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The Big Issue 07-10-19

The Big Issue is one of Britain’s leading news and cultural magazines. Every week’s edition is packed full of original takes on the biggest issues of the day as well as interviews with the most significant figures in politics and entertainment. The Big Issue was founded 1991 to give people experiencing homelessness the opportunity to earn their own income. We continue to support hundreds of vendors across the UK and all proceeds from sales go to help anyone wanting to lift themselves out of poverty.

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the big list.

01 Enjoy the satirical relief we all need right now at a William Hogarth exhibition Depicting elegantly bonkers scenes of princes and paupers alike in the bedlam throws of debauchery, poverty, madness and death, there’s something, shall we say, resonant about the comic strip-esque paintings of the 17th and 18th century English artist in today’s Brexity social-political climate. Fitting, then, that his series of darkly satirical paintings and engravings, Place and Progress, will be going on display for the first time. Sir John Soane’s Museum, London, October 9-January 5 2020; 02 Do your bit on World Homeless Day You’ve already done at least one thing to help the homeless this week by buying this magazine, so well done! But in the week of World Homeless Day (October 10), you can always do more.…

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this week we asked you...

Groups in Finland are crowdsourcing ideas for a ‘forgiveness’ emoji. But what else is missing from the emoji lexicon? @mattdawhit the Isle of Wight needs a hovercraft emoji please @WightHot A drum I’ve been banging on behalf of @HovertravelLtd for a while now! <hovercraft emoji> @YBreevaart67_63 would a George Michael emoji xxx @closetpolitics I often think I could do with a tumbleweed emoji @juancamus A white dove? Katie Moreton, Facebook Its not an emoji as such but the Roma/Romani flag isn’t included in the flags that you can choose from…

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A lot of bottle I have to admire your optimism [Editorial, September 23-29]. “They’re smart”, “Let them have the keys. Those kids will save us all.” I train at the academy at Forres. During the term time there is a lot of plastic bottles, tin cans and fast-food wrappers strewn around. I pick up some of the bottles and cans and put them in my recycling bin at home. When I was picking up a bottle, a passing woman said, “You’re fighting a losing battle.” I replied, “This is the generation that is going to save the planet.” On a more positive note, I’ve been buying The Big Issue for many years and the content and layout has improved massively over this time. I’d love to buy Big Issue Christmas cards if they are…

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re: book shop day

@PRG_UK This week’s @ BigIssue celebrates #BookshopDay: “At The Big Issue we’re all about dismantling poverty through prevention. Literacy is a cornerstone of this.” Also a shout out for @ChapterCatcher, the great new initiative from @johnbirdswords @frashutc Well ain’t this a call to arms ... Amazing @BookshopDay edition, @BigIssue! X @joanne_stamp Yes! Brill @BigIssue cover celebrating Saturday’s #BookshopDay (obvs every day is Bookshop Day for me & fellow bibliophiles) #readmore @tony_white_ Great to see @BigIssue standing up for bookshops this week. Be sure and support your local Big Issue vendor too, by buying a copy of the magazine ;)…

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turn brexit down and face the music

Pretty much every week I listen to The Blue Nile’s Hats . There are few richer pleasures than driving at night through Glasgow listening to this record. If it’s raining, it’s a balm like few other things. It’s a record that has carried me through a lot. I think it made me want to marry a Scottish woman. If Scottish women can break a boy’s heart and make him write songs like that, I thought of Paul Buchanan, Blue Nile’s creative force, then they must be quite something. They are, of course. I mention this partly because the album is 30 years old next week, so I was set on a train of thought. Thirty years. Time bends, as Arthur Miller said. And we look back and look forward, and compare things…

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council houses could strike gold

Architects are lauding a street of social housing in Norwich after it was shortlisted for Britain’s top architecture prize. The fuel poverty-tackling homes on Goldsmith Street is in line to scoop the win, with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) naming the winner of their Stirling Prize on October 8. Architects Mikhail Riches and Cathy Hawley designed the 105 energy-efficient social rent homes to Passivhaus standards for Norwich City Council. Each house features smart innovations like letterboxes placed in garden walls instead of front doors to prevent energy being wasted. The suburban street shuns cars and features play spaces for children. Front doors also face each other to foster a sense of community. “As a council we have been interested in building new social housing for a long time,” said the council’s chief…