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Cross Country May 2017

Cross Country is the world’s leading voice for hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring pilots. Ten times a year, our magazine content reflects our obsession with flying, and we express it by packing each issue with the most imaginative, inspirational photography and writing we can lay our hands on.

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ambition and expectation

Change and evolution is a constant in our sport. Each year brings new developments in equipment and technology that allow our never-ending imaginations to soar and us to literally follow and take flight. The result is that each season pilots seem to do more with less, fly further faster. It’s not only the changes in gear of course. The collective swarm intelligence of the free-flight world gets sharper, we know where to go and when, what to look for and how to do it. All this collective information is there, and it continues to grow. We can tap into it and learn from it. Want to fly an Alpine triangle? Then it’s easy to explore 100 different tracklogs and learn from what those 100 pilots have done before. Want to travel the world…

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Rafal Cypcar’s hobby was photography before he found paragliding in 2013, so he was the perfect person to call when looking for photographs of Grupa 303. He flies an Alpina 2 and lists his most memorable moment as “pack flying with Grupa 303 in the Julian Alps in Slovenia.” See more at p78 Kirsten Seeto ruffled feathers when she was mobbed by eagles a few years back. They tore her wing, but she returned, and ended up flying with them “so close I could see the individual feathers!” An Australian team member, last year she wondered why more women don’t fly comps. See p54 Bryan Moore , 50, lives in and flies in Wanaka, New Zealand. He’s a surveyor four days a week, after which he spends his time in the mountains…

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in the core

Miha Razinger The winner of this year’s Cross Country subscribers’ prize draw was Miha Razinger. He won a paraglider of his choice from either Aircross, Apco, Icaro Paragliders, GIN Gliders, Little Cloud, Mac Para, Nova, Ozone, Sky, Skywalk, or Sup’Air. Showing huge generosity Miha donated his prize to the Cloudbase Foundation. The prize was expected to raise around $4,000 through eBay. Giles Fowler RAF pilot Giles Fowler is planning to make a non-stop 500km flight across the UK in June, raising money for Cancer Research. He’s got a target of £5,000 – find out more and support him at www.goo.gl/eD6e1j Bob Saville A correction: It was in fact Bob Saville who flew the longest scoring flight in the Manilla XC Open in January. He flew 301km. Godfrey Wenness said: “Bob has been flying XC for…

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d3 launch marks year of the c class

Ozone have released their much-anticipated Delta 3, the successor to the benchmark sports class Delta 2. The glider is certified EN C, retains the same aspect ratio as the D2, and has a handful of extra cells. It will be available in six sizes. Retail list price is €4,100. The wing is the latest in a fresh batch of sports class wings due out this year. Advance have announced the Sigma 10, and others include Mac Para’s Elan 2, Sup’Air’s Taska, Dudek’s Colt 2, UP Trango X-Race and the Aspen 6 from Gradient. “Everything about the D2 that is good has been made better,” Ozone said when the wing was released at the end of March. They say the wing is faster at top speed, has better glide on bar and agile,…

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sigma 10

The new Sigma 10 will be out at the end of April. Advance say it’s a high-end intermediate and a true sports class wing. Where the Sigma 9 was an “accessible” C, with the high-B Iota now in the range, the Sigma 10 belongs in the middle of the C-class. It has an aspect ratio of 6.16 and 66 cells. “A new approach to 3D Shaping, called 3D Diamond Shaping, enabled us to improve seam bunching and better manage fabric distortion at the leading edge, so producing an even smoother wing surface”, Advance say. The Sigma 10 will be available in five sizes. advance.ch…

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elan 2

Mac Para say the new EN-C Elan 2 has excellent glide and agile handling, and was designed for ambitious XC pilots. A semi-light construction (4.45kg in the 22) it has an aspect ratio of 6.27 and 63 cells. The new design has improved leading-edge reinforcements, thin lines and larger C-riser handles. Mac Para say the Elan 2 is faster at trim than the original Elan was accelerated, but is exceptionally stable and resistant to collapses. The Elan 2 will be available in seven sizes, from 22m (55-75kg) to 38m (145-180kg). macpara.com…