Quilts and More Fall 2020

Quilts and More promises simple, fresh, and fun projects. Make easy quilts, bags, pillows, and pincushions using clearly written instructions.Every digital issue includes the pattern pieces found in the corresponding print version. To access pattern pieces, simply click on the underlined text in Cut Fabrics sections.

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Back in January, I decided to partake in a little spring cleaning. For most people that means house cleaning, but for me it meant tackling my closet full of UFOs, or unfinished objects. As quilt after quilt tumbled out of the closet (literally tumbled—the plastic shoe boxes I store them in were stacked precariously in a tower like a game of Jenga), I realized I needed to do something about my inability to finish projects. I decided 2020 would be my year of finishing things, be it quilts, books, or DIY home improvement projects. It’s late spring as I write this, and I’ve been fairly successful at finishing two or three things a month. And you know what? It feels really good. My sewing space is less cluttered, I don’t feel…

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coming soon

On Sale August 7 Rediscover your creative spark with the October 2020 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting® magazine. • Make one or more of nine exclusive projects, including two that are seasonal.• Enjoy detailed Q&A with makers and influencers.• Try your hand at techniques like embroidery and appliqué. Find us online: AllPeopleQuilt.com search: AllPeopleQuilt Retailers: To order American Patchwork & Quilting®, Quilt Sampler®, Quilts & More™, and other quilting magazines, email apq2@meredith.com or call 866/378-1064. Letters & Comments: Share your thoughts with us at apq@meredith.com Note to readers: It is permissible to make and publicly display a single finished product of any project in this issue, including for purposes of competitive winnings up to $1,000, so long as visible credit is given to the designer and Quilts & More magazine.…

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stuff we love

FELT RIGHT TILES Add a design wall to your room with felt tiles available in a variety of sizes, colors, and textures. The tiles adhere to your wall with peel-and-stick tabs. Since you order individual tiles, you can build your design wall to fit your space. Starting at $2.25/tile; feltright.com EASY PRESS PEN AND SOLUTION Create precise, flat seams with a liquid-filled pen. Using the pen, apply the solution to the top seam and press the seam flat. The applicator doesn’t drag or distort blocks, making it ideal for small units. $10.98 for applicator and $9.48 for solution; fatquartershop.com MODERN MAKES MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION BOX Get a modern mini quilt kit delivered to your door each month! Each box comes with everything you need to make an exclusive pattern, including instructions, fabric, and batting. You have…

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one block three ways

GO FOR A SPIN In the classic color placement, dark triangles and light parallelograms seem to twirl around a center Pinwheel unit. Fabrics are from the Geometrix collection by P&B Textiles (pbtex.com). The corners of the blocks create a secondary design, making an eight-point star emerge in the center of the layout. X MARKS THE SPOT Changing the placement of the darker halves of the triangle-squares gives the block a bold, modern look. Fabrics are from the Grainline Wovens collection by Jen Kingwell Designs for Moda Fabrics (modafabrics.com). Strings of pink and aqua diamonds separated by white “sashing” form where the four blocks touch. SEEING STARS Strategic color use creates the appearance of a dark eight-point star sitting atop a larger Pinwheel block. Fabrics are from the Wild & Free collection by Hello! Lucky for Robert Kaufman…

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sewing toolbox: rulers

1. TAPE MEASURE Best for garment sewing and three-dimensional objects. The flexibility of a tape measure allows you to measure items that are not flat, such as body parts and bags. It cannot be used with a rotary cutter for cutting fabric. 2. 6½ "-SQUARE ACRYLIC RULER Best for measuring and rotary-cutting smaller pieces and squares. A 6½"-square acrylic ruler is a good utility size. Look for rulers with ⅛" increment hashmarks and printed lines for common angles, such as 30°, 45°, and 60°. 3. FOUNDATION-PIECING RULER Best for foundation piecing. This specialty ruler has a lip that fits into the folded paper edge of a foundation-pieced unit, making the unit easier to trim. 4. 4×14" ACRYLIC RULER Best for measuring and rotary-cutting rectangles. Similar to the 6½"-square acrylic ruler (above), the 4×14" acrylic ruler is a…

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finishing touch

Many quilters love the early stages of the quilting process, but fewer love the end stages. For proof of this, look no further than the many UFOs, or unfinished objects, that quilters talk about. You might even have some stored away yourself. For new quilters, the later stages of quilting are filled with uncertainty. After all the work of piecing their quilt tops, they don’t want to “mess it up” when quilting and binding it. More experienced quilters may understand the process but still dread it. In the next few pages, the staff of Quilts & More™ magazine compiled their favorite pieces of advice on the later stages of the quilting process and arranged them in order. Think of it as a walkthrough you can use to finally start finishing up some…