/n7zSCW Eden 6 With the recent certification of the 22 and 33 sizes, all six sizes of MacPara’s Eden 6 are now certified EN B, covering 56-145kg all up. macpara.com Air Sports insurance AXA Versicherung AG are based in Austria, and can provide worldwide (except US) air sports insurance for hang gliding, paragliding, paramotoring and parachuting for EU residents. flugschulen.at/axa/english…

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bolero 5

An entry-level paraglider for school use and beyond, GIN say the Bolero 5 gives pilots “just the right feedback to enable them to develop an instinctive feeling for the air in a safe, comfortable and progressive manner”. It has three risers and three main lines per side (with split-As for big ears) so line-sorting is simple. Equalised Pressure Technology and S-inlets help ensure the glider inflates and rises easily to launch, and is stable and comfortable in the air. GIN say the brakes are precise but forgiving. The Bolero 5 is made from the tough and durable Dominico Dokdo 30D (42g/m ) cloth, and is available in three colours and six sizes, for 55-130kg all-up. gingliders.com…