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Skin Deep has long been the UKs best selling tattoo magazine - and just because we're having fun for 13 issues a year (that's once every 4 weeks) doesn't mean we're not taking it very seriously indeed. Each issue we publish profiles, interviews and features with the leading tattooists and tattoo artists working in the world today together with exciting new talent. Alongside of this, we focus on the tattoo lifestyle and all it contains, coverage from the international convention scene, art features from those who embrace the tattoo ethic or find inspiration within it, reader profiles, news, reviews, competitions, letters and every issue also comes with a free supplement.

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king of the monsters

THAT LITTLE TATTOO OF A CAMPER VAN CAN EVEN DROWN OUT THE NOISE OF THE ‘FOUR YEARS IN THE MAKING BODYSUIT’ Much like those of us who lived with the addiction that was the magical TV experience of LOST, we will look back on this period in tattooing as being a Golden Age. A Golden Age happens a few times over the course of a culture and as often happens, the people that are part of the new Golden Age like to put the previous Golden Age in its place as being ‘not so good’ by rechristening it the Silver Age. It happened in TV. It happened in the movies. It most definitely occurred in comic books. So far, nobody has been so arrogant as to baptise their sexy period in proceedings…

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tttism: the magazine

ALL SUBMISSIONS TO SLEEVE NOTES GRATEFULLY RECEIVED. BE IT NEWS, AN EVENT, NEW MERCH, A STUDIO MOVE... WE'LL DO OUR VERY BEST TO LET EVERYBODY ELSE KNOW ABOUT IT TOO. EMAIL: NEWS@SKINDEEP.CO.UK OR IF YOU WANT TO BE ARCHAIC ABOUT THE WHOLE AFFAIR: SKIN DEEP, THE OLD SCHOOL, HIGHER KINNERTON, CHESTER CH4 9AJ. BRING IT. twitter.com/skindeepmag www.facebook.com/tattoomagazine Representing the new digital-age of tattoo media, TTTism has built its reputation as a consistent source of inspiration in contemporary tattoo culture. Until now, @TTTism has been accessible exclusively on Instagram, exhibiting design work by some of the most respected, established and innovative artists within the industry. But now, TTTism debuts the first edition of their quarterly print magazine, dedicated to the world of contemporary tattoo culture. TTTism has been produced as an amalgamation of its digital…

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convention poster of the month

Welcome to a new section of the mag… well, not so much a ‘section’ (and maybe it will die after this one instance) but it seems like a good idea right now because a lot of us all said “Wow, that’s a really nice poster for a show” all at the same time which means they are onto something. The show is Deauville Tattoo Festival and is on 19/20 August. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can find your way there by following this address information at Centre International De Deauville, 1 Rue Lucien Barrière, 14800 Deauville, France. Yeah… we had to look up where it was too. NEW STUDIO NEWS Opening their doors in Norfolk is A Sailors Grave. You can find them at 55 Springfield, Gorleston, Norfolk. NR31 6AD. Tel: 01493 302394. You…

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listen to my voice…

Following up on our story from Hypno Ink of a couple of issues back, Benjamin Ryan recently performed what is believed to be the world’s first pain free tattoo over the Internet, via the medium of Skype. Benjamin and fellow hypnotist Christopher Phoenix (from Brisbane, Australia) specialise in this area of hypnotherapy, and are the authors of a new book called Hypno Ink, which is about using hypnosis for pain free and reduced pain tattoos. Hypnotherapy over the Internet is becoming more common as we live in an ever more global society, but their approach to pain free tattooing (known as Hypno Inking) has never been done this way before. Ryan and Phoenix were asked by fellow hypnotherapist Richard Hennessy if they could perform their process over Skype. Richard had previously had…

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tattoo of the month

The kind of laugh were you snort coffee through your nose. I thought it was so much fun that I kept going back to it for kicks and smiling every time, which means it’s more than deserving of a place on this page. This is one of those tattoos that can be described as clean, well thought out, it has great lines and it’s hard to fault it particularly if you happen to be a fan of Judge Dredd. And yet it also exists in a parallel universe—for while it is all of those things, it’s simply just great fun and sometimes—especially around here—it’s easy to forget that for most people, tattoos really are a fun thing and not something to be dissected into their component parts. Thus, this month Mr Sedgebeer, we…

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scenes from the frome tattoo convention

What the Frome convention may lack in national reputation or commercial backing, it certainly makes up for in artistic integrity and quality. Drawing on both local and national talent, the convention once again saw exceptional work created over the two period by all the artists involved. Competition winners for the Saturday were: Best New Skool: Terr Whitfield (Southmead Tattoo Studio), Best Colour: Chris Stratch (Southmead Tattoo Studio), and Best in Show (Saturday) was Verity Fox (Black Inc) On the Sunday, the winners were: Best Traditional/Old Skool: Kyle Lawrie (Divian Mantra Tattoos), Best Black/Grey: Verity Fox (Black Inc) and Best in Show (Sunday) Hayley Jones (Southmead Tattoo Studio). All judged by the very lovely Mz Bones & Anna Quinn. The convention also played host to the Gentleman Ink UK finals, with some strapping young…