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The Big Issue 04-11-19

The Big Issue is a UK-based street paper that supports the homeless, the vulnerably housed and those seeking to escape poverty. Vendors normally buy the magazine for £1.25 and sell to the public for £2.50. We are using Zinio digital editions to create additonal revenue opportunities to fund our street-based and pastoral care services for our vendors. We are a social enterprise company and all revenues go to support the vulnerable communities we serve. Our goal is to move our vendors away from dependency and towards full time employment

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the big list.

01 Get a different outlook through work by outsider artists A new exhibition reflects on the theme of environments in a variety of ways. It’s organised by Outside In, an award-winning charity which – just as we do in The Big Issue every week through our Street Art page (p29) – promotes great art from talented but marginalised creatives. Piano Nobile Gallery, London, until January 1; 02 Discover the lost art of protest Published in collaboration with Amnesty International and leading with a foreword from sculptor Anish Kapoor, The Art of Protest is a visual journey through a century of social dissent – from the suffragettes to climate change and Black Lives Matter – illustrated with more than 100 posters, some of them now iconic works of art. As new popular protests flare…

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bristol plans to ban diesel cars to improve air quality, but would you get behind this in your town?

@Argentologist No, I need my car for work and getting a new one to switch to electric is out of the question. It needs to be phased over several years, not done overnight, or yet again the most disadvantaged, low paid workers will suffer. @ex_ziggy Yes!! Halesworth in Suffolk is a town with independent shops and cafes. It was pedestrianised in the 1990s and has thrived. @SundancerBethan Absolutely; if the bus service to my village didn’t stop at 6pm! I don’t always want to cycle the 7 miles home after a night out/ working a bit late.…

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‘a life i didn’t dare to dream of’

@Sab_CohenHatton This arrived at the office from two people who bought @BigIssue from me when I was 16. I can’t begin to describe the significance of this, arriving here, now. It’s a life I didn’t even dare to dream of. Thank you both for giving me hope (though now I have something in my eye) @michaelsheen The extraordinary @Sab_ CohenHatton is now one of the top Chief Fire Officers in the country but things were very different not that long ago. This letter shows the incredible journey she’s been on. @BigIssue #heatofthemoment @Deborah_Gibberd Brilliant. How lovely that they have followed your journey, imagine the hope that gives to everyone who buys from @BigIssue sellers. No limits to where you can go! @dulcieINBRS That’s amazing! I’m not surprised they remember you. Your story is fabulous and I’ve recommended…

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Same old story I wholeheartedly agree with your letter from Southend [Reading between the lines, October 14-20] as I’ve been going to my local library (also a Carnegie) on and off since I was five and used to read Noddy and Toby Twirl, and have also used libraries for research. The munificent man also funded Dartford and Greenwich libraries and I even have a picture of an old book from the 1930s of a Carnegie in the Seychelles. Like the derelict one you illustrate, they are magnificent buildings. Unfortunately, although most of the ones I use are still open, they have had their opening hours cut back. Marc Hurstfeld, Northfleet Change the record A couple of weeks ago I was suggesting Ray Davies’ doughty anthem Is There Life after Breakfast? as a Brexit theme song.…

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@chris_haxby Ken [Loach] is a firebrand. Question Time was illuminating: being seemingly full of silly people who want to be even poorer. England has serious issues, basically because public schoolboys are at the top of the immoral tree, and the Tories’ lead in the polls increases. Bonkers. @NickPoole1 I saw @johnbirdswords across the road in Whitehall yesterday and then in a 15 minute walk to Waterloo I passed 4 friendly @BigIssue sellers and it really made me realise what a transformative impact he has had on countless people’s lives @Kindness58 Some great quotes here from #LettersToMyYoungerSelf My fav is the #JamesBond one! What a great Christmas present this would make (heavy hint) @ChrisSlegg Really enjoy the feature they do in the @BigIssue where they assess how accurately the media have reported a story.…

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pause. kick leaves. see the bigger picture

In times of national crisis and unprecedented disruption I look for calm, sane and measured thought. I speak to my springer spaniel, Toastie. You, my regular reader, will know Toastie has been invaluable in the past. For instance, when seeking some perspective on a Twitterstorm and the desire of many to feel better about themselves by judging somebody else, he was the only man. As it were. And so, as he leapt over an empty ditch last Thursday, he and I talked about the election and what it all meant. “Kick some leaves first,” Toastie said, in his own way. “Kick them high. I will leap at them. And then we will get into this.” The issue, I said to him, as he ran into the stream, is whether this will make a damn bit…