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Cross Country September 2015

Cross Country is the world’s leading voice for hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring pilots. Ten times a year, our magazine content reflects our obsession with flying, and we express it by packing each issue with the most imaginative, inspirational photography and writing we can lay our hands on.

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at the heart of it

I spent much of July in Salzburg, Austria working on the Red Bull X-Alps. The team there hired us in from Cross Country magazine to help them bring the race alive online. It was a lot of fun. Once again I was left in awe of what these pilots achieve during that race. They fly in conditions you shouldn’t, and get away with stuff you wouldn’t think possible. It’s not a recipe for everyday flying, like the Paris to Dakar rally isn’t a guide to how to drive a car, but it sure is one hell of a spectacle. In the decompression days after the race some pilots were near shedding tears of relief – that it was over, and that they’d survived. It’s not a joke, pushing like that…

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Nick Greece is editor of the USA’s national association Hang Gliding and Paragliding Magazine. Happiest at 17,999ft above the badlands of the Rockies, he can also sometimes be found barhopping in his native city, New York. This issue he’s gone off radar in Haiti. See p82. Felix Woelk is one of the sport’s longest-standing photographers and serves as the Aerial Photography Coordinator for the Red Bull X-Alps. He’s contributed to Cross Country magazine many times over many years. This is him with pilot Axel Gudelius on the job this year. See p72 Tim-Patrick Meyer started flying in 2010 when he was living in Chile. Since then he’s flown in many places, from Iceland to Uganda. Home is near Frankfurt, where he flies XC in the German flatlands. While researching his article on…

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raising the bar

The bar has been raised, and these guys have been leaping over it. 200+ Sixteen-year-old Theo Warden flew a straight-line 201.2km in the UK on 18 July. It was a windy day – he averaged 37km/h on his Mentor 4 (EN B) and his flight took just under six hours – with good climbs of up to 5.m/s. “Lovely glides and some really nice climbs” he said afterwards. He didn’t think he was going to make the 200km, but: “At 250m and 198km I put my arms behind the risers and prayed to the PG gods – they answered my prayers with a buoyant glide” On landing: “A couple came out and invited me in for a beer (Shhh!)” 300+ Adam Grzech was also out on a windy day: he set a new Polish…

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honorin wins portugal pwc

Paragliding World Champion Honorin Hamard won the Portugal leg of the Paragliding World Cup in Montalegre in July. He beat fellow Frenchman Julien Wirtz into second place, with Japan’s Yoshiki Kuremoto in third. All three were on Ozone Enzo 2s. In the women’s class, Keiko Hiraki (JP) was first, with Klaudia Bulgakow (PL) in second and Silvia Buzzi Ferraris (IT) in third. They were also all on Enzo 2s. The comp saw five tasks: 104km, 82km, 136km, 77.7km and 106km. Proving that the way to win a comp is to be consistent and you don’t have to win each task Honorin ranked 3rd, 3rd, 3rd, 11th and 6th in the tasks. GIN Boomerang 10s and Ozone Enzo 2s have dominated the competition scene all year, and this comp was no exception: Task 1…

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on the field

Loony Tunes Paramania’s Pascal Campbell-Jones enjoys the spotlight as he realises illustrator Steve Ham’s latest cartoon is based on, er… him! Fred the Shred Trike World Champion Fred Mallard was shredding up the display field on both days. Malaguita There are three Malaguitas in the paramotoring world – they are all brothers from Malaga, Spain. The youngest one, Manu, was flying acro, infinite tumbling above an awed crowd. Bar fly Chips, chicken wings and beer –all served with a smile.…

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paramotor mondial

THE MONDIAL The first Paramotor Mondial was held over a long weekend in June in Blois, 90 minutes southwest of Paris. Organisers said more than 400 pilots flew on Friday and Saturday evenings, and there was a good turnout in the trade tents and on the exhibition field. Well organised and with loads of space, it’s hoped it will be back again every other year – look out for it in summer 2017. WOMEN’S DISPLAY TEAM Specially for the Mondial four of the sport’s top women got together to fly a display. Left to right is Women’s World Champion Coralie Mateos, world record holder Karen Skinner, France’s Marie Liepmann and Belgium’s Lydia Jacques. “You’ll notice they sent us out after the guys,” joked Karen, “Just as the thermals are kicking in and it’s…