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Volkswagen Camper and Commercial No. 149

Founded back in 2000 VW Camper and Commercial is the original VW Bus magazine out there. Written by approachable, passionate bus owners, it has an established reputation for quality writing, drawing on a wide knowledge base, and for bringing together some of the best and most inspiring buses from around the world.

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Email editor@volkswagencamper.co.uk Address Editor, VW Camper & Commercial, Jazz Publishing The Old School Higher Kinnerton Chester CH4 9AJ www.volkswagencamper.co.uk March 8th 2020 sees another milestone for the VW story, as it will mark seventy years since the official start of production of the new VW T1 Transporter. Two Panel Vans, both in primer, were delivered to dealerships that very day back in March 1950 – the first one on chassis 00014 going to Autohaus Fleischhauer in Cologne for delivery to the 4711 Perfume Factory, which then had it signwritten and painted in 4711 Company colours. Initially just 10 buses a day were produced, and by April production had totalled 309. Kombis and Microbuses were introduced in May and by the end of 1950 a total 8,509 Transporters had been built. Interestingly 1,989 of…

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volkswagen camper and commercial

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one of a kind

There’s a certain type of VW enthusiast who delights in ‘the older the better’ syndrome and hand-in-glove with that, gold stars in the ‘rarity’ ratings. When well-known enthusiast Ron Brown announced he’d acquired a December 1955 Kombi excitement mounted, for here was one of those few survivors built after the barn-door had given way to a peaked-cap, but before Nordhoff and Co had piled up enough bricks to complete the first wing of the new Hanover factory. When Ron added that the ‘new’ Bus was kitted out with a Westfalia interior … you know the ultra rare Export version of the legendary Camping Box produced for little more than 12 months during 1955 and ‘56, it was a case of wow, wow, and thrice wow! According to our esteemed editor, who…

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all in the detail…

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news and products

Way Out Westie Mike Leather, who runs Way Out Westie has one simple aim in life – “to travel to you to make your VW run sweet so you can enjoy more adventures!” Having worked on VWs from a young age and travelled extensively in them (including a mammoth road trip round North America in a Westy Camper) Mike knows all about keeping an old VW running and set up Way Out Westie to offer “mobile engine servicing throughout England so customers don’t have to take a day off, travel, or have to use a non VW garage.” Mike travels all over England to customers. Response was such that in 2018 he also started offering one to one air-cooled workshops “where customers bring their vehicles to me in Hertfordshire and we…

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upcoming shows

It’s Lavenham Time! 19th - 21th June Yes, the best vintage VW show in the UK is back this June! Open to all pre 67 air cooled VWs, Splits, Beetles, Cabrios, Ghias, Trekkers, Kubelwagens, Schwimmwagens, Hebmullers etc this four yearly event is a celebration of all things stock. Held in England’s most picturesque medieval town it attracts visitors from all over Europe as well as the UK. In the tradition of the legendary Bad Camberg and Hessisch Oldendorf shows, this is the place to see the rare, the unusual, and the pristine and things you never normally see at events. Over 150 participants have already registered and places are limited so book your place quickly! The displays are organised in models and marques against the fantastic backdrop of timbered houses in this historic…