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Cross Country October 2016

Cross Country is the world’s leading voice for hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring pilots. Ten times a year, our magazine content reflects our obsession with flying, and we express it by packing each issue with the most imaginative, inspirational photography and writing we can lay our hands on.

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‘this is the next level’

“It is like an exclamation mark on what we’ve been doing out there.” John Silvester’s comment on Antoine Girard’s flight to the summit of Broad Peak said it all. After 15 years of exploration by paraglider in the Karakoram, a pilot has broken through the 8,000m mark. More, he has successfully flown to the very top of one of the highest mountains on Earth. The fact he did it as part of a much longer vol-bivouac trip, where he covered over 1,200 km through the mountains, makes it all seem so much larger. Antoine has taken his big mountain experience on the ground and applied it in the sky. A Himalayan climber, he is known to most paraglider pilots as a successful X-Alps competitor, one who finished in the top four…

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Kiwi is a man of many names, but is known to our world as James Johnston. A pilot, writer and owner of a Burning Man truck, he has been travelling this world and others since time began. Despite all that he still finds flying a tricky business, as he explains in his brilliant article about a record day in Chelan, p92 Nick Greece is a pilot, writer and photographer, who recently spent several weeks flying in Iran. When not exploring – Haiti is a favourite – you’ll find him at home in the USA, flying 300km routes on epic days that have him bouncing off the legal ceiling at 17,999ft. He photographed Chelan, p92 Matt Wilkes is a paraglider pilot and a doctor with a special interest in wilderness and altitude medicine.…

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in the core

Moises Sodré In the run-up to the Olympic Games in August Brazil’s Moises ‘Moka’ Sodré became the first paraglider pilot to carry the Olympic Torch. A national paragliding champion first in 1995 he was champion twice more before his work in the military police meant he had to stop. He came back to flying in 2014. Moka, you made history. How did this happen? The city of Governador Valadares sports commission wanted a paraglider, which is a symbol of the city, to carry the Olympic Torch. They wanted it seen and they wanted it safe. So because I am a well-known guy in the area they got in touch with me to ask if it could be done. My first concern was about the wind, wouldn’t it blow out? They explained it could…

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france takes top honours at euros

Honorin Hamard led France to a spectacular victory at the European Paragliding Championships in Kruševo, Republic of Macedonia in August. He took the gold medal and the title of European Champion. He was joined on the podium by Italy’s Joachim Oberhauser and Spain’s Xevi Bonnet in second and third. Fourth by less than a whisker was Tilen Ceglar, who was only one point behind Xevi. On the Women’s podium, France’s Seiko Fukuoka Naville came first. She was ahead of teammate Laurie Genovese and Poland’s Klaudia Bulgakow. Both Seiko and Hono are current Paragliding World Champions, having won in Roldanillo, Colombia in January 2015. They are also multiple world record holders – Honorin holds tandem distance records, and Seiko flew 402km in Australia in December last year to get the women’s open distance…

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twinforce re4

The Twinforce RE4 is a tandem acro glider, a descendant of the wing Pál Takáts and Gabor Kezi first infinity tumbled. It will be sold only to experienced acro pilots for thrilling their friends, or as a vehicle for acro training. U-Turn claim it’s the strongest wing ever built. It’s made from their extra-strong PX40 cloth with loads of reinforcements in the seams and carefully placed line attachment points for even load distribution. The 31m wing weighs 9.8kg, and takes 140-200kg. Willing passenger not included. u-turn.de…

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xxs vita 2

AirDesign’s Vita 2 is now certified in XS (for 60-75kg) and XXS (for 50-65kg) sizes.AD claim the XXS, with its projected area of 16.2m (19.3m flat) is the smallest entry-level EN B in the sky. A smaller wing equates to a higher wing loading for a given weight, which translates into a better into-wind glide, more solid, stable feel, better collapse-resistance and more precise handling. What’s not to like? AD have already released XS and XXS sizes of the EN A Eazy, and say it was a natural progression to extend this sizing to the Vita 2 as well. ad-gliders.com…