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The Big Issue 30-09-19

The Big Issue is one of Britain’s leading news and cultural magazines. Every week’s edition is packed full of original takes on the biggest issues of the day as well as interviews with the most significant figures in politics and entertainment. The Big Issue was founded 1991 to give people experiencing homelessness the opportunity to earn their own income. We continue to support hundreds of vendors across the UK and all proceeds from sales go to help anyone wanting to lift themselves out of poverty.

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the big list.

01 Dogs on film: get to know some of the goodest boys and girls in the world From sport dogs to rescue dogs, adopted dogs, senior dogs and dogs of Instagram, the Top Dog Film Festival has got the lot. Discover the stories of remarkable four-legged friends from around the globe. Conway Hall, London, October 1-2, Lighthouse Theatre, Poole, October 3 (then touring); 02 Celebrate the iconic aesthetic of Factory Records A new 40th anniversary exhibition celebrates the Manchester label’s seminal sleeve art and other promo materials for bands including Joy Division, New Order and A Certain Ratio. Curated by Jon Savage and Mat Bancroft, Use Hearing Protection features the first 50 numbered Factory artefacts. Chelsea Space, Chelsea College of Arts, London, until October 26; event/use-hearing-protection-fac-1-50-40 03 Discover an award-nominated product helping Big Issue…

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this week we asked you...

Labradoodle creator Wally Conron said the dogs are his “life’s regret” and he thinks people should stop breeding them. If you could guarantee there would be no health issues which two animals would you breed to create your dream pet? @jill_derby I’ve been saying for years I want a domestic cat-sized elephant. @jessieatkinsonx A fox and a manatee I reckon. @mlftwtx3 Beautiful dogs! Weird he considers this a mistake or thinks people shouldn’t still be breeding them! @Jenniferlayne53 Health considerations would be my first concerns – and I lived with my perfect two pets – didn’t breed them, they came as they were. @LesPaulCustom79 They are very smart good-natured dogs, I have known friends with several.…

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Out of the frying pan Roger Evans gives an erudite account of his views around why we should leave the EU [Platform, September 23-29]. However... Has he really forgotten the devastation caused during the Thatcher years? The closure of the mines, the destruction of trades unions, and generations of people who lost not only their jobs, but the legacy of a work ethic to pass on to their children and grandchildren! The closure of mental institutions propelled a huge number of vulnerable people on to the streets, without medical supervision, medication and.... homes. Enter The Big Issue! Today it has been announced that Wright Buses – the company responsible for enabling one of Boris Johnson’s so-called vanity projects – manufacturer of the Routemaster buses and popularly known as Boris Buses – is going into administration,…

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@SteadmanArt T-shirts arrived today from @BigIssue although Boris head might be a bit small!! Bet no one has ever said that about him! Get yours online at the Big Issue Shop and #helpthehomeless @MariB_NEU Just finished last week’s #BorisBigIssue - a brilliant read and a pretty monumental day all round! #aHandUpNotHandOut #SupremeCourt @sthomasstory Met a @BigIssue seller today in London who was delighted to hear that my @bizbuzzlondon#networking meeting was @ BeyondBrigade where he was about to start cooking lessons. Excited, hopeful & nervous about his new op. Amazing work @chefsimonboyle…

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the insights from inside

I judged a writing competition last week. It was for prisoners. I agreed to do it some time ago, full of enthusiasm and bold intent. When it came to it, I met the pile of papers with sighs and harrumphing about ‘other things to do’. What a fool. Organised by the Prison Reform Trust, the competition invited those inside to write on the topic of A Good Officer, wherever that took them. There was a general entry section and one for under-21s. I was knocked over by it all. The majority of entries talked about what made a good prison officer, either from personal experience, or by watching how they treated others. There was a brilliant, clear-sighted piece that looked at the impact of privatisation on staff and inmates. I joined Erwin…

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pop legend gives big issue vendors a hand up

The man behind one-time Glastonbury headliners Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine is mobilising the fans of his latest band to support Big Issue vendors. Unsigned folk punk act Ferocious Dog invited West Bridgford vendor Paul Snape to sell the magazine at recent shows in their native Nottingham and Derby. The band, which features Les ‘Fruitbat’ Carter on lead guitar, has been tackling poverty by asking their fans, known as ‘Hell Hounds’, to donate food and clothing at gigs. Frontman Ken Bonsall told The Big Issue that the band use their platform to break down barriers and ensure vendors feel welcomed at gigs. “It was an honour to have Paul at our gig,” he said. “I made sure to get out with him early to take a picture with him and put it on our…