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N-Photo: the Nikon magazineN-Photo: the Nikon magazine

N-Photo: the Nikon magazine September 2017

Every month we bring you 132-pages of step-by-step advice on how to get the best results from your Nikon digital SLR. Our camera skills section will show you how to shoot great pictures and how to edit them to make them even better! You'll be inspired by the beautiful images shot by top photographers and fellow readers. And you'll learn the basics through our Nikopedia reference pages – picking up tips from the pros with our exclusive interviews and masterclasses. ****Note: This digital edition is not printable and does not include the covermount items or supplements you would find with printed copies***

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welcome to issue 76

This issue, it’s a case of out with the old and in with the new – in more ways than one. With its 46MP sensor and 9fps, Nikon’s new D850 looks set to be every bit as groundbreaking as its venerated older sibling, the D800. At the time of writing its specs have yet to be confirmed, and may still be unconfirmed by the time you read this, but we were so excited at the prospect of what its features might be that we’ve had some fun gazing into our crystal ball and coming up with a few predictions. And if it is all a done deal by the time you read this, you can have some fun of your own, scoring us nconfirmed by the time you read this,…

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nikkon skills

01 Break the rules and shoot landscapes wide open 02 Capture a creative portrait with this fun technique 03 Discover how to photograph the passing of time 04 Learn how to protect your images in a few clicks 05 Give flower photos a painterly feel in Photoshop 06 Blur passing clouds with our step-by-step guide 07 Get to grips with Levels and Curves in Capture NX-D WATCH ON YOUR DISC OR ONLINE! Whenever you see this logo you’ll know there’s a video on your skills disc – you can watch it online too The videos and information provided on this disc are 100% independent and not endorsed or sponsored by Nikon Corporation or Adobe Systems Incorporated TURN TO PAGE 6 TO MEET THE TEAM…

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n photo

James Paterson PAGE 22 James packs his Nikon, supertelephoto zoom and machete, and heads off on a photographic safari in the wilds of Africa Paul Gallagher PAGE 92 Landscape photographer Paul reveals the story behind some of his epic images and his love of the great outdoors Michael Freeman PAGE 76 This issue, Michael’s Creative Paths is all about graphic echoes – how to use shape and form to tie subjects together in an image Peter Dazeley PAGE 102 Peter’s images take centre stage as he goes behind the curtain to photograph theatres great and small across the city of London Amy Shore PAGE 91 Petrol-head Amy talks about how shooting a replica Ferrari launched her career as a classic car photographer Joe McNally PAGE 130 Joe heads to the Wild West to photograph grizzly old cowboys, demonstrating a simple-yetflexible lighting…

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the new nikon d850 breaks cover

As we write this special report, the details of the new Nikon D850 are still shrouded in secrecy. But Nikon has released a few little ‘teasers’ and, from what we know of Nikon’s past strategy, current technologies and stated aims for the D850, we’ve put together what we think could prove a pretty accurate picture of Nikon’s latest camera. While this issue is still on sale, however, the true facts about the Nikon D850 are likely to become known, and you can see whether or not we got our facts right. We’re making a dozen key predictions so you can give us marks out of 12! If we’re right, this could be the biggest Nikon camera for a decade. Five years ago, Nikon launched the D800, a camera with the highest resolution…

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this is what’s coming

46MP resolution We know that the D850 has a full-frame sensor, and Nikon says it will be ‘high resolution’. We believe it will be a brand new 46-megapixel sensor, and one firm piece of evidence is the 8K time-lapse movie mode that Nikon has already confirmed. This means the new sensor has a horizontal resolution of at least 8 million pixels. Unconfirmed reports say the exact figure is 45.75MP. ISO32-102,400 The D810 has a native range of ISO64-12,800, but we’d expect to see the D850 improve on that, despite its higher pixel count. Reports suggest an range of ISO64-25,600, stretching to ISO32-102,400 in expanded mode. 3.2-inch tilting touchscreen display We expect the D850 to have a high-resolution tilting rear touchscreen, just like the D500. This will make it much more effective for low-angle shots and…

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evolution of an icon

The history of Nikon’s professional DSLRs shows just how far the technologies and the cameras have evolved. There are some notable landmarks, and some hints as to what might come in the future. What history tells us is that Nikon typically splits its pro DSLRs into two types: cameras designed for resolution, and cameras designed for speed. This makes sense because it’s very difficult, technically, to combine both. Except that, every now and again, Nikon launches a landmark camera that does both, and resets the baseline for everything else. This happened in 1999 with the launch of the Nikon D1, and again in 2007 with the Nikon D3. Is this about to happen all over again in 2017 with the Nikon D850? And, if so, what does this mean for any future Nikon…