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Skin Deep has long been the UKs best selling tattoo magazine - and just because we're having fun for 13 issues a year (that's once every 4 weeks) doesn't mean we're not taking it very seriously indeed. Each issue we publish profiles, interviews and features with the leading tattooists and tattoo artists working in the world today together with exciting new talent. Alongside of this, we focus on the tattoo lifestyle and all it contains, coverage from the international convention scene, art features from those who embrace the tattoo ethic or find inspiration within it, reader profiles, news, reviews, competitions, letters and every issue also comes with a free supplement.

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the make-up is running down your face

I was chewing over the article we ran last issue about tattooing being over-saturated. I tried to approach it from as many angles as possible to get a good grip on the situation. First of all, newsagents are not particularly bothered about there being fifteen other newsagents in their town than there was ten years ago. Why should it bother tattooers? The answer to that is that there are not the same amount of people who want to get tattooed as there are who want to buy a newspaper. It’s made the client pool a lot smaller for all tattooers. SOME PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS PAY FOR QUALITY AND SOME WILL WANT A TATTOO AT THE CHEAPEST PRICE POSSIBLE JUST TO BE ‘TATTOOED’ There are great newsagents out there. The staff know your name, count…

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the woman in the woods

I’ve told untruths, to not just my tattoo artist, but also in the past to my employer, my family and my friends. I’m referring to situations during which I’ve not quite felt 100% mentally, but have thought it better to explain my absence by sharing physical symptoms instead. When cancelling appointments or taking a sick day at work, it often feels easier and more acceptable to describe a physical illness than a mental one. Whilst it’s my own decision to share whatever information I feel comfortable sharing, I know that I must never, ever, be made to feel like a visible impairment is more valid, important or ‘real’ than an invisible one. SITTING AND GETTING TATTOOED REQUIRES ENDURANCE FROM BOTH THE BODY AND THE MIND Our mental state quite often dictates our…

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sleeve notes

THE DAILY FIGHT Tattoo clothing brand LifeIsInked has teamed up with mental health charity Mind and tattoo artist Nick Devine to spread awareness for a cause close to the hearts of many. Nick’s design ‘The Daily Fight’ was inspired by anxiety, and has now been printed on t-shirts, hoodies and crop tops in the hope that the artwork and products will connect with people and help raise money for Mind. “We’ve worked with many tattooists before,” says Jimmy from LifesInked, “but we wanted a new collaboration this time that could make a difference, one that could support a cause. After getting to know Nick, and knowing that he spoke openly and honestly about his own experiences, he was the first tattooist that came to mind, the one we wanted to create this design…

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TTT TATTOO Hardback 1667 illustrations 528 pages Size: 308 x 225.5 mm ISBN: 9781786270757 Available: 24/09/2018 Authored by: TTTism & Nicholas Schonberger Published by: Laurence King (laurenceking.com) Tattoo books tend to fall into two categories for me. On one hand we have the books that deliver what’s more or less the contents of my inbox on a weekly basis and on the other hand, there are those that have something valuable to say. TTT Tattoo falls squarely—and very exactly—into the latter category. It would be nice to say all tattoo books should be like this, but all tattoo books can’t be because they don’t have the sniper’s eye of TTT’s authors. At five hundred (plus) pages, it’s a beast of a thing but how could it ever be anything else. To work to some kind of ‘map’ whilst looking at…

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skin salvation

Skin Salvation Intensive Moisturising Ointment is the new kid on the block for tattoo aftercare and is getting some rave reviews from respected artists across the country! This miraculous balm is a rich, beeswax-based ointment, made with high quality natural ingredients to protect, soothe and moisturise the skin as new tattoos heal. It was originally formulated as a natural emollient for eczema and dermatitis, so it packs a heavy punch as far as deeply nourishing skincare goes, and those in the know see it as the perfect aid to healing newly tattooed skin. “Skin Salvation is by far the best suited product for tattoo aftercare on the market today! I have never seen tattoos heal as quick and bright.” James Conway @jamesconwaytattoos How does it work so effectively? Well, to begin with,…

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rebel inc.

marineperez It’s not easy finding tattoo rebels to talk with every month. Sure, there’s plenty of them out there, dabbling in the darker arts, shall we say, but maybe that’s the problem. Avant garde/surrealist/“new weird”… however you describe the more eclectic side of tattooing, it’s clear it has become a lot more popular in recent years. Watercolour, blackwork, modern dotwork, all these somewhat alternative ways of laying down ink are mainstreaming. They’re becoming genres all their own. I NEVER UNDERSTOOD WHY I SHOULD COPY AMERICAN TRADITIONAL OR ANY OTHER STYLE. I DON’T MEAN IT’S NOT A GOOD WAY TO LEARN, IT’S JUST NOT MY WAY AND NOT THE ONLY WAY Lesser artists are copying pieces by more accomplished artists. Even the scratchers are having a go. Bottom line: the rebels have been assimilated. The revolution…