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The Big Issue 28-10-19

The Big Issue is a UK-based street paper that supports the homeless, the vulnerably housed and those seeking to escape poverty. Vendors normally buy the magazine for £1.25 and sell to the public for £2.50. We are using Zinio digital editions to create additonal revenue opportunities to fund our street-based and pastoral care services for our vendors. We are a social enterprise company and all revenues go to support the vulnerable communities we serve. Our goal is to move our vendors away from dependency and towards full time employment

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the big list.

01 Make a date with the Boss Ever daydreamed about an intimate trip to the pictures with Bruce Springsteen? For one night only, dreams will come true, as the New Jersey rock legend performs the entirety of his latest album Western Stars in the atmospheric surroundings of a majestic old barn together with guest musicians and a small orchestra, in a big-screen hybrid of concert, documentary and memoir. Screenings will be followed by a pre-recorded Q&A with the Boss. October 28 02 Join the stand against ID checks at polling stations Up to 11 million people, many of them the least well-off in British society, face being excluded from voting if the government’s “electoral integrity bill” ever passes. It’ll make it necessary to show a form of photo ID such as a passport…

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what was your best effort at a halloween costume when you were a kid? seems like they were simpler times...

Anna LB Black bin bag with a head hole. A ton of glue with glitter – I was always a witch. Cardboard pointy hats with green and purple hair and a turnip lantern Sarah Cain Those papery/plastic masks from the newsagents that made your face sweat held on by elastic and just black clothes Joanne Parry-Sutcliffe Black bin liner Bonnie Daisy Rowe A cat or mummy Brian Snow In the 60s and 70s Halloween wasn’t even mentioned. Guy Fawkes Night was the main event @peaceandlovemovement Some of us don’t need a costume any more…

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time to wake up to our ai future

@hnmsci Here’s the thing. Actually a double big ‘If.’ AI will only feel empathy if that is a potentiality with which they are programmed. [Unavoidable Ambiguity Alert]. @sfiscience Humans weren’t programmed for empathy, and there’s no reason to believe self-modifying social robots wouldn’t stumble on this on their own as a way of adapting to their surroundings. See related research by SFI’s Michael Lachmann. @cabral_psyd Given the work of Esther Thelen & many others, it seems our semantic categories are abstractions of sensorimotor loops. So any AGI that’s even remotely recognisable to us might HAVE to be somehow ‘embodied’ (if only in silico). Bodies interacting w/ bodies can = ground for empathy. @pictonaut Hmmmm?? So empathy could be rooted in chemotaxis? Maybe there is a little room left for reductionism in our search for meaning. And I…

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Should we stay or should we go… I know many people who have changed their minds on Brexit, (both ways) and they all want the best, as they see it, for Britain. But I do think that almost everyone, whatever they voted, is confused and sick to death with our current Brexit mess which nobody dreamed would be like this. So please let’s look at the bottom line. If we leave on October 31, it means starting at least 10 years more of negotiations, with the aim of getting a good deal, because we haven’t begun the actual negotiations yet. If we remain in the EU, we obviously won’t have to negotiate how to leave any more, and Brexit will be irrelevant and in the past. There are downsides to staying…

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@LukeBrady2 Sorry We Missed You by Ken Loach* is an absolute tour de force, a rallying cry against the gig economy and all it exploits. massive thanks to the @BigIssue for putting it on for free across the country. *this is not an endorsement of some of his questionable personal politics tho @FergalDMLeonard Today I learned about the Great Moon Hoax in the latest @BigIssue. A New York newspaper purported to print the discoveries of the great contemporary astronomer, Sir John Herschel. Herschel’s findings supposedly included beavers who could light fire, unicorns and man-bats! @faffhewitt Brian May, telling it like it is in @BigIssue: “... severe depression... focus on that tiny light at the end of the tunnel. OK, this day is going to be shit, end of story. But there will be another day…

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kindness is always the right choice

My mind keeps returning to those poor people, the 39, dying in that lorry container. Every single one of them with multitudes inside them. Every single one with somebody somewhere thinking of them, maybe building a future around them. And every single one of them in the dark, losing heat and air and dying. It is piteous. Initially, I had fury for the barbaric, greedy animals who took their money and then their lives. I wanted a merciless vengeance on them. No space for explanation. Pain and then an end. And then, of course, I realised that this would get nowhere. If we seek such an end we are corroded. And also, it is clear that, like cancerous boils, when one of these trafficking gangs is lanced another will erupt. They exist because…