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N-Photo: the Nikon magazineN-Photo: the Nikon magazine

N-Photo: the Nikon magazine August 2016

Every month we bring you 132-pages of step-by-step advice on how to get the best results from your Nikon digital SLR. Our camera skills section will show you how to shoot great pictures and how to edit them to make them even better! You'll be inspired by the beautiful images shot by top photographers and fellow readers. And you'll learn the basics through our Nikopedia reference pages – picking up tips from the pros with our exclusive interviews and masterclasses. ****Note: This digital edition is not printable and does not include the covermount items or supplements you would find with printed copies***

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welcome to issue 61

FREE BOOK! CAMERA & LENS BUYER’S GUIDE Turn to page 119 for details Have you ever been asked to shoot a wedding for a friend or family member, purely on the basis that you own a ‘proper’ camera, and therefore must know everything there is to know about photography? If so, how did you react? With unbridled enthusiasm, or with a mounting sense of trepidation bordering on panic? If you’re anything like me, the latter will be nearer the mark, which is where this issue’s fantastic feature comes in: it takes you through the big day shot by shot, setting by setting. It won’t take away the nerves completely, but it will give you the confidence to capture the key moments. And if you think shooting a wedding is scary, check out this issue’s…

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n photo

Chris Rutter PAGE 16 If you own a D-SLR, chances are you’ve been asked to shoot a wedding at some point. Chris takes you shot by shot through capturing the big day. John Downing PAGE 91 John shares the simple piece of advice that led to his big break, and that set him on the path to becoming one of the UK’s foremost press photographers. Ross Hoddinott PAGE 52 Top nature photographer Ross gives our Apprentice a masterclass in photographing one of the most photogenic birds around: the cheeky puffin. Andy Hooper PAGE 92 He’s shot some of the most iconic images from the world’s biggest sporting events. Andy tells us why he can’t imagine doing anything else. Michael Freeman PAGE 76 This issue, our globetrotting contributor at large explores ways of conveying the shape and form of your subjects in a two-dimensional image. Joe…

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light box

Home to some of the most iconic creatures on the planet, Africa entrances wildlife photographers like no other continent. Feast your eyes on some of the very best Nikon-shot entries from 2016’s Nature’s Best Photography Africa competition, and feel the call of the wild… HIGHLY HONOURED, African Landscapes Elephants into the Field Federico Veronesi, Nairobi, Kenya At the heart of the Amboseli ecosystem is a series of lush swamps that provide a major source of food and water for wildlife from the surrounding areas. Late one afternoon I found these three families crossing the lake, while the sun was hiding behind the clouds in the west. It was such a surreal and eternal scene. I photographed them slightly from behind to convey the sense of space and movement, and to frame them with the…

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perfect wedding photos in 10 simple shats

With all of the pressure of capturing the couple’s big day, shooting a wedding can be one of the most stressful and daunting prospects for any photographer. But a bit of planning and some key settings and ideas will give you the confidence to get great shots, and maybe even enjoy the experience! The greatest stress for any wedding photographer is the prospect of having to capture a huge range of images throughout the day, so we’ve broken it down into ten bite-sized shoots. This means you can focus on photographing the big day in more manageable sections, from the bride getting ready before the ceremony to the final shots of the reception, rather than the wedding as a whole. Each section reveals the settings you need to use, the pitfalls…

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get the gig

The mission • To capture a band playing live in a poorly-lit venue Time • One hour Skill level •Beginner • Intermediate • Advanced Kit needed •Nikon D-SLR •Fast, wide-angle lens “With so much to think about, shooting a gig is a real challenge, but it can also be a lot of fun Live music can be a challenge to photograph, especially indoors. There’s a lot of fast, erratic movement to contend with, and usually very low lighting. And to make matters worse, many venues don’t permit the use of flash. But that’s not to say it’s impossible: armed with the right settings, there’s no reason you can’t come away with shots that rock. The first thing to consider when shooting gigs is what you are and aren’t allowed to do. Before the event begins, check with the venue staff…

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dim the lights

The mission • To photograph an illuminated landmark at dusk Time • One evening Skill level • Beginner • Intermediate •Advanced Kit needed • Nikon D-SLR • 50mm lens • Tripod • Cable release (optional) “What you’re after is that moment when the lights are all on, but there’s still a hint of blue in the sky. This is known as the ‘blue moment’ Light pollution is fast becoming a hindrance to photographers across the globe, but for this project we’re going to make it work for us. In the right setting, city lights can look great at dusk, and if those lights are illuminating an-already impressive landmark, they can give it a real lift. So with this in mind, we decided to try to photograph one of the UK’s most iconic bridges – the second Severn Bridge, between…