Quilts and More Summer 2021

Quilts and More promises simple, fresh, and fun projects. Make easy quilts, bags, pillows, and pincushions using clearly written instructions.Every digital issue includes the pattern pieces found in the corresponding print version. To access pattern pieces, simply click on the underlined text in Cut Fabrics sections.

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from the editor

No one likes admitting to mistakes, but we all make them. While they’re no fun at the time, making mistakes is a vital part of learning. How many times have I done something wrong and, after the initial frustration, thought, Well, I’m not gonna do that again! Little by little, the mistakes taught me how to be better in the future. This is especially true in my quilting life. When I first started quilting, I was happy just to finish a project and have it vaguely look like my pattern. A quilting friend once told me, “Finished is better than perfect.”—and that philosophy helped me embrace learning the basics with a happy attitude. I still agree with the basic sentiment. Quilting is supposed to be fun, but I did hit a…

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stuff we love

STITCHABLE WOODEN U.S. STATE MAP Memorialize places you’ve traveled with a laser cut map from Snarky Crafter Designs, which you can decorate with embroidery or cross-stitch designs. The map is 101½16". $30; etsy.com/shop/snarkycrafterdesigns URBAN QUILTING Author Wendy Chow shares 10 modern quilt patterns that feature bold colors and geometric designs. Each pattern contains instructions for three sizes, so you can fit the design to your space. $21.95; paigetate.com FOOLPROOF COLOR WORKBOOK Practice color theory with an interactive workbook featuring tips and exercises from author Katie Fowler. You’ll explore hues, saturation, value, and color mixing in hands-on activities, so you’re ready to put the theories to use in your next quilt. $14.95; ctpub.com SCISSOR ID CLIPS Label your fabric, paper, and thread scissors and snips with magnetic silicone clips that snap around the scissor handles for easy identification. $7.98; fatquartershop.com BIT…

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sewing toolbox: basting tools

1. CURVED SAFETY PINS Best for basting large quilt projects. A favorite of many quilters, curved safety pins hold together fabric layers without any chemicals. The curved design easily pierces layers without poking the fingers 2. SAFETY PIN FASTENER Best for closing and opening curved safety pins. This fastener is used in conjunction with curved safety pins to quickly open and close pins while reducing the risk of sore, poked fingers. The shafts of the pins fit in the grooves. 3. ADHESIVE BASTING SPRAY Best for basting quickly and positioning appliqués. An aerosol adhesive, basting spray provides a temporary hold and can be applied faster than pins. Be sure to read manufacturer’s instructions, and be mindful of fumes and any mess caused by overspray. Always use in a ventilated area. 4. FUSIBLE BATTING Best for small quilted…

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quilt as desired

DESIGN #1: Use free-motion quilting to stitch a design of curves and loops. Begin with a continuous loop design around the outer edges of the block, noting the change of direction in the hourglass units. Next, add a second set of continuous loops in the center of the Ohio Star block. Try using a water-soluble pen to mark the centers of the block and both diagonals. These erasable reference points will help you place the loops evenly. PRO TIP FROM HANDI QUILTER: Draw the design with your finger a few times to get used to the movements, especially the changes from counterclockwise to clockwise loops. DESIGN #2: Add extra quilting to Design #1 by filling the hourglass units with switchback quilting lines. Rotate the direction of the lines to match the rotation of the units…

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skill builder: drawstring backpack

MATERIALS Yardages and cutting instructions are based on 42" of usable fabric width. ❏ 1⁄2 yard each pink print and yellow print ❏ 6—1⁄4"-grommets (Be sure to check if your type of grommet requires a separate fastener tool.) ❏ 2—65"-long pieces of 9⁄32"-diameter cording ❏ Binding clips (optional) ❏ Crafts glue FABRICS are from the Prickly Pear collection by Emily Taylor for Figo Fabrics (figofabrics.com). CUT FABRICS From each print, cut: 2—141⁄2×18" rectangles ASSEMBLE BACKPACK Measurements include 1⁄4" seam allowances. 1) Layer pink print 141⁄2×18" rectangles, right sides together. Sew along side and bottom edges to make bag body. Cut across bottom corners, making sure not to cut stitches. Press seams open, then turn bag body right side out. 2) Repeat Step 1 using yellow print rectangles to make lining, leaving a 4" opening on bottom edge (Photo 1). Do not turn…

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know your sewing machine better

READ YOUR SEWING MACHINE MANUAL A sewing machine manual can be more than 100 pages long, which is overwhelming to read when all you really want to do is sew. But give it a skim and you might be surprised what you'll learn! Here are a few important categories to start with that will ensure that you’re using your machine correctly and know what it’s capable of doing. • The names and functions of the machine parts and buttons • The stitches you have and their required presser feet • How to thread your machine and which direction the thread should come off the spool • Suggested needle/thread pairings • How to wind the bobbin and insert it in your machine • How to change a needle and the presser foot • Troubleshooting tips, including how to fix…