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Cross Country November 2016

Cross Country is the world’s leading voice for hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring pilots. Ten times a year, our magazine content reflects our obsession with flying, and we express it by packing each issue with the most imaginative, inspirational photography and writing we can lay our hands on.

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festival of flight

It was 5.50am and dark, stars above, cold. I knocked on the car window and a muffled voice said, “Coming”. The door opened and an Australian tumbled out not quite fully dressed and not quite awake. A tandem pilot in Interlaken he’d slept in his car and was coming with us for an early morning hike-and-fly from the summit of the Dent de Crolles above St Hilaire. Earlier in the week he’d cycled 175km from Interlaken to Chamonix, climbed Mont Blanc (4,809m), flown from the summit back to the valley, and then cycled back to Interlaken. This morning’s hike-and-fly would be a walk in the park compared to that. Earlier that morning, or maybe later the night before, I’d chatted to other pilots about their plans and their adventures. One was off…

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Maxime Chiron has been described as filmmaker Tristan Shu’s ‘Flashgun’ – that is he flies tandem, pilots the glider and works the flash as Tristan photographs and films from the air. At home flying acro, XC or comps, this issue he leaves home site Annecy behind and heads to Antarctica. See p86 Philippe Perie has been passionate about photography for 25 years. An environmental law degree added rigour to his approach, and he now describes his work as “critically uncompromising”. His passion for mountain sports led him to photograph the Acro World Championships, p78 Koen Vancampenhoudt is fluent in five languages, which helps him in his job as a sales manager based in the US. That job takes him all around the world – including to Brazil, where he got to mix…

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in the core

Tyler Bradford Our resident meteorologist Honza Rejmanek sat and watched in a bittersweet moment earlier this season as Tyler Bradford completed what Honza calls “the ultimate Tour du Lac!” Tyler completed the first circumnavigation of Lake Tahoe in California / Nevada, a flight Honza had been dreaming and trying “for 20 years”. His 5h 30 flight on his Enzo 2 saw him flying at up to 4,949m and converted to an FAI Triangle of 117.08km. goo.gl/F6CfLO The Asian Games 2018 Paragliding made one small step towards Olympic recognition in late September when it was adopted by the Olympic Council of Asia as a sport for the Asian Games in 2018. Those games will feature 32 Olympic sports and eight non-Olympic sports. The Asian Games are a pancontinental multi-sport event held every four years with…

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just one pilot ruled them all...

Honorin Hamard topped an amazing season by winning the XContest online XC league by a margin of more than 300 points. The French pilot racked up 2,401 points over six flights – an average of 400 points a flight. One point equals one straight-line kilometre in the XContest, unless it’s part of a defined flight like a triangle or out-and-return. Hono flew two world-record FAI triangles of more than 300km and one smaller triangle of 255km on his Ozone Enzo 2, and three tandem flights on his prototype Ozone Swift Max (EN C) in Quixadá, Brazil of 355km, 388km and 408km. The 408km tandem flight is also a world record. Hono also came top of the Tandem Class category. Read more about him and his stellar flying career later in the…

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coupe icare new gear

NIVIUK A tandem that weighs 3.3kg? Niviuk have been cranking out single-skin designs this year, and now they’ve added a 31m tandem capable of carrying up to 190kg. The Bi Skin 2 P promises easy launching characteristics. It’s been certified EN B and should be available from mid-October. niviuk.com SKYMAN The single surface Sir Edmund – yes, Hillary – glider should soon be certified. Skyman expects the 5.2 aspect ratio wing to pass certification as an EN-C, possibly even an EN-B. It weighs around 1.5kg, is reportedly good for thermalling as well as hike-and-fly, and should hit the market early next year. skyman.aero FLYFAT Flyfat is a new wing manufacturer working closely with Sky. Their glider range, which includes the Tayo mini-wing, Mecreante for acro, and Scelerate freestyle wing, complements Sky’s existing range. They use the same…

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in brief

JDC Instruments The Skywatch BL links with your smartphone by bluetooth to show the windspeed, temperature, humidity, pressure, and the UV index. The app also allows you to see what weather other Skywatch users have at other sites. jdc.ch Pioupiou Nail this weather vane up at your local site and forget it. Pioupiou does the rest. Internal GPS knows where it is, the compass knows where it’s pointing, the internal GSM SIM card uploads live windspeed data to the net, and the solar panels on the vane keep it powered. Version 3, out soon, works internationally. pioupiou.fr GIN G-lite The G-Lite is based on GIN’s best selling One-G rescue parachute. New lightweight material reduces packing weight and volume – the 32m size weighs just 1.7kg. Expected early 2017. gingliders.com Brake sleeves Forget about cutting up the sleeves of your old…