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More than any other month, I want to use this space to offer thanks. I have a list. I want to thank most sincerely: The musical stars who picked up the phone to talk about their own quarantined isolation. It’s easy to think all supposedly successful musicians are somehow insulated from the economic and societal ravages everyone’s going through, but this issue reminds us they are not. Musicians live an increasingly precarious existence, often hanging on to the rock of the live circuit to pay rent, but without that for the foreseeable future they, like us, are cut adrift into uncertainty. Many who we’ve interviewed here have also had to change release dates, abort recordings. We salute their good-natured resilience, their humour and honesty, and thank them and their home-partners for…

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foo fighters put their dancing shoes on

“The last thing you want to do when you’ve been in a band for 25 years is a brooding, sleepy acoustic record.” Every night before Dave Grohl falls asleep, he thinks of all the things he’s looking forward to. During lockdown, it’s been a way of reminding himself what’s waiting on the other side. “It’s easy to turn on the news and feel this claustrophobic sense of doom but I still have hope,” says the Foo Fighters frontman, at home in Encino, California. “There’s still so many things I look forward to doing, it’s just a different mindset.” The coronavirus has meant that Foo Fighters, like everyone else on the planet, have had to put their plans on hold. It’s left Grohl at a loose end just as he was meant to…

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in for out to lunch with... big zuu

Recently, Big Zuu felt compelled to give his friends a pep talk. The rapper from West London told them that they were all so focused on making a success of themselves that they were missing out on quality time with their family. They should go home sometimes, he advised them, and cook a meal. “All these good things come from cooking. It’s a doorway to being healthy, learning skills, spending time with your family,” says the amicable 24-year-old, born Zuhair Hassan and known to his family and friends as Zuu. “I cook for my mum all the time, it’s normal in my household, but some of my friends have never done it.” Continuing this spirit of culinary inspiration, today he is giving Q a cookery class over a meeting on Zoom.…

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can i take your order please, mr zuu?

Death Row dinner? “Macaroni cheese and different types of wings. Fried wings, Korean fried wings, sweet chilli wings… I love a chicken wing, mate.” Favourite restaurant? “One of my favourites is a place called Charcoal Grill in Willesden. They used to be open til 5am and you could go there and get a wicked mixed grill, unlimited bread and hummus.” Favourite condiment? “I love mayo, man. Mayo on potatoes, I don’t know what it is, roasted potatoes, put some mayo on top, oh my God! It takes it to the next level.” Most hated foodstuff? “I hate mushrooms. I don’t know why they’re here. They’re funghi, but they’re not fun! They have a weird texture. They’re bacteria that we eat. I like yoghurt but, ah bruv, mushrooms. And I’ve tried all the types: shiitake, oyster, enoki, all…

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they also served

Bill Withers 4 July 1938 – 30 March 2020 Ain’t No Sunshine. Lovely Day. Lean On Me. A trio of cast iron standards to rival anyone’s: songs that will live for ever. And if only a percentage of the people who daily have their lives enriched by these songs know the name of the man who wrote and recorded them, that will suit Bill Withers just fine. Coming to music late at 33 (an age by which, for example, John Lennon was three years on from The Beatles), this former aircraft mechanic from West Virginia had little truck with fame, the music business – he once erased an entire LP when he learned his label was going bankrupt – or money. He hated touring, too, despite the fact 1973’s Live At Carnegie…

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cash for questions this month: liam gallagher

Like you, Liam Gallagher is running out of things to do while locked down in quarantine. “I’m bored shitless,” he says. “I’m the same as everyone else, bored out of my fucking mind, but at least I’m not dead so all is good in the world.” This morning, he’s been in his garden, tinkering around inside his new tipi. He had it erected when Glastonbury was cancelled, as a kind of consolation prize. He’s already put a bamboo double bed in there. Some rugs arrived for it this morning, so he’s been laying them on the floor of it, too. “I’m also trying to get into the rhythm of the birds,” he adds. “I’m listening to them do their thing and I think I’ve cracked it, man. Yeah, I like to listen to…