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Cross Country May 2015

Cross Country is the world’s leading voice for hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring pilots. Ten times a year, our magazine content reflects our obsession with flying, and we express it by packing each issue with the most imaginative, inspirational photography and writing we can lay our hands on.

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brothers in arms

We have all watched the videos. Millions of us have watched the videos. A wingsuit Base jump – flight – is a powerful event to watch. Proximity flying, as they call it, where wingsuit pilots fly close to the ground, almost seeming to skim trees or brush snow and get away with it, is exciting to watch. In real life, having wingsuit pilots rocket over you at 200km/h, flying like arrows as they crack past almost before you know they are there, makes your heart jump. We all fly experimental aircraft – hang gliders used to be made of bamboo and tape, paragliders were stitched up skydiving parachutes. Our sports depend on experimentation, risk-taking and innovation to develop. It’s why we have diverged somewhat from our core passions this issue to…

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Allen Weynberg learnt to paraglide in North Wales in 1994. A father of three he has maintained some kind of presence in the air above the UK, Europe and Australia for the last 20 years. A full time school teacher in North Queensland he gets in the air whenever he can escape. See Letter from... p58. Antoine Boisselier flies the lot: hang gliders, paragliders, speed wings. Before the HG World Championships we asked if he’d take some photos for us while he was in Mexico. He not only came back to France with stacks of images, he came second in the comp and won a Silver medal too! See p60. Jorge Atramiz is an instructor, commercial tandem pilot, guide and photographer. As such he never stops travelling. Originally from Venezuela home is…

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looking south

As Alpine pilots flex their muscles and get ready to peak, we look back on who’s gone big in the southern hemisphere season. Mid-winter triangles in Kerio If you want to fly 200km triangles in mid-winter, then Kenya’s Kerio Valley is the place. Italy’s Leone Antonio Pascale took advantage of the near perfect conditions that set up here in January and flew the biggest – 247.84km in 8h41mins on 14 January. Flying an Aspen 5 he flew five 220km+ triangles during his two week trip. Chasing 400km in Australia As reported last issue, Manilla saw new records set at the Manilla XC Camp with Che Golun and Jason Turner flying 363km on a Delta 2 and Alpina 2. Garth Camac set the bar the highest with a flight of 378km from Greenacres on 11…

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‘top-land, camp, take off again’

Great minds think alike, and so it was that two Red Bull X-Alps training parties converged on similar ideas for a vol-bivouac expedition through Colombia earlier this year. Colombia’s Alex Villa, who is lined up to compete in the X-Alps for the first time this year, and Mayer Zapata were first, successfully completing a 400km route from the city of Medellin to the city of Cali over six days in January. A month later Alex joined Tom de Dorlodot and Horacio Llorens and flew a similar route back from south to north – again in under a week. Photographer Federico Rios was along for the ride on the first trip. “The first two days Alex walked a lot, I mean a lot” he said. Taking off from San Felix above Medellin poor…

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in brief

Ozone Atom 3 Ozone believe the Atom 3 to be one of the safest and simplest-to-use wings they have ever flown. The school wing is certified EN A in S and M sizes. XXS, XS and L to follow. www.flyozone.com Nova’s online shop Nova have opened an online shop selling their clothes and accessories. If your local dealer doesn’t have the size you need, check online. www.nova-wings.com/en/shop GIN Carrera+ GIN have upgraded their EN-B Carrera. They say the Carrera+ is more comfortable and easier to manage in active air. An upgrade kit (risers and line-set) will be available for existing Carrera pilots from April www.gingliders.com Win a Kid harness Send Ava Sport a photo of you in your Ava Sport harness and you could win a Kid harness. Deadline is 20 May 2015. www.avasportcentral.com OOPS! BGD have released an apex reserve parachute. Called…

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axis venus 4

Axis designed the Venus 4 for demanding XC pilots. A three-liner with a sharknose profile, Axis say the EN D wing combines impressive passive safety with performance approaching that of CCC class wings, making it a good choice for competition pilots wanting a bit of extra security. Vitek Fedra took one for a 406km spin in Quixada, Brazil in November 2014, proving its abilities. The Venus 4 is certified EN D in sizes S to L, with XS and XL to follow. Remember, always wear a helmet. www.axispara.cz…