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Cross Country October 2015

Cross Country is the world’s leading voice for hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring pilots. Ten times a year, our magazine content reflects our obsession with flying, and we express it by packing each issue with the most imaginative, inspirational photography and writing we can lay our hands on.

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moments like these

This sport rewards in many ways. None more so than when something comes out of nowhere to surprise you. I had one such flight earlier this year. Waiting on a nil-wind hillside on a tricky day in the flats I took off when all the signs looked right and managed to scratch out, leaving the others on the hill. Nothing better I thought, I’m away! But instead I bumped along at an inversion all of 250m above the ground and my glide over the back ended about 4km downwind, by landing. Somebody flew over me. Nosing back to the hill on foot a couple of hours later I thought I’d try again, but this time just stay local. A flock of chattering birds showed the way and soon there I was,…

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Matt Warren had proper jobs as a Lonely Planet author, magazine editor and travel editor of the UK’s Daily Mail. He chucked it all in to become a paragliding instructor and chase dreams made of cottonwool and candy. Welcome aboard. See his first article for us, Hike & Fly, p60 Tom Weissenberger invited Kathleen Rigg to come fly Austria, “As a cool flying adventure – alpine peaks, lakes and glaciers. Everything else like FAI records, was just a bonus. It comes back to the real meaning in life: good friendship, good teamwork and sharing good times!” See Austrian Magic, p82 Andy Busslinger is one of the best paragliding photographers working in the sport, always coming up with the goods wherever he goes. For this issue the Swiss pilot was out in Nepal,…

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triangle season

Philipp Steinger Philipp Steinger (CH) ditched the last day of the Swiss Paragliding Championships in Fiesch on 6 August and set off on a monster 305km flat triangle instead. Starting before 10am high on the Unterrothorn at 3,072m in the shadow of the Matterhorn he flew 150km east, almost to the Austrian border, before coming back to land at Zermatt. His flight took him 10 hours and he was flying an Enzo 2. “The first 150km was into a 5km/h headwind but good conditions and 2/3 bar meant I could keep my average speed high” he said. His flight saw him top out at 4,085m on what was a classic alpine day. He has submitted his flight to the FAI to claim a world record out-and-return distance – the current record…

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swiss comps go like clockwork

Switzerland was the place to be in August if you are a comp pilot with two high caliber comps back-to-back. The Swiss Paragliding Open in Fiesch was swiftly followed by the Paragliding World Cup in Disentis, with both competitions showing off racing at its finest. The Swiss Open, 2-8 August, saw five tasks – 66km, 85km, 43km, 92km and 81km – and was won by Stefan Wyss (CH) who set the pace by winning the first task. Stephan Morgenthaler (CH) and Charles Cazaux (FR) were second and third. Seiko Fukuoka Naville (FR) won the Women’s class, with Reynald Mumenthaler (CH) winning the Sports class. The week after, Chrigel Maurer capped his perfect summer by winning the World Cup, which was held 90km further east in Disentis. The competition saw five tasks –…

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in brief

Hang gliding meet Hang glider pilots are invited to attend an international hang gliding meet near Tegelberg, Germany, which is being organised by the German free-flight federation (DHV) for 16-18 October. On the agenda will be thinking up ideas to promote the sport. dhv.de Big Link Lites Ozone’s lightweight Dyneema Big Link Lites, used in place of karabiners to attach a harness to a wing, have a breaking strength of 3,000kg. They are designed to fit lightweight harnesses with narrow hangpoints, and available now. flyozone.com XS Morea Nervures’s Morea is now homologated EN A in an XS size, for 50-80kg all-up. This is the fourth size in the range. nervures.com Tow-launch Nexus All sizes of Swing’s EN-C Nexus are now LTF certified for tow launch. swing.de…

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mentor 4 light

Nova will be unveiling the new Mentor 4 Light at the Coupe Icare. A fully-fledged cross-country wing with Mentor 4 performance it’s also super-light, starting at just 3.25kg (for the XXS size), which is 250-400g less than the Mentor 3 Light, and 1.5kg lighter than the full-fat Mentor 4. A versatile wing, it’s light enough for hike-and-fly, and performant enough for cross-country and vol-bivouac. Nova say that while it is EN-B certified and has very manageable handling, the Mentor 4 Light is not intended for beginners. It will be available in sizes XXS to M, for 55-110kg all-up. There will be no L size. nova.eu…