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Cross Country September 2016

Cross Country is the world’s leading voice for hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring pilots. Ten times a year, our magazine content reflects our obsession with flying, and we express it by packing each issue with the most imaginative, inspirational photography and writing we can lay our hands on.

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the starting point

It was nearly 8pm and we were sitting next to the landing field watching pilots come off the top of the mountain. They were all landing with huge smiles on their faces. “We should be doing that ” I suddenly said. “We should be doing what they’re doing ” We’d already had two XC flights during the day, and were just hanging out. An hour later we were jumping out of the minibus, picking up our bags for the third time that day and walking to take-off. We took a minute. Is that wind OK? Yes it’ll be fine, it’s light, let’s go. Quickly we got ready and took off. The sun was low and we glided along the spine of the ridge between light and shadow, dark forested slopes on one side,…

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Robert Schaller is known as the first pilot to fly a 200km FAI triangle with an EN-A wing, something he did in only his third year flying. A Nova team pilot and Best Newcomer in the German XC League in 2012, his biggest love in paragliding is now flying vol-biv. He introduces the art on p62 John Coutts is a Shetlander born and bred. A keen paraglider and paramotor pilot he is also the local photographer in the island capital Lerwick. When the weather is good, he’s out photographing the islands from above. He introduces us to this remarkable, remote landscape on p88 John Stapels studied photography at the Ecole de Photographie in Brussels, and now studies paragliding with the Search Projects crew. Constantly travelling, he was in Madagascar earlier this year…

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in the core

Team Chelan The US Paragliding Nationals delivered on Friday 15 July, when 64 pilots made a 226km goal. Josh Cohn won the day flying his Ozone Enzo 2. Josh was on the task committee, along with Reavis Sutphin-Gray, Owen Shoemaker and Matt Senior. The task is the longest ever completed in a paragliding competition, and comes just months after the Kiwi Open in Manilla, Australia got 32 pilots to a 214km goal in February. Matt Senior, who helped set tasks at both comps, name-checked the whole team by way of thanks: “Graham Saunders, Roger Brock, Teague Block, Heather StClair, Susan Brockway, Todd Andrea, Scott MacLeod, Tom Keefer and Zak Hargraves” Chelan is no stranger to record tasks. In 2014 the US Nationals set and achieved a record 200.5km race. Matt Henzi 226km goal…

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honorin hamard’s big 300km day out

Honorin Hamard flew a world record 329.5km FAI triangle from Col d’Agnel, on the France/Italy border, on 19 July. (Track: goo.gl/Z4VWLF). Airtribune’s servers groaned under the pressure of an audience sneakily watching the World Champion’s progress while they pretended to work, eager to see what he would pull out of the bag as a sequel to his 306km FAI triangle of 10 days previously. The office spectators had to take their viewing home with them as he didn’t finish his flight until 8.30pm, having launched at 9.15am. That’s a bottom-numbing 11 hours in the harness! “An amazing day!” he announced on Facebook the following morning, having awoken from three hours’ sleep after driving through the night to Switzerland for his day-job as an Ozone research-and-development pilot. Fellow Ozone pilot Luc Armant was…

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in brief

777 BC System 777’s BC system is designed for the King, to enable efficient rear-riser steering while on bar. 777gliders.com Tonka 2 S Skywalk have brought out a larger Tonka2 mountain wing. It’s 17.5m and certified EN C for 60-85kg. Skywalk.info Itsy Touch gloves High Adventure’s Itsy Touch summer leather gloves have long neoprene cuffs, Gore-Tex liners and touch-screen fingers. The 3-season versions are called Itsy Bitsy Touch. highadventure.ch Speed World Record Ben Herring (USA) flew a 100km FAI triangle on an AIR Atos VR in Texas on 28 June, at an average speed of 53km/h. fai.org…

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poison x-alps

Skywalk’s Poison X-Alps has been developed from the ultra-lightweight CCC-rated X-Alps2, as used in the 2015 competition. The Poison X-Alps is EN-D certified, and suitable for experienced cross-country and competition pilots. X-Alps finisher Stephan Gruber, who worked with Skywalk in developing the wing, says it is “extremely stable, and will literally climb when flying straight ahead in rough air where others lose altitude metre for metre”. Available now in three sizes, for 65-115kg. skywalk.info…