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Sailing Today July 2017

Sailing Today is the magazine for hands on cruising sailors, offering a wealth of practical advice and a dynamic mix of in-depth boat, gear and equipment reviews. It is written cover to cover by sailors for sailors. Since its launch in 1997, Sailing Today has sealed its reputation as the magazine for essential sailing information and advice. Thanks to our superb team of experts, Sailing Today is packed with news and advice for the hands-on cruising sailor. Specialising in yachts between 25ft and 60ft, with fantastic market leading boat and gear tests, and regular advice about seamanship and navigation, Sailing Today delivers the practical back up needed for those who enjoy using their boats, be it cruising around the coast, across the channel or in blue waters.

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skipper’s view

THE MORE EAGLE-EYED READERS out there may have spotted that after four years at the helm of Sailing Today, Sam Fortescue has headed for pastures new and been replaced - rather conveniently - with another Sam. Somewhat terrifyingly, I have been working on the magazine in one capacity or another for the past eight years - over a third of the magazine’s entire existence, in fact. It is fitting to mention this, as extremely eagle-eyed readers will have spotted that this is Sailing Today’s 20th anniversary edition. Back in 1997, the very first issue was published and most of us will let out a wistful sigh as we wonder precisely where those years have gone. With any luck, you have filled the intervening decades with open horizons and exotic anchorages. If…

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breathtaking tahiti

The hypnotic beauty of the south seas has captivated sailors for centuries and this anchorage off Tahiti sums up the sheer beauty in contrast between the deep blue of the pacific and the brillliant azure waters around the reefs. The artist Paul Gauguin was so captivated by the different shades of light and dark that he settled on Tahiti as his home and devoted his later years to capturing the beauty of the place. It’s easy to understand why the sailors of the Bounty were so seduced by Tahiti that they risked all and mutinied rather than return to England.…

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ebb and flow

MAIDEN VOYAGE Tracy Edwards’ yacht Maiden, which hit the headlines when her all-female crew sailed her around the world in the 1989-90 Whitbread Race, has returned home. The Bruce Farr designed racing yacht, which carried Edwards to victory in two legs of the epic race and saw her ranked second overall, was found abandoned and in a state of disrepair in the Seychelles back in 2014. Edwards has been campaigning to return her to the UK, ever since. The Maiden Factor, run by Edwards, Maiden crew members, and volunteers, was established almost immediately after her rediscovery, with the goal of restoring her to her former glory, and re-launching her as an ambassador for Girls’ Rights. As Edwards herself said: “It’s shocking to me that over 61 million girls around the world are still…

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first rate

Smythson stationery Letters from our correspondent Handwriting is fast becoming a lost art, with more and more time spent tapping away on keyboards, tablets and smartphones. Stem the tide of the tech-takeover and begin writing to your loved ones with good old-fashioned pen and paper. These charming stationery sets are perfect for sailors, with their nautical motif and ocean blue envelope interior. They evoke the golden age of travel, making for a special missive on arrival at its destination. • • £36 JCrew jacket What the well-dressed gent is wearing Picture the scene: you’ve anchored off some glorious bay on the Cote d’Azur and you’re all set for a run ashore. It’s vital you look the part and JCrew’s new ‘summerweight’ Ludlow tailored jacket provides a dapper solution to any wardrobe related dilemma. It’s perfect for balmy…

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new boats

Amel 50 £tbc French boatbuilder Amel has long enjoyed a reputation for turning out high quality cruising yachts that you can cruise anywhere. As a testament to this, more Amels have participated in the ARC than any other brand. Although its designs are highly individual and somewhat idiosyncratic, Amel enjoys a rock-solid reputation and hugely loyal customer base. All this makes the new Amel 50 an intriguing addition, as she’s something of a departure from its usual models. At the most basic level, the eagle eyed will note that she lacks the trademark ketch rig associated with the brand and, in terms of styling, the 50 is a departure in many ways from previous models. Ultimately, the lines are conservative, yet beam has increased compared to previous models and there are also twin rudders,…

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mini test

BENETEAU SENSE 51 £250,000 Beneteau’s Sense 50 proved to be a real eye opener when it was launched back in 2011: it’s rare that a yacht bursts onto the scene that is genuinely innovative, yet the Sense had enough touches to put it in that category. Designed specifically for liveaboards, the Sense range eschews aft cabins which not only allows for a much more pleasant transition between cockpit and cabin but also provides bags of storage aft. The Sense 50 has now been replaced with the revamped 51 and, although it features the same Berret/Racoupeau designed hull, there are some very distinctive changes. The first one that smacks you across the eyeballs even before you step aboard is the garish paint job which is rather reminiscent of the ‘glare’ camouflage paint jobs circa…