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Cross Country May 2016

Cross Country is the world’s leading voice for hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring pilots. Ten times a year, our magazine content reflects our obsession with flying, and we express it by packing each issue with the most imaginative, inspirational photography and writing we can lay our hands on.

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easy, light and smooth

There’s a definite Mind, Body, Spirit vibe in the magazine this issue. It wasn’t planned like that, it’s just the way the stars aligned. We have articles on flying and the mind, on how yoga can help you fly better, and, in Kinga Masztalerz’s account of flying in New Zealand, an example of the need for balance in mind and body. It’s very impressive, and it’s easy to read and to talk about – but much harder to put into practice. On a flying trip last year I was re-reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. This is a best-selling account of the author’s travels into the world of the Tarahumara Indians in Mexico, who are considered the world’s best natural long-distance runners. A paragraph jumped out about ultra-running that could easily apply…

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Sofia Puerta Webber is a writer and yoga teacher from Colombia, now living in California. She writes regularly on yoga and flying for USHPA magazine (USA) and leads private and group yoga sessions and workshops. Her brother took the photos for her article, Open Your Mind, which starts on p66 Horacio Llorens is an acro legend. The Spanish pilot started flying aged 14, has won the Acro World Cup five times and holds the world record for infinite tumbling (568 revolutions). We’ve never seen him as excited about a project flying the Northern Lights though. You can see why on p86 Kinga Masztalerz earned a PhD in physics at the University of Warsaw before embarking on a lifetime of free flight adventure in 2014. A keen rock climber as well as pilot…

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in the core

USHPA Members Pilots in the USA have raised a healthy $2.25m in their campaign to become self-insuring. As reported in a previous issue, at the end of last year the US Hang and Paragliding Association was left in the lurch when their insurers suddenly pulled out. In a model campaign USHPA then set about raising a target $2m so they could insure themselves – thus securing the sport’s future in the USA. Without it schools would have had to shut down and many sites would have been lost. Ten donors gave $10,000 or more, 13 gave $5,000 or more, and around 200 gave $1,000+. Hundreds more pilots donated to the cause – earning themselves a place in US free flight history, and a namecheck on the Free Flight Forever campaign website.…

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stubai takes us back to the ’80s

The Stubai Cup celebrated its 25th anniversary in early March, with a retro-themed flying and testing weekend in Austria’s Stubai Valley. Founded by local school owner Hans-Peter Eller the Stubai Cup was first held in winter 1988 as a glide contest, the still air and high take-off at Schlick 2000 being perfect for it. Since then it has evolved into a festival and trade show. Pilots can fly and compare test wings from one of the many manufacturers that attend, using the fast telepherique up to launch before flying back down to land next to the trade tents. This year 27 manufacturers were in the field, and despite a forecast that threatened a weather write-off pilots managed some nice flying on the Friday. Saturday turned a bit wintry and windy, and Sunday…

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“Safety in a lightweight package”, is how U-Turn describe their new EN-A Eternity. There are six sizes, together covering 60-150kg and the largest size is tandem certified too. Wing weight starts at just 3.45kg. U-Turn say that this, combined with sporty handling, ease of launch and excellent passive safety, means the Eternity is ideal for a wide range of pilots from beginners to cross-country pilots and para-alpinists. It is made from double-coated lightweight Dokdo 20 and 30, and Skytex 27 cloths, whose longevity appears to be very good, U-Turn say. The Eternity is available in three colours, and all six sizes are EN-A certified. u-turn.de…

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sycross one

Sol now have three EN-B paragliders in their current range. They say the new Sycross One is at the top end of the B category. It’s their “thermal-snooping cross-country performer’’, and is aimed at frequent flyers looking for a high-performing but safe wing. A three-riser design with a flat aspect ratio of 5.66 its lines are unsheathed competition Vectran®, and it is designed to allow steering with the rear-risers. The Sycross One will be available in four sizes covering all-up weights from 75-125kg, and three colours. solparagliders.com.br…