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This month we say farewell to Q’s secret ingredient: sub-editor Martin Boon. He’s scored another job, the rascal, and legally we’ve had to provide the combination to his ball and chain so that he can leave the office. We’ll miss him. All those snappy picture captions on this month’s Supergrass cover story, for example? Martin Boon. The copy on Contents that makes section editors question why they can’t sum up their stories as succinctly in their feature standfirsts? Martin Boon. Also, good at spelling and grammar and facts and logic and detail and all those basics that makes a magazine tick. You can admire his work without realising it throughout this excellent issue of Q: you only really notice a sub when they’ve let a mistake slip through. As a special…

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incoming vaughan oliver 1957-2019

Musicians, artists and collaborators have paid tribute to designer Vaughan Oliver, who passed away in late December. Under the handle of 23 Envelope and then v23, Oliver created some of the most iconic album artwork of his era. Best known for his work with label 4AD, he designed record sleeves for Pixies, Cocteau Twins, The Breeders, Lush, This Mortal Coil and many more. “Without doubt his work on 4AD artists alone during the ’80s and ’90s will leave him with a long-lasting legacy. His artwork defined the visual style of a whole host of bands who hitherto would not have even known what ‘visual style’ was,” says Simon Raymonde, the Cocteau Twins keyboardist and bassist who also worked with Oliver for releases on his Bella Union label. “Album cover art and…

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mura masa

“Every minute I spent with Nile Rodgers, I felt I learned something about how to go down in history.” Hello, Alex, where are you right now? I’m in my bedroom. I just got out the shower. This is a very early rise for me. I’m normally up at noon. Noon?! What time do you go to bed? 4am or 5am. It’s like a normal night’s sleep but in the wrong place. I find it much easier to self-motivate and work in the dark or at night. It’s a bad habit. How does this alien hour of 10am feel? You know what, whenever I get up early it feels really good, I feel like I’m part of society. You’re from Guernsey. If I was there for a day, where would you take me? I’d take you to loads of…

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lola young

With a roll call of former students that includes Adele, FKA twigs, Octavian, King Krule, Kate Tempest and Rex Orange County, Croydon’s BRIT School has become a bona-fide hit factory. The latest graduate of the UK’s only non-fee-paying performing arts academy is 18-year-old Lola Young, whose chunky golden earring game is as strong as Pat Butcher’s and whose soulful, spacious sound brings to mind Amy Winehouse freestyling over Loyle Carner’s more melancholy beats. “I used to make folk but you can’t play folk music at the club,” explains Young of her cross-pollinated approach. Accordingly, Young’s songs bring her open-hearted lyricism and London twang together with a neo-jazz sensibility with one foot always pointed in the direction of the nearest dancefloor. One of four sisters, Young was born into an enviably creative family…

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the tunes on repeat in the q office this month.

J HUS NO DENYING J Hus’s second single since being released from prison last year is a defiant broadside aimed squarely at his detractors; the East London rapper delivering his gruff, lyrical flow over skittering beats and a sultry jazz undertow. Out: now, on Black Butter. CHERRY GHOST BLUE CHRISTMAS Simon Aldred has become a key member of Liam Gallagher’s songwriting team but he returned to his Cherry Ghost moniker recently. He turns a festive ballad into a scathing commentary on modern British politics on Blue Christmas, with its proceeds going to homeless charity Lifeshare. Out: now, via Bandcamp. FRAZEY FORD THE KIDS ARE HAVING NONE OF IT On the surface, this excellent comeback track from Canadian artist Frazey Ford is a soothing slice of warm Americana but repeated listens reveal a rage building behind her soulful…

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tegan & sara

Tegan and Sara Quin declare that they’re not fussy eaters as they sit down for lunch at Isla, the restaurant inside The Standard hotel in London’s Kings Cross. It should make ordering from the swanky sharing menu nice and easy, but rattling through the options with the indie-pop twins it soon becomes clear there is definitely a fussy-eating theme developing between the three of us. Some don’t eat meat, others don’t eat anything from the nightshade family (potatoes, aubergine, peppers and tomatoes) and at least one is avoiding dairy. Everyone is so unfailingly polite through the ordering process, though, that we end up with far too much food. “We were not adventurous eaters growing up,” Sara explains of their upbringing in Calgary, Canada in the ’90s. “We grew up with literally…