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Issue #113 2022

Quilters Companion is the definitive patchwork and quilting magazine. Published since 2001, Quilters Companion provides readers with exciting quilting projects. These projects are accompanied by easy-to follow instructions and accompanying pattern sheets, stunning styled shots and interesting stories about the featured projects. We pride ourselves not just on being an instructional publication — we are a good read as well! Purchase includes the Digital Edition and News Service. Please stay in touch via our Facebook Page.

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editor’s journal

If you love all things Japanese, then you will love this issue as much as I do! There are fabulous projects – a quilt, a cushion and a knot bag, and a special interview with Jennifer Corkish on her penchant for Japanese threads, fabrics and more. We take an intimate look at Michelle Marvig’s wonderful Japan itinerary and share some of the winning quilts from the last-ever Tokyo International Quilt Festival in 2020. Lastly, a quick look at new fabric releases that feature Japanese prints. There is plenty to keep even the most devoted Japanologist enthralled. Other projects include a bright and beautiful clamshell quilt by Leanne Harvey, a funky quilt by Chris Jurd and two traditional quilts – one featuring Pyramid blocks, the other Spiderweb blocks. Plus, the next part…

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quilty treasures

“We stitch together quilts of meaning to keep us warm and safe, with whatever patches of beauty and utility we have on hand.”- Anne Lamott. • AQC Relocates to Brisbane After almost two years of lockdowns, cancellations and changes, Expertise Events have made the decision to move the annual Australasian Quilt Convention to Brisbane. Various Victorian Government changes have made an April event difficult and presented many barriers to staging the event. With all that, and more, in consideration the team at Expertise have announced that the 2022 event will be held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre from May 26–29. For more information visit www.aqc.com.au SOTA The Queensland Quilters’ Guild has been exhibiting members’ works through a juried exhibition called State of the Art Quilt Exhibition since 2009. Each exhibition features between 20 and 30…

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tokyo international quilt festival 2020

Held in January for 19 years, the Tokyo International Quilt Festival was one of the largest quilt festivals in the world. Hundreds of decorative quilts and artwork were displayed and visitors could browse through various styles and designs from some of the top quilt and crafts specialists from around the world. Each year the festival showcased guest speakers, events, workshops and seminars, and some of the best quilters in the world would share their designs. However, in January 2020, the final event was held. To honour and respect this great festival, we share a look at some of the winning quilts from the 2020 final event. Japanese Princess Kako attended the opening ceremony on January 23 and met with Sumiko Nagami, the winner of the grand prize at the 19th…

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Finished quilt size: 146cm x 129cm (57½in x 50¾in) Finished block size: 9½in x 8¼in www.bebebold.com.au contact@bebebold.com.au @bebebold Materials • 30 strips of assorted print fabrics, 3⅛in x 21in• 45cm (½yd) medium-value shot cotton (sashings)• 90cm (1yd) dark-value shot cotton (background and border)• 40cm (½yd) woven stripe fabric (binding)• 3m (3¼yd) backing fabric• Batting at least 160cm x 145cm (64in x 57in)• Sashiko needle and thread• Rotary cutter, quilter’s ruler and mat• Sewing machine with ¼in foot• General sewing supplies Note: A kit containing all the fabrics you need to make this quilt (except for the backing fabric) is available from BeBe Bold. Contact details are on the previous page. Cutting From the medium-value shot cotton, cut: • six strips, 2½in x width of fabric. Cross cut them to yield 23 rectangles, 2½in x 8⅛in (sashings) From the dark-value shot cotton, cut: •…

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lotus cushion

Finished size: 63.5cm (25in) square 16 Fat Quarters info@16fatquarters.com.au www.16fatquarters.com.au Materials • 70cm (¾yd) cream tone-on-tone print fabric• 1.3m (1½yd) indigo and cream print fabric• 1.5m (1⅝yd) sand-coloured tone-on-tone print fabric (cushion lining and back)• Batting at least 75cm (29in) square• One 50cm (20in) zipper to coordinate with the sand-coloured fabric• One 64cm (25in) cushion insert• Fusible web• Sheets of paper for foundations – newsprint is ideal• Light coloured machine-sewing thread (piecing and applique)• Dark-coloured machine-sewing thread (quilting and borders)• Rotary cutter, ruler and mat• Sewing machine with ¼in and zipper feet• General sewing supplies Note: Foundation piecing is used in this project and the instructions assume advanced skills in this technique. Sew all the foundation-piecing seams with a short stitch length to make it easier to remove the papers without affecting the stitching. The cutting…

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Finished size: 152.5cm (60in) square Chris Jurd chris.jurd@bigpond.com @patchworkFUN Materials • 40cm (½yd) each of two large-scale print fabrics (quilt centre)• 50cm (⅝yd) black and white spot print fabric (diamond background)• Assorted fabric scraps at least 3in x 6in (diamonds) or 5in square (Border 2)• 20cm (¼yd) yellow print fabric (diamond base)• 50cm (⅝yd) large-scale print fabric #3 (quilt centre setting triangles)• 20cm (¼yd) stripe print fabric (Border 1)• 1.3m (1.yd) large-scale print fabric #4 (Border 3)• 20cm (¼yd) large-scale print fabric #5 (Border 3 corners)• 3.4m (3¾yd) backing fabric• Batting at least 170cm (67in) square• Freezer paper• Sheets of paper for foundations – newsprint is ideal• Applique glue• Rotary cutter, ruler and mat• Sewing machine with ¼in foot• General sewing supplies Note: Foundation piecing is used in this project and the instructions assume a good…