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Sailing Today February 2019

Sailing Today is the magazine for hands on cruising sailors, offering a wealth of practical advice and a dynamic mix of in-depth boat, gear and equipment reviews. It is written cover to cover by sailors for sailors. Since its launch in 1997, Sailing Today has sealed its reputation as the magazine for essential sailing information and advice. Thanks to our superb team of experts, Sailing Today is packed with news and advice for the hands-on cruising sailor. Specialising in yachts between 25ft and 60ft, with fantastic market leading boat and gear tests, and regular advice about seamanship and navigation, Sailing Today delivers the practical back up needed for those who enjoy using their boats, be it cruising around the coast, across the channel or in blue waters.

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skipper’s view

I WAS OUT IN LAS PALMAS for the start of the 33rd Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, or ARC as it is better known, and I was deeply impressed by the supreme orgasnisation of the whole thing. In fact I went away thinking what a great event it was, although not all dyed in the wool sailors see it this way. I remember talking about it with my friend Nick Skeates, a sailor of some repute who has sailed across the Atlantic more times than he can probably recall. Discussing the event over a few rums, he observed: "Oh I love the ARC! If you're in Las Palmas when it's on then the bin rummaging is second to none. I got two perfectly good batteries and a solar panel last time…

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driverless car lands a double whammy on biscay-bound brits

A snagged mooring rope in Sainte Evette, Brittany, set in train a disastrous sequence of events for Milford marina berth holders Steve and Steph McGrath last season. The entanglement happened on the couple’s first stopover en route from Milford to the Bay of Biscay, and brought up their Sigma 38 Gwawr so suddenly her engine was ripped from its mountings. Following a tow into harbour by Les Sauveteurs, the engine was remounted. Then the couple faced a lengthy wait for a promised trailer so the vessel could be lifted out so that the twisted propshaft could be replaced. When it arrived after many weeks, the trailer proved too small for Gwawr, and the boat was eventually berthed alongside a drying wall – an option denied previously by the harbour authority – so…

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skipper faces court over death of 'hallucinating' crewmember

US authorities have indicted skipper Rick Smith with “misconduct, negligence and inattention to duties as captain” following the death of a crew member who jumped overboard and was lost at sea. Smith had not met crewmember David Pontious before picking him up in North Carolina. Pontious replaced another crew member for a cruise to the US Virgin Isles on Smith’s 43ft yacht Cimarron in 2015. After days of erratic behaviour, with Pontious reportedly hearing voices and hallucinating, there was a violent stand-off between Pontious and Smith in the early hours. Shortly afterwards Pontious is said to have leaped overboard and was lost in the darkness. A US coastguard report in 2015 said Smith and two other crewmembers handled the incident "as best they could," and no further action was taken at…

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dartmouth royal regatta needs your cash

The organisers of Dartmouth Royal Regatta are appealing for donations from event supporters to make sure the Regatta is a success in 2019. Last year saw significant changes due to cost-cutting and the popular air displays were dropped. Regatta committee member, Kevin Pyne said: “I’d like to ask the locals and regular visitors alike to donate £1.75 a month so that we can hold a basic regatta. “Over the year that wouldn't be much more than a round of drinks for four during the festivities.” You should visit if you’d like to contribute to this worthty cause. CARREFOUR/SAIL IONIAN/WCC JAMES CLARKE/EMCT/PAUL WYETH/JOHN HEAD/WARTSILA/DEREK HARPER COMMONS/STEPH MCGRATH/ASHLEY ROSE…

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abandon office! lifeboats for buildings

Technology group Wärtsilä surprised a tech convention in Helsinki with its ‘lifeboat for buildings’ concept, designed to be used for severe flooding and rising sea levels caused by climate change. It’s not a real product, of course, though Wärtsilä Ship Design says it does feature existing smart technologies such as autodocking, dynamic positioning and wireless charging. The autonomous lifeboat concept is (theoretically) powered by 100% renewables, with synthetic fuels and solar energy. “This hypothetical lifeboat is a way for Wärtsilä to amplify the need to move climate change discourse to action,” says the company.…

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greek cruising tax delayed as ca intervenes

The Greek Government announced on November 16, 2018 that it had implemented the TEPAH, commonly known as the Greek Cruising Tax. Initially it gave vessel owners just 10 days to pay the tax, but thanks to intervention from the Cruising Association (CA) this date has now been delayed to April 2, 2019.The annual tax runs to 100 Euros per metre for larger boats, but to date there is no information on how the tax will work, other than it will run under the TAXISnet system - part of the Greek tax system. It is supposed to be an E-tax and conducted online. The CA understands that all vessels will have to register at the website and pay the tax online. The website is in Greek and the CA believes it…