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Founded back in 2000 VW Camper and Commercial is the original VW Bus magazine out there. Written by approachable, passionate bus owners, it has an established reputation for quality writing, drawing on a wide knowledge base, and for bringing together some of the best and most inspiring buses from around the world.

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One day things will look like this again… but not this day. Despite the gradual easing of lockdown, at the time of writing this in late May, there is no sign of when events or gatherings might be able to re-start. Let’s face it, social distancing will be the new normal for a long time ahead now, and a lot of us will be wary about attending any big event, VW or other, in the near future. Some events are still hoping to run in late August and September, though Brighton Breeze has also just joined the ranks of cancelled events; let’s all hope and pray the world manages to find some equilibrium in 2021 and we can all restart our lives. You know what they say about waiting for a…

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rebuilt wreck

A glance at the picture of how it looked when found (check out the detail panel overleaf) only hints at how bad it was! It had been dumped with several other Splits behind a US dealership out of sight, a tree had grown and squashed the front panel, bushes were growing through it, it was battered and rusting, the frame was twisted, there was no engine or transmission, handles and headlights were gone, many windows were cracked or broken… and the owner was not prepared to negotiate on his price! Most people would have simply walked away, but for Mark Cherrington this was exactly what he wanted – an early German bus that could be restored to his own spec, for his own personal enjoyment but also to showcase the work…

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news and products

Silver Metal Panels Over past few issues Andybugs has been sharing his visits to Taiwan and how the panels are being produced. It’s now even possible able to buy every new panel to build a complete split screen from scratch! BBT in Belgium has made a massive investment in not only Split Screen metal but Beetle and now Bay windows as well. The last pieces of the jigsaw are on the water and will be available by the time we are in print. Complete cab doors are probably the most interesting addition to the new panel product line but we also see side load doors, deluxe tailgates and complete samba roofs in stock and available now. Whilst you can order parts from BBT direct you can now also buy them in…

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book corner

Veloce Publishing. Hardback. £30 Over the past few years there has been a subtle change of direction in the classic VW world, moving from full on ground up restorations and shiny new paint to a “preserve not restore” approach. The ultimate aim being to preserve the current look of the vehicle including rust patches and faded paint, and matching original paint or patina to repaired areas The resurgence of interest in the character and story shown on a patina’d VW is quite different to the Rat Look, which is more of a custom look that is often artificially created whereas the look of the cars that result from patina builds is honest, unspoiled, and characterful – building a patina VW often takes more creativity and getting new paint to blend seamlessly with…

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custom caravette

The story starts back in 2011 and Andrew recalls, “On August the 2nd 2011 I clicked “buy it now” on an eBay advert for a campervan, based on a handful of pics. I knew nothing about them at all apart from I liked the look of them. Collection went great until I braked for my first roundabout and scared myself half to death. A steep learning curve on how to drive a classic followed!” The bus is a 1969 Early Bay Devon Deluxe, a UK RHD conversion that from the paint code was originally finished in Pastel White and first registered in June that year. However, when Andrew brought the Bus it sported a Fiat metallic red / matt black paint finish, which had clearly been done some time ago and…

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bus doctor got a problem or a query?

Email info@volkswagencamper.co.uk Address Bus Doctor, VW Camper & Commercial, The Old School Higher Kinnerton Chester CH4 9AJ Engine Build Query Dear Bus Doctor. I’m building a new 2276 engine with all new parts. 82mm CB crank new standard bearings, new CB Performance Aluminium Race Crankcase etc etc. But just checked the end float without shims and the play is 1.83mm? I’m going to try tomorrow with a clear head as a little disappointed at the moment but if it’s correct how would you solve the problem? Derek Malone Lots of big shims? Is the gland nut torqued up to the correct torque? My guess is that it isn’t. If not torque it up to 350 with a Gene Burg washer. That should do the trick. Rough Running Dear Bus doctor, I’ve recently changed the spark plugs,…