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Cross Country November 2015

Cross Country is the world’s leading voice for hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring pilots. Ten times a year, our magazine content reflects our obsession with flying, and we express it by packing each issue with the most imaginative, inspirational photography and writing we can lay our hands on.

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welcome to the circus

This issue we bring you all the fun of the fair. The Coupe Icare festival in France is now in its fifth decade – this was number 42 – and is a true celebration of what our sports are all about. Look up early in the morning in the village of St Hilaire du Touvet where the festival is held and you will see hike-and-fly pilots flying down from the top of the mountain. Out front, balloons rise up from the valley below. In the paramotor field, pilots kick in and throttle back, climbing out to gain incredible views as they fly through the cloud to the high peaks. As the day develops, you see pilots in fancy dress downing last-minute coffees, then running to the main launch to join the famous…

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Kari Ellis, 34, flies a Peak 3 (“Peak 4 on order”) and her favourite free-flying memory is her “first XC flight – a 30km epic over three hours from Mt Borah, Manilla on my Ozone Mojo 2 back in 2010. It was truly glorious.” An Australian public servant she Welcomes you to Deniliquin on p70 Rebecca Bredehoft, 30, is a tandem pilot and photographer based in Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, USA. She can usually be found hiking up a hill with her dog Rok or flying above the western United States, New Zealand, Africa, South America or Europe. See Life Lines, p80 Anthony Moore is 58 and has lived and worked as a family doctor in North Devon, UK, for 30 yrs. He started flying 20 years ago and “fell in love…

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where flying never ends

As summer slips away in the north and the south heats up, Guru Saniola Bjerk writes from the top of Norway to report on this year’s midnight sun flying season. The midnight sun is a phenomenon that happens north of the Arctic Circle (or south of the Antarctic Circle) and is when daylight lasts for 24 hours – the sun never sets. “After months of darkness, flying on sea thermals above the humpback whales in the cold winter, we are greeted with two months of midnight sun in the north. The perfect time for hike-and-fly, over the Trolls in the fjords of Norway,” says Guru. “This summer we’ve had a terrible midnight sun summer, I mean, almost never flyable, and mostly cloudy. So there are only a few pictures from midnight sun…

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mike kung caves in

Mike Küng is well known for his stunts, but he’s really scraping the bottom with this one. Although he and his co-conspirators won’t say where this cave is (“Somewhere at home” ie Austria) we do know that it was raining outside and that flying above ground was prohibited due to a political G7 summit happening at Schloss Elmau in southern Germany. So they decided to take their favourite outdoor sport inside – and down. Deep, deep down. Seven guys in total walked far into the anonymous mountain cave, past stalactites, underground waterfalls and lakes. Our insider reports: “Finally there was a very narrow passage before the cave opened up into a huge hollow, however big boulders everywhere meant there was not a lot of space to fly and land. “While six of them were…

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in brief

New boss at PMA Philippe Clerjon, ex-Sup’Air and now of Sky Paragliders, was elected as new president of the Paraglider Manufacturers’ Association at a PMA meeting at the Coupe Icare. The trade body has been a hotbed of political in-fighting in recent years but Philippe promised to focus on “what we can do together, not what we can’t.” That included working towards “one certification norm for around the world”. www.p-m-a.info Board not bored Para Pion is a new board game based on XC flying. Perfect for rainy days it was given “five out of five” by our nine-year-old reviewer. Games last from 40mins to 1h30m depending on task length. €38. www.editions-des-deux-tetes.fr Fuzz Fly Karpo Fly introduced a new lightweight round reserve. The Fuzz Fly 80/100/110 uses 25g material and weighs 1kg / 1.1kg / 1.2kg.…