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N-Photo: the Nikon magazineN-Photo: the Nikon magazine

N-Photo: the Nikon magazine January 2018

Every month we bring you 132-pages of step-by-step advice on how to get the best results from your Nikon digital SLR. Our camera skills section will show you how to shoot great pictures and how to edit them to make them even better! You'll be inspired by the beautiful images shot by top photographers and fellow readers. And you'll learn the basics through our Nikopedia reference pages – picking up tips from the pros with our exclusive interviews and masterclasses. ****Note: This digital edition is not printable and does not include the covermount items or supplements you would find with printed copies***

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welcome to issue 80

Veteran nature photographer and high-speed flash pioneer Stephen Dalton speaks about his latest project See page 90 The nights are drawing in, the temperature is plummeting, it’s time to wrap up warm under the duvet with a nice cup of cocoa, right? We’re having none of it! See page 18 for why this is the perfect time of year to grab your camera and your coat, and head out into the great outdoors in our winter landscapes feature. Speaking of dark and chilly, this issue’s Apprentice shoot went well into the wee hours, as pro Ollie Taylor offers a masterclass in shooting the Milky Way (p52), and we show you how to capture a landscape lit only by the light of the moon (p44). With the New Year just around the corner,…

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n photo

This issue’s special contributors... Chris Rutter PAGE 18 Chris braves the worst the winter weather can throw at him to shoot some unforgettable lowlight and dawn images Mark Seymour PAGE 89 The award-winning wedding photographer explains his standout, B&W documentary style for creating that timeless look Sean Goodhart PAGE 64 Sean shares his portfolio of images focused on the worldwide works of modern architect Santiago Calatrava Stephen Dalton PAGE 90 The pioneering nature photographer documents the biodiversity of his private, nineacre woodlands in Sussex Michael Freeman PAGE 74 This issue, Michael’s Creative Paths shows how to simplify a complex composition by splitting it into distinct elements Joe McNally PAGE 130 Joe lights up an entire street scene in Tarrytown, New York state, with a bunch of Speedlights – all 32 of them The N-Photo team’s Christmas wish list Adam Waring Editor I don’t want a big present this year – just an…

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ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR – CATEGORY WINNER Crepuscular Contentment Andrew Parkinson, Derbyshire, UK In 15 years of working with badgers I’ve never seen a badger sit out in the open to have a scratch. I was sitting concealed behind a tree and downwind, so it was especially nice that the badger had his back to me, demonstrating just how inconspicuous my presence was. Nikon D4S, 200-400mm f/4, 1/200 sec, f/4, ISO1600 ANIMAL PORTRAITS – HIGHLY COMMENDED Peeking Red Fox Cub Luke Wilkinson, London, UK Having located an active den I decided to spend as much time as possible trying to photograph the fox cubs. After several visits the cubs and vixen were becoming comfortable with my presence. One morning this tiny cub started emerging from the den, poking its head up to check that the area was safe before heading…

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wonderful winter landscapes

Chris Rutter Shooting in wild weather can produce breathtaking images, but it can be physically challenging and even hazardous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here pro photographer Chris Rutter shares his expertize in how to safely and sanely capture Mother Nature at her most beautiful and elemental. For more images, see www.chrisrutterphotography.com Just because it’s getting colder outside, that’s no reason to let your Nikon and your creativity go into hibernation. Although the hours of daylight may be short and the weather can be challenging, these aren’t problems, they are really great opportunities. Winter is the perfect time to get out with your Nikon and shoot the spectacular scenery and weather that occur only at this time of year. From the beauty of a fresh fall of snow to the drama…

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take food photos that are good enough to eat

The mission • Shoot food with natural light Time • One hour Skill level • Beginner • Intermediate • Advanced Kit needed • Wide-aperture lens • Tripod Succulent strawberries, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate or a slap-up Sunday roast – food is an evocative subject to photograph. But in order to make it look as good as it tastes, you need to follow a few simple tips and tricks. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to use natural window light to backlight your fodder to create soft shadows, then bounce light back in with a makeshift reflector to bring out detail. We’ll also share a some basic food styling techniques and show you how to emphasize the edibles by opening up your aperture. So let’s cook up some scrumptious shots… “Food is an evocative subject, but in order to make it look as good as it…

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polarize the light

The mission • Capture a rainbow of colour using the crosspolarization technique Time • 30 minutes Skill level • Beginner • Intermediate • Advanced Kit needed • Circular polarizing filter • Tripod • Clear plastic ornament • Flat screen As photographers, we are always enhancing and modifying light for different effects, and in this project we’re going to be to capturing the vivid colours from an inexpensive plastic ornament by shooting it with a polarizing filter. Cross-polarization is a technique that exploits stress weaknesses in glass and plastic that become visible when shining a light through it. Coincidentally, these stress patterns show up as an optical rainbow in the material when polarized, which just happens to be perfectly photogenic! In addition to a clear plastic ornament for your subject and the polarizer, all you need to complete the project is a laptop or tablet screen,…