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iPad & iPhone User is the only digital magazine you need to the world of the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Subscribe to iPad & iPhone User and get more out of your Apple device with our step-by-step tutorials, straight forward buying advice and expert reviews of the latest apps, games and accessories.. Each issue is packed with step-by-step tutorials and features on how to get the most from your apps and services like iCloud, iTunes Match, iPhoto, GarageBand, iMovie, Pages and Keynote, as well as all the latest apps. Anyone from a complete iPad and iPhone beginner to hardcore power users will learn more about their beloved Apple device.

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apple cuts q1 2019 earnings estimates

Trading for Apple stock halted briefly in January as Tim Cook issued a letter providing revised guidance for the company’s first-quarter 2019 earnings estimates. The new estimates are as follows: • Revenue of approximately $84 billion • Gross margin of approximately 38 per cent • Operating expenses of approximately $8.7bn • Other income/(expense) of approximately $550 million • Tax rate of approximately 16.5 per cent before discrete items Most of the numbers are not very different from the guidance the company issued back in November, but there is one big change – revenue is projected to be down about $5- to $9bn from the company’s previous $89- to $93bn estimate. Why Apple’s revenue is expected to dip In his letter, Cook details four reasons for the expected dip. First, the iPhone XS and XS Max launched in the…

6 min.
apple’s revenue drop is about china and more

All anybody is talking about in the office is Apple’s admission that it’s going to miss its guidance for the first quarter of 2019. We won’t get any more information until the company’s next quarterly financial results, due out on 29 January, and the winter is genuinely a dreary time for any other significant Apple news. So let’s jump right in. The water’s fine. The China syndrome Apple has been betting big on China for the past few years, a fact borne out both by Tim Cook’s repeated visits to the region and his fairly consistent declarations of the fact on those quarterly conference calls. The reason for that is pretty simple: the biggest opportunity for Apple’s growth is in the world’s second-largest economy, where there’s a rapidly increasing middle class that…

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how apple’s quarter could impact the ipad and iphone

Apple’s new year isn’t off to a great start. Instead of celebrating another stellar quarter, Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote a lengthy letter to investors warning about subpar iPhone sales and an overall dip in revenue to the tune of about $6 billion. That mean Apple is only going to make around $84bn in revenue over the three-month holiday quarter, an impressive number for sure, but one that represents a five per cent dip from the same quarter last year and confirmation that all is not right in Cupertino. But while the news today is certainly grim, it could represent something of an opportunity for Apple. With some of the pressure of both the stock price and its streak of quarterly earnings growth, Apple could use this as a chance to…

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what apple’s job additions tell us about its product plans

Apple is well known for its centralized approach, not just in terms of hardware and software, but also in geography. The company has previously pushed hard to locate as many of its non-retail employees as possible in its home town of Cupertino, in large part because of its belief that its employees work better on physically proximate teams. Look no further than its enormous new home base, Apple Park (pictured above), which opened there earlier this year. But the company recently announced that it would be expanding its footprint in several US cities outside the Bay Area, most notably in Austin, Texas, where it already has its largest non-Cupertino presence, but also in a few other key locations. In particular, Apple projects that in the next three years it will exceed…

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best vpn for ios

Surfing the web on a public Wi-Fi network can be a dangerous business, opening your iPhone or iPad up to spying eyes. To avoid that, you could use a VPN (virtual private network) to stay private and anonymous. It also hides your location online, which can allow you to access blocked content and blocked sites such as US Netflix when you are in the UK or BBC iPlayer when you are abroad. Here we talk you through the best iOS VPN options. It’s important to note that it is against Netflix, BBC iPlayer and other blocked content’s terms and conditions to access them using a VPN, so proceed with caution as you risk getting your account blocked. NordVPN Price: $2.75 (around £2) per month from Our pick of the best VPN for iPhone…

20 min.
best wireless earbuds

Earbud makers have been busy doing away with wires – a good thing whether or not your phone still has a headset jack. You no longer have to deal with cords if you don’t want to. True wireless earbuds connect to one another and your audio source via Bluetooth. No wires mean no inline microphones or controls, but truly wireless earbuds sound just as good as traditional Bluetooth counterparts (for better or worse). They also boast all of the features we’ve come to expect from earbuds designed to work with your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Since Apple’s AirPods became a runaway hit, an endless stream of companies have rolled out their own true wireless earbuds and earphones. As you might expect, not all of them are worth your time or money…