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Sailing Today October 2017

Sailing Today is the magazine for hands on cruising sailors, offering a wealth of practical advice and a dynamic mix of in-depth boat, gear and equipment reviews. It is written cover to cover by sailors for sailors. Since its launch in 1997, Sailing Today has sealed its reputation as the magazine for essential sailing information and advice. Thanks to our superb team of experts, Sailing Today is packed with news and advice for the hands-on cruising sailor. Specialising in yachts between 25ft and 60ft, with fantastic market leading boat and gear tests, and regular advice about seamanship and navigation, Sailing Today delivers the practical back up needed for those who enjoy using their boats, be it cruising around the coast, across the channel or in blue waters.

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skipper’s view

MANY YEARS AGO I WAS fortunate enough to interview Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and, being young and nervous, most of the questions I asked him were rather trite and I have little doubt that he was thoroughly bored of them. There was, however, one answer he gave that did stick in my mind. It was regarding the most challenging place he had ever sailed. He responded with extreme alacrity that this was the Thames Estuary. I was rather taken aback, but Sir Robin’s perfectly valid argument was simply that there are a hell of a lot more challenges facing you in the Thames Estuary than in most other places: big tides, shallows, shifting sands, strong currents, sometimes dreadful weather and heavy traffic make for a lethal cocktail. Mike Trippitt’s excellent and…

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ebb and flow

SUNSHINE AND SQUALLS Lendy Cowes Week was filled with all the excitement and drama expected of an event involving thousands of crewmembers and hundreds of boats. Running across eight tempestuous days coastal a rollercoaster of conditions saw low winds and leaden skies on day one, swiftly followed by glorious sunshine and gusts up to 25kt, on day two. Ladies Day brought a strong breeze, under cloudless skies, while ‘Wild Wednesday’, witnessed several yachts dismasted in winds gusting up to 35kt as torrential and unrelenting rain hammered down. As John Hamilton, on Rebellion, said: “On the way out to the start it looked like the Apocalypse was coming.” The epic week of racing drew to a close, under calmer skies, as Giovanni Belgrano’s yacht, Whooper, a classic Laurent Giles 38, was announced…

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children of the revolution

As a maritime nation, our history and heritage is intrinsically linked to the waters which surround us. Generations of sailors throughout history have taken to the high seas in search of new worlds and great fortune. However, times have changed; distant lands and oceans have been charted, air travel has literally taken-off, and the world can come to us via courier should we wish it. The need to take to the water has become purely recreational, and as such has fallen prey to gentrification, fast becoming viewed as a pursuit of the wealthy, with time and money to spare. And within those dwindling participation numbers, the average age has crept up and up. This was summed-up perfectly by Alex Vrolijk, in his interview with editor, Sam Jefferson, last month. “Basically, my…

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lifetime achievement award in association with

We are delighted to announce that entrepreneur and current CEO of Oyster Yachts, David Tydeman is our first winner in the Sailing Today awards 2017. David was nominated by our expert editorial panel in the Lifetime Achievement category, sponsored by the Little Ship Club. There are 14 further awards to be presented at a champagne reception at the Southampton Boat Show in September, including two further panel nominations for our Green Award and Boatbuilder of the Year Award. The remaining 12 awards have all been voted for by you, our readers, and full details will be published in the November issue. This year’s winner was a popular choice with the panel, and his impact on the British marine industry cannot be overstated. David Tydeman took over as CEO of Oyster Yachts in 2008 at…

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first rate

Anchors, anchors everywhere Tarvel bag for everything from pens to pen-knives Sticking with our favourite theme, these nautical inspired travel bags, from the Natural History Museum, can safely transport anything you need on board. It’s a useful place to store essential sailing tools so you always know where to find them when you need them, or you could transport toiletries, make-up, tickets etc. The list is endless. They come in a range of sizes, and have a ring on the side so you can tie them down, ensuring your precious possessions do not go sailing overboard. • from £18 • Model sailor Miniature maritime classic recalls glory days If you have a hankering for the glorious maritime days of old, then this 1930s model yacht will fit perfectly into your home. Handmade and painted, it is dotted…

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new boats

Neel 51 £625,000 Catamarans may well be the favoured multihull at the moment, but Neel is doing its damnedest to ensure that the trimaran is not overlooked. its new 51 showcases the potential of three hulls over two - or one for that matter. The big step is that the main accommodation stretches over all three hulls, making for a truly massive living area. She’s designed by Joubert/Nivelt, who know more than a thing or two about designing multihulls and that long waterline and decent sail area mean she promises to be a powerful performer. Discovery 48 £625,000 There’s no mistaking that the hot news within the British marine industry this year is Discovery Yachts’ acquisition of Southerly (see interview on p58). The new 48 is one of the first examples of how the…