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This is the only magazine dedicated to the late model VW buses from the T4 and T5 on. The magazine acknowledges the evolution of the VW bus and spotlights where this symbol of freedom and adventure has now arrived: the T4 and T5 - taking their rightful place in the family of VW models and carrying on the tradition of quality and innovation that is the ever iconic VW Bus.

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Christmas is an important time for most of us. It has a special significance for those of us that have been with the magazine from the beginning like Alan and I. Because, at this time back in 2011 we were putting the finishing touches to our very first issue. Now seven years on and we’re still here, a bunch of enthusiasts writing and shooting the things we love. And there’s a lot to love in the magazine this month. Harriet and Dan are back to tell us about the next stage of their monumental Australian adventure, the Nissan has gone to be replaced with a T5 ready for conversion. Hélène returns for the last time to share her thoughts on long-term van living and solo traveling. Feature-wise we have Phillip…

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round up

Tool Theft Shocking Crime figures We know from your feedback, that many of our readers use their vans for work. Volkswagen recently released some shocking figures that they obtained via a freedom of information request. Those figures revealed that theft of equipment from commercial vehicles has soared by 15% in the last three years. To put this in perspective, this means that over 67,000 cases of tools stolen from vans have been recorded by the police since 2015. Volkswagen’s own research puts the cost of this at over £46 million. Vans in London, Northumbria and West Yorkshire are the most at risk of tool theft. The cost of tool theft to businesses is more than just replacement equipment, with owners often unable to work whilst the vans are restocked and locks repaired.…

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show guide

01 - 20 DECEMBER Buying Christmas presents for van The Internet www.whatevertakesyourfancy.co.uk 08 DECEMBER Vee Dub Family Christmas Cruz (charity) From Long Ashton, Bristol To Portishead Check Facebook for details 15 DECEMBER Volkswagen Transporters Southwest Christmas Cruise (charity) From Cornwall Services To Bowgie Inn, Crantock Check Facebook for details 20 - 23 DECEMBER Buying Christmas presents for van The Shops (too late for the Internet now) Check local town centre 24 DECEMBER Buying Christmas presents for family The Shops (way too late for the Internet) Check local town centre 25 DECEMBER Merry Christmas! From all at VW Bus T4 & T5+ 26 DECEMBER Eat drink and be merry With family and friends 27 – 31 DECEMBER Time to fit the van presents to the van Your garage or drive 01 JANUARY Happy New Year! From all at VW Bus T4 & T5+ 01 JANUARY Hangover Apologising to family and friends Check Facebook for misdemeanours 02 – 31 JANUARY Winter Projects Your garage or drive Check weather for fettling…

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the slambassador two

While Prince Harry married Meghan Markle in May and Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank tied the knot in October, nicely slotted in between the two was an event that was special to another royal family, a VW royal family. Denis Cunliffe is the crazy genius responsible for the B4 Transporter. For the uninitiated it’s a Caravelle body and chassis that has been mated with a lengthened Beetle chassis and it was featured in Issue 51. He also resurrected a Bay window that had been pretty much destroyed, called the Fire Bay, which was on the cover of Issue 120 of our sister magazine, VW Camper & Commercial. The Bay has since been converted into the pick-up pictured above. These are just two of Denis’s more famous creations. While Denis is…

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bus kit

Winter Warmer Glad Tidings For Your Turbo Wrap up warm this winter with Forge Motorsport’s Universal fitment turbo blanket. Reduce under bonnet temps, prolong the life of other plastic and rubber components and keep the hot exhaust gases side of your turbo where they’re meant to be. You may even make a few extra horsepower. Cost: £50.39 FORGE MOTORSPORT www.forgemotorsport.co.uk Christmas Kipping Funky Bunks Requiring the front seats to swivel, this innovative cab bunk system can be supplied as a single or a twin. Cheaper than a pop-top, you can quickly convert your T5 or T6 into a four-berth camper. Great for a sleep-over at Christmas… or any time come to that. Cost: £169 single £325 twin CABBUNK www.cabbunk.co.uk Terrific Tartan Christmas Trimming At Its Best Transporter HQ have a range of Golf GTI inspired fabrics available for upholstery purposes. They are priced at…

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fruit cocktail

Phillip is no stranger to VWs. “I bought a new Kombi Highline a few years ago and I ran that for a couple of years for the family and sometimes even for work,” said the Welsh haulage company owner. “Then I bought a tent for camping and we took that away with us a couple of times, before I decided it made more sense to convert my Kombi into a camper rather than camping in the tent,” he explained. He started looking into what would be involved and soon realised that, as he’d actually be replacing a lot of good original parts on his Kombi, it would actually be a better option to just sell than van and start his conversion from scratch on a new T6. That all makes…