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Growing up – and by growing up I mean the period between nine years old and 24 – there were two days of the week that I looked most forward to: Saturday, because that meant football. And Wednesday, because that was the day I got my copy of NME. All I cared about, really, was football and music, plus all associated activities. And the issue of NME I looked forward to the most was the end of year issue because that had the albums of the year in it. It meant I could check that The Jam/Smiths/Fall/Happy Mondays had cleaned up as expected, that all was right with the world, but it also suggested to me the one unheard-of album I should buy. It was the end of the year. I’d…

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kraftwerk and tame impala announced for all points east 2020

Kraftwerk and Tame Impala have been announced as the first headliners for All Points East 2020. The German electronic pioneers will play at the festival on Friday, 29 May, with the Australian psych-rockers appearing the weekend before, on Saturday, 23 May. The festival takes place at Victoria Park in East London. Both shows are UK exclusives. Kraftwerk’s appearance will coincide with their 50th anniversary, the band formed by Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider in Düsseldorf, Germany, in 1970. They will be bringing their innovative 3D show to Victoria Park, combining digital surround sound with cutting-edge animations and robotics. Joining them on the bill on 29 May will be Iggy Pop, Johnny Marr, The Orb, Chromatics, Anna Calvi, Kim Gordon, Grandmaster Flash, Jehnny Beth and John Maus, with more to be announced. Tame…

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caroline polachek

“I’m boycotting Disney remakes on principle. Kids deserve new stories.” Hello, Caroline, where are you right now? Right now, I am in London. I just finished my first tour on this album and I’m back here for a couple of days of promo. Where do you like to stay when you’re in London? I’m staying at my boyfriend’s place, which is in Notting Hill. It’s right next to Kensington Gardens which is amazing this time of year. Have you ever been to Carnival? No! I’ve never been here during Carnival, I’d love to be. I’ve heard it’s absolutely mental. Do you have any phobias? I’ve got this phobia of dry terry towels ever touching my teeth. Besides that, just death generally. Is dry terry towels coming close to your teeth a threat that rears its head often in your…

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Get This Track: Beta Male Strategies For Fans Of: Danny Brown, Death Grips, Brockhampton Rules are for squares, right? That’s certainly the ethos of rapper JPEGMafia, aka Barrington Hendricks, who walks into New River Studios in North London sporting a dangly Father Christmas earring, his purple hoodie augmented by another hoodie draped over his arm. When asked what he’d like to drink he orders a red wine and a large hot chocolate chaser. “Weird shit,” he says, correctly. It’s apt then that the previous night he met fellow rule-breaker, Björk. “It was terrifying,” he says, his croaky accent clinging to his New York roots. “She’s done so much shit I didn’t know how to speak to someone like that.” Hedricks, 30, shares a similarly genre-agnostic attitude to his Icelandic idol. His latest album,…

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on the stereo

KEELEY FORSYTH START AGAIN The second single from Manchester musician and actor Keeley Forsyth starts off like it’s about to break into The Cure’s A Forest before heading down its own overgrown path. Promises great things for her solo debut, out next month. Out: now, on The Leaf Label. BAXTER DURY SLUMLORD British music’s most entertaining cynic injects his orchestral-laden funk-pop with a loose disco groove on this comeback single, the scowling vocal delivery of 2017’s Prince Of Tears replaced with a sort of louche bemusement. Out: now, on Le Label. SQUAREPUSHER VORTRACK The first taster from Tom Jenkinson’s new album, Be Up A Hello, out in January, is a typically frenetic slab of digital mayhem that’s both eerily unsettling and strangely compelling at the same time. Out: now, on Warp. BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB EVERYTHING ELSE HAS GONE WRONG The London quartet took five…

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king princess

It’s unfortunate, given the circumstances of Q’s meeting with King Princess, that she really doesn’t feel like lunch. Last night, she played at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, her latest encounter with “the awesome drunk motherfuckers” of Europe; today the multifaceted singer-songwriter – real name Mikaela Mullaney Straus – is feeling fragile, her need to buy a ChapStick way more pressing than her need for food. Wrapped in baby blue corduroy, holding a pale green juice that matches her hungover aura, the 20-year-old native New Yorker gamely orders gnocchi with kale from the menu at Blixen, a grand greenhouse of a café at the margin of Old Spitalfields Market, even though her heart clearly isn’t in it. “Where I play shows is a haven for gay people.” It is, however, all over…