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This is the only magazine dedicated to the late model VW buses from the T4 and T5 on. The magazine acknowledges the evolution of the VW bus and spotlights where this symbol of freedom and adventure has now arrived: the T4 and T5 - taking their rightful place in the family of VW models and carrying on the tradition of quality and innovation that is the ever iconic VW Bus.

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A fine crop of five Transporters and one Crafter grace the pages of the magazine this month and what a varied bunch they are. Andy Stretton of Transporter HQ has his T5 bagged shop truck featured. Now before anybody says anything I know it looks like a T6, but underneath it’s a T5, trust me. It won the people’s choice award at Camper Jam and it’s no surprise, when you turn to the feature you’ll see what I mean. Another slammed bus, this one on hydros rather than air, is Romanian Rus Horatiu’s T4. It’s a cool bus if you like your ex-Multivans ratty (we do), but the fact that Rus drove all the way from Romania to Bristol to have the hydros fitted adds another dimension to the story!…

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round up

Scratch Resistant New Paint Protection System Gloucestershire based supercar tuner, Litchfield, now offer a new Paint Protection Spray – or PPS. Previously the use of clear vinyl film or perhaps a full or partial vehicle wrap have been the favoured options for guarding against stone chips, something that plagues Transporter owners. Both of these solutions have their advantages, but they also have several drawbacks. The clear film can have an ‘orange peel’ appearance, it can’t be bent around complex, compound curves and where it finishes against unprotected paintwork a definite step and difference in finish can be observed. Functional, certainly – but not the best look. Wrapping does protect the paintwork but can itself be damaged by stone chips and need replacing. Litchfield wanted a protection system that offered a high-gloss finish, that…

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eat surf live

Cornwall revealed A copy of a new book, Eat Surf Live, The Cornwall Travel Book, dropped on to the editorial desk the other day. Not strictly about VW Transporters, it nonetheless contains much information of interest to a great swathe of Transporternauts. As lovers of all things South West we read it with interest. A Travel book yes, but not in the stodgy traditional way, it is, in the author’s words “about making the most of Cornwall. Looking behind the scenes and showing what is really going on in Cornwall”. It is part travel guide, part photo journal, part recipe book covering food from traditional Cornish recipes to idiosyncratic and ‘new’ English Cuisine. It deals with sport from riding the waves to hiking and from coasteering to climbing and much more.…

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bus kit

Badgeless 5.1 New Grille Available The badgeless grille is finished in matte black, high grade, heat resistant ABS plastic and has a honeycomb mesh built-in which helps to protect the radiator and intercooler against sharp flying objects. Cost: £104.99 VAN-X www.van-x.co.uk Folding Panel New From Just Kampers Harness the power of the summer sun. This 100w fold up monocrystalline panel is ideal for those who don’t want a permanent panel. It connects directly to the battery and can be used to keep your drive or leisure battery topped up. Cost: £229 JUST KAMPERS www.justkampers.com Crafter Chrome If Bling Is Your Thing This is a great product for anyone who’d like to gain a chrome line finish at the back of their Crafter. It is designed to fit all VW Crafter Models from 2006 to 2016. Cost: £24.99 VAN-X www.van-x.co.uk Alpine Design Sounds Abound The X802D-U offers cutting edge navigation, paired…

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show news

Run The Ring A Charity Cruise If you’ve not heard of it before, Run The Ring is something of an unlikely phenomena. This will be the third year that John Emberton and his team will put this show on the road, literally! The premise is simple, VW owners register at www.runthering.co.uk this costs £25, which goes to a chosen charity. This year that money goes to Brainwave, a charity that helps children with disabilities achieve their potential. Your registration fee will get you two large, low-tack stickers, plus the information pack required to join up with the cruise. Basically, Run The Ring participants collect at one of the allotted services on the M25 and at a given time they form up behind one of the support vehicles, then join the cruise as…

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go bananas

“I don’t think I’d ever seen a flatbed single cab T5 before and this one, which was up for sale, was an absolute pig; an absolute shocker,” remembers Andy Stretton, the boss at Transporter HQ. So, of course, he bought it! Will, who also works at Transporter HQ, imports quite a few VWs from Ireland, had posted it for sale on his Facebook page for £1500. “I just told him that I wanted it, although I had no idea why I wanted it,” said Andy. “I suppose I was thinking that I’d just use it as a cheap works van. It should probably have been scrapped; the bodywork was shocking, and it didn’t run for more than twenty metres before it broke down,” he elaborated. In fact, it looked even worse…