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Giving out prizes to musicians for their work is silly. Music is not a competition. Besides, there are already weekly charts that detail commercial successes, reviews that contextualise recordings, audiences who cheer artists when they appear onstage. And yet… The Q Awards is reliably the warmest, most satisfying night of the year. That’s because the gongs handed out are less rewards for winners and more about recognition for how intrinsically certain musicians have designed our universe, how the art they’ve created has affected all of us. It’s a chance for us, the readers and staff, to say thank you. The winning margins in the reader-voted categories at this year’s awards were very small and the shortlists were longer than previously because there was so little to separate them all. So, in many…

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green day’s direct hits

Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong would like to clear up any ambiguity around the name of his band’s new album. The title, as it appears on the artwork, is Father Of All…, but Armstrong is definitive on what that ellipsis represents. “The actual title is Father Of All Motherfuckers,” says the 47 year old. “But according to the rules of censorship, it’s the Father Of All dot-dot-dot.” When it comes to who exactly the titular Father is, Armstrong isn’t so unequivocal. “Well, you can’t help but think about Donald Trump,” he says. “But, then, maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m the father of all motherfuckers. A little bit of chest-beating there.” Irrespective of whether it’s a dig at the man in the White House or not, the US trio’s 13th album, out…

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sam fender

“Sting writes songs that are so high nobody can sing them.” Hello, Sam, where are you right now? I’m on a tourbus, driving down to Dover. What’s the driver like? Tourbus drivers always seem to be very interesting characters. We’ve got one called Pete and he’s a legend. He’s been touring for years. He was the driver for Radiohead back in the early ’00s. He might have been the bus driver on the David Brent film, Life On The Road. How do you think your bus behaviour compares with David Brent? I think we all have a bit of Brent in us. Everybody has a bit of Brent in them. Normally at a house party when I’m off my face I have a moment of realisation that I am a little bit like David Brent. A…

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“Nina Simone’s voice was so striking to me, even when I was five years old. It stopped me in my tracks.” Get This Track: Lately For Fans Of: Adele, Solange, Amy Winehouse Tortured existence. Soulful melancholy. Emotional hardship. These are what you might expect of Celeste Waite given the handful of singles and EPs that she’s released so far under the name Celeste. In person, though, Waite has a huge smile. It’s an irresistibly toothy grin, the kind you can’t help but grin right back at. She can’t help it – stopping off in North London before soundcheck, Waite is having a great time. “It’s still so exciting to be travelling and playing,” she says with the enthusiasm of someone who actually means it. Earlier this year she released Lately, a languid R&B EP…

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the tunes on repeat in the q office this month.

Rex Orange County 10/10 There’s a frailty to the music of Surrey singer-songwriter Rex Orange County but his soulful, lo-fi sound grows wings on this standout from his first full-length album, its plucked acoustics blossoming into an orchestral ballad. Out: now, on Rex Orange County. The 1975 Frail State Of Mind The forthcoming album from the Manchester quartet promises to explore the outer reaches of their sonic palette. Following the hardcore-tinged People, this latest single mixes Burial-style beats, dusty electronic soundscapes and a yearning vocal. Out: now, on Dirty Hit. Michael Kiwanuka Piano Joint (This Kind Of Love) Kiwanuka’s brilliant third album has been on constant rotation in the Q office. This is one of its best songs, a spine-tingling ballad that gets better with every listen. Out: now, on Polydor. Tame Impala It Might Be Time Kevin Parker says that Tame Impala’s new…

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courteeners’ brave new world

“It was done in the beautiful mountains of Santorini and an industrial estate in North Manchester. That sums us up.” Every now and then as he was making Courteeners’ sixth LP, Liam Fray would check his social media accounts and find a cluster of fans hurrying him along. “Where’s your new album? Where’s your new songs?” they would read. It has been three years since the Manchester indie-rock trio’s last record and their leader would feel an ever-so-slight pressure pushing down on his shoulders. Tick tock, tick tock. “That side of social media is so intense,” he says, down the phone from a Manchester rehearsal room. “It’s nice that people want to hear what you’ve got but if you’re looking at that all the time, it starts weighing on your mind.…