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Skin Deep has long been the UKs best selling tattoo magazine - and just because we're having fun for 13 issues a year (that's once every 4 weeks) doesn't mean we're not taking it very seriously indeed. Each issue we publish profiles, interviews and features with the leading tattooists and tattoo artists working in the world today together with exciting new talent. Alongside of this, we focus on the tattoo lifestyle and all it contains, coverage from the international convention scene, art features from those who embrace the tattoo ethic or find inspiration within it, reader profiles, news, reviews, competitions, letters and every issue also comes with a free supplement.

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the sheep in wolf’s clothing

editor@skindeep.co.ukAN EXTRAORDINARY AMOUNT OF TATTOOERS HAVE ENTERED THE INDUSTRY… IT’S HARD TO SEPARATE THE WOLVES FROM THE SHEEPPart of the deal of driving this magazine shaped car, is not only to pay attention to what’s going on in tattoo-land but also to keep a (slightly beady) eye on the magazine landscape itself. It comes with the territory. For instance, a photographer will always be aware of other photographers out there. You’d be a fool to believe you were the only wolf in the forest.Yesterday, I went out into the forest—aka: WHSmiths—and took a look at said landscape and found the revamped version of Rolling Stone. I always loved that magazine but to say it had fallen on hard times across the last twenty years would be an understatement, and yet,…

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the woman in the woods

Trevor Powers, Marion Street TattooHUMANS CAN OFTEN FEEL ATTACKED AT ALL ANGLES AND NOT JUST BY POWER-WASHERS THAT POP OUT OF NOWHEREToday, I power-washed my patio. As I blasted a two-hundred-mile-per-hour force out of a little plastic tube, years of grime slipped away down the drain in seconds. As I rested for a minute, I noticed in the corner a stow-a-away, a clinger-on-er, a little creature that was sure-as-hell going nowhere. With his shell stuck very firmly to the floor, I wasn’t going to attempt to disturb his peace. Today, my new little friend (Steve the Snail) has got me thinking about living things and how they grow shells and skin to protect themselves from ‘all the bad shit’.The truth is that it is cruel (and often crap) out there.…

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sleeve notes

ALL SUBMISSIONS TO SLEEVE NOTES GRATEFULLY RECEIVED. BE IT NEWS, AN EVENT, NEW MERCH, A STUDIO MOVE… WE'LL DO OUR VERY BEST TO LET EVERYBODY ELSE KNOW ABOUT IT TOO. EMAIL: NEWS@SKINDEEP.CO.UK OR IF YOU WANT TO BE ARCHAIC ABOUT THE WHOLE AFFAIR: SKIN DEEP, THE OLD SCHOOL, HIGHER KINNERTON, CHESTER CH4 9AJ. BRING IT.twitter.com/skindeepmagwww.facebook.com/tattoomagazineROCK YOUR SOLERock Your Sole is a small business based in the West Midlands that offer a wide range of bespoke footwear.Company owner Erika Lipeikyte creates each pair to order and is constantly coming up with new designs to keep her customers happy. Head on over to www.rockyoursole.co.uk or find them on Facebook or Instagram to find out more and browse through the catalogue of boots, sneakers and high heels that are on offer… and when…

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hobo jack

The Summer Six Collection from Hobo Jack is aesthetically vibrant and sure to turn heads aplenty when you don this magnificent series of apparel over the summer months. The striking nature of the illustrations used in this collection, which includes tattoo regulars like bulldogs, tigers and panthers, really does help to make this range stand out from the competition and we can’t believe just how affordable Hobo Jack t-shirts are—from £5.95 up to £16.00. Something which makes it hard not to want to buy every one of the new tees in their Summer Six collection.UK based Hobo Jack have become experts in producing the sorts of T-shirts that men love over the last few years and they’ve really hit the nail on the head with this Summer Six Collection. Visually…

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the sound and the fury

SkinMotion.comNate Siggard has been tattooing for over a decade. Originally from LA, he’s spent the best portion of the past decade travelling the west coast of the United States. Most interestingly, however, he is a self-educated technologist. What that means is that he’s been designing and building web applications since the 90s. In 2007 his digital career was put on hold when he was offered a tattoo apprenticeship but today, a decade later, he’s re-kindling his passion for all things tech with one exciting new project.Time to talk Soundwave Tattoos.When was the light-bulb moment, when you decided to explore the concept of soundwave tattoos?In April 2017 after tattooing a pair of matching sound-waves on some friends, my partner Juliana said “wouldn’t it be cool if you could play that sound…

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rebel inc.

@amanda_piejakWhen I catch up with Amanda Piejak, it is something of a busy and exciting time for her. The Warsaw-based artist is in the midst of a move, opening a brand new studio with a group of like-minded artists and friends. “Our studio is called ‘Cień’,” she tells me. “This means ‘shadow’. We picked this name because all three of us work using just black ink and we like to play with contrast.”The tattoo scene is growing “insanely fast” in Warsaw, she goes on to say. There are studios popping up on every street, and conventions are becoming increasingly popular. “Crowds are huge at these events and I’m always amazed by the quality of artists I see there. It’s like we have suddenly gained the courage to catch up with…