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a fresh outlook

OUR AUGUST ISSUE is a bit different from last month’s. You’ll notice some changes – the magazine has undergone a revamp, with a new look that pays homage to the pages of yesteryear while embracing a modern, simplified design. Inspiration for the updated version of the magazine came from the core design of our 1950s issues. It was a time when the words dominated the page, and design made its impact through strong borders that surrounded the section heads (shown above, right), creating a smart and approachable statement on each opening page. Added to this is a totally new family of fonts, also designed to further enhance your reading experience and enjoyment. What remains the same is the richness of stories about awesome people we’ve selected for you this month. There are…

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A Real Star I loved Kathy Buchanan’s story on thriller writer Lee Child (‘Reaching For the Stars’, May). Like most, I’m well acquainted with the character Jack Reacher but knew little of his creator, Lee Child. He comes across as a delightfully modest, intelligent and charming man who I hope will continue to entertain us for years to come. MARGARET LOWERY Giving the Children Hope A revolution is taking place in the Lebanese town of Zefta (‘Saving Syria’s Lost Generation’, June) but guns, tanks and planes are conspicuously absent. They have been replaced with something infinitely more powerful – teachers and laptops. Fear has been replaced with hope as the Syrian refugee children attending school in this village and others across the region are receiving the chance to realise their true potential. In…

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Anecdotes and jokes Send in your real-life laugh for Life’s Like That or All in a Day’s Work. Got a joke? Send it in for Laughter is the Best Medicine! Smart Animals Share antics of unique pets or wildlife in up to 300 words. Reminisce Share the tales of an event from your past that made a huge impact in 100–500 words. My Story Do you have an inspiring or life-changing tale to tell? Submissions must be true, unpublished, original and 800–1000 words – see website for more information. Letters to the editor, caption competitions and other reader submissions ONLINE Follow the ‘Contribute’ link at the RD website in your region EMAIL AU: editor@readersdigest.com.au NZ: nzeditor@readersdigest.com.au ASIA: asiaeditor@readersdigest.com.au WE MAY EDIT LETTERS AND USE THEM IN ALL MEDIA. SEE WEBSITE FOR FULL TERMS AND CONDITIONS. PRINTED BY OVATO LIMITED, 8 PRIDDLE ST, WARWICK FARM, NSW 2170,…

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your local rd website

LANGUAGE + COMMUNICATION 15 of the hardest words to spell in the English language In a language sprinkled with words that make little sense, these are some of our favourites, explained. HEALTH + WELLBEING THE 10 BEST MEALS TO EAT WHEN YOU FEEL YOUR WORST When your body feels out of whack, these will set you on the right track. HUMOUR + FAMILY Great, short jokes anyone can remember For when you need the laughs to come fast, share these in any situation. PLUS SIGN UP TO OUR FREE NEWSLETTER FOR MORE HOT OFFERS, TOP STORIES AND PRIZES!…

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news worth sharing

Hernando ‘Nanie’ Guanlao, 66, wanted to share his love of reading with his community so he decided to turn his home in Makati City in the Philippines into an informal library. His literary experiment began in 2000, with a collection of around 100 of his own books. He simply stacked the books outside his front door to see whether people wanted to borrow them. Not only did people borrow and return them, they began to donate additional books to the collection. Today the library has grown to two million books, which fill the house’s two levels. Known as the Reading Club 2000, the library is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The library does not have members or borrower’s cards and no identification is needed when taking a…

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to teach is to touch a life forever

It all began in 2014 when I met Cambodian couple Koy Chhim and Reny Phoeurk, who were volunteering at a charity in Sydney. I was impressed by Koy’s passion to help provide an elementary school education for children living in underprivileged areas of Cambodia. As I am a former primary school teacher, we shared a lot in common. Koy asked me to visit him if I went to Phnom Penh and, six months later, I did just that. During my visit to Cambodia, I spent a day with Koy, Reny and their family. Koy told me that he was working with children who lived in Toul Pongror, the garment factory district, and home to some of the city’s poorest people. Under the Khmer Rouge, the regime that ruled Cambodia between 1975 and…