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FAULT Magazine Issue 23

FAULT collaborates with the world’s leading artists in film, fashion, art and music. FAULT never underestimates the effects fashion and artists have to provoke social change and the ability to shape our future. With this knowledge and understanding, we celebrate and present diversity of brilliant minds, embracing all aspects of the art World to create something truly phenomenal.

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editor's letter

When we first selected the “Art” theme for this issue, I was unsure about who we would feature and why we would feature each artist but I knew we had to do something different from the status quo. There’s a trend (which FAULT admittedly has sometimes fallen into) of independent publications featuring stars who don’t personally display a flair of artistry or talent. Now on our 23rd issue, I had a fear that FAULT could become stale and would cease standing out among some of our competitors on the newsstand. The art theme gave us reason and freedom to push ourselves both in the content we included and our creative direction towards it.As I look down the final blocking sheet, I’m happy to say we accomplished what had to be…

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Rings: The Great Frog Jacket / Pants / Boots / Shirt: Costume NationalAfter a half hour phone conversation with Miguel it becomes clear there’s much simmering beneath the sexy veneer. Deeply influenced by his childhood growing up in San Pedro, California, Miguel is an artist committed to speaking his truth and sharing it with the world. That’s why it’s impossible to categorize his music as purely just R&B.His latest and third studio album “Wild Heart” plays out as an extension of his experiences, and is carnal in its intimacy. Unlike his 2012 album “Kaleidoscope Dream” that included hit singles “Adorn” and “Do You…,” “WildHeart” takes more of a careful listen and sees Miguel fully coming into his calling as a storyteller and music auteur. Suit / Shirt: Marni Saint |…

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vanessa white

Jacket: Dagmar | Dress: DagmarVanessa White rose to fame as part of The Saturdays one of the UK’s best selling girl groups. Vanessa is now out on her own with a clear vision and mindset for her artistry. Listening to Vanessa White’s debut EP ‘Chapter One’ we are pleasantly surprised by Vanessa’s sound. ‘Chapter One’ is a million miles away from the sound we’re used to from The Saturdays and instead we’re chucking on a heavy denim and ‘Tims’ and swagging out to the 90’s RnB inspired tracks like Lipstick Kisses.We sat down with Vanessa to go over her new sound and new solo career. Vanessa will also appear in our spring print issue – with more exclusive images.F: Being in a girl group, it can be very hard to…

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the dø

Poloneck: 2nd Day | Skirt: 2nd Day | Trench Coat: 2nd Day | Sandals: Filippa KTee: BACK | Jacket: BACK | Culottes: BACK | Loafers: Filippa KVest: About Underwear | Shorts: AshishF: It’s safe to say that 2015 has been a good year for The Do and yourself as well. Amongst the many incredible things that have happened to you, you’ve also been featured in Madame Figaro and shot by Karl Lagerfeld. What was your experience of working alongside him?TD: Itwas a 5 minute experience, but thosewere highly interesting minutes. He’s such an intriguing character and also very polite, despite what people know about him. Very focused on getting the best picture he could’ve possibly gotten. Dedicated without saying much.F: Your album, Shake Shook Shaken, has seen you become stars…

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tiggs da author

F: How is the album sounding?TDA: Just finishing it off now and it’s all sounding good. We’re probably going to release at the end of the year.F: ‘Run’ and ‘Georgia’ were such feel good colourful tunes. Will the album have a bubbly summer vibe?TDA: Definitely! There is a lot of music that’s been influenced by the 60’s on there and a lot of up-tempo music with a good message behind it.F: You said an influence from the 60’s? Is that something you grew up listening to or did you discover later?TDA: It’s just something I found later in life. In terms of the 60’s I was more influenced about the experience that made musicians of the time write music. For example, the social issues and how that impacted the way…

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the feeling

F: In the light of your recent fifth album release, what do you feel that you’ve done differently on this one as opposed to the rest, apart from the obvious out of the ordinary recording process?TF: The album is an evolution. It’s not like we had a plan to do anything differently or to premeditate anything. When I’m writing, it’s more of a mental condition of mine to write songs. Every album is different because it’s related to different phases in my life and the things that I’ve been going through. And because I do lead a varied life, I end up with lots of things to write about.F: How do you usually go about picking your tracks? Especially since you’re drawing from personal experience, it’s like you’ve got to…