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the power of connectivity

THE INDONESIAN ISLAND OF BALI is rich in natural beauty, full of dense vegetation and lush landscapes. Our Bonus Read, ‘The Global Network’ (page 116), portrays in dramatic detail the sequence of events that unfolded in August last year when the scooter ridden by two young travellers skidded off the side of a mountain in the early hours of the morning. Severely injured, their only option was to send out an SOS message on Facebook. The power of social media and human kindness travelled across continents in this amazing true rescue story. Their rescue was assisted and witnessed by 516 Facebook followers, and is one of the most impressive and seemingly impossible stories I’ve read in a while. We’re also delighted to unveil a new regular food section, which some of…

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The Upsides of Worrying Thank you, Reader’s Digest, for helping me see worry and stress in a different light (‘Taming the “What Ifs”’, June). It is reassuring that worry has the benefits mentioned in the article and that utilising this negative energy in a positive way can motivate us all to focus our brain energy in a better direction. T. AAMIR A Doll for Everyone I’m so grateful to Amy Jandrisevits for creating unique dolls for unique children (‘Dolls Represent Kids With Disabilities’, News Worth Sharing, June). I imagine that when the children see themselves reflected in these beautiful dolls they feel as though they belong and with this must come a belief in themselves. RACHAEL KATE D’SOUZA Clever Captioning As a regular reader, I must admit that the captions provided by your readers in…

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Anecdotes and jokes Send in your real-life laugh for Life’s Like That or All in a Day’s Work. Got a joke? Send it in for Laughter is the Best Medicine! Smart Animals Share antics of unique pets or wildlife in up to 300 words. Reminisce Share the tales of an event from your past that made a huge impact in 100–500 words. My Story Do you have an inspiring or life-changing tale to tell? Submissions must be true, unpublished, original and 800–1000 words – see website for more information. Letters to the editor, caption competitions and other reader submissions ONLINE Follow the ‘Contribute’ link at the RD website in your region EMAIL AU: editor@readersdigest.com.au NZ: nzeditor@readersdigest.com.au ASIA: asiaeditor@readersdigest.com.au WE MAY EDIT LETTERS AND USE THEM IN ALL MEDIA. SEE WEBSITE FOR FULL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.…

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your local rd website

LANGUAGE + COMMUNICATION 70 words (and phrases) you’re using all wrong Most of us have used these expressions incorrectly at some point – but you won’t after reading this! HEALTH + WELLBEING 34 THINGS YOUR PARENTS’ HEALTH REVEALS ABOUT YOU Your parents can give you valuable insights about your future health. THOUGHT-PROVOKING + CRIME Mysteries that were actually solved by psychics These incredible mediums claim to have connected with victims from beyond the grave. JOIN THE CONVERSATION! PLUS SIGN UP TO OUR FREE NEWSLETTER FOR MORE HOT OFFERS, TOP STORIES AND PRIZES!…

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news worth sharing

There is good news for giant panda lovers with the Chinese government planning to create a huge national reserve spanning 27,133 square kilometres by 2023. It’s hoped that the new reserve will make mating easier for these animals and boost their gene pool. As climate change is also altering where bamboo grows, extending the habitat for pandas may also give them better access to their main food source. As well as creating a safe haven for giant pandas, red pandas and other endangered animal and plant species, the reserve will also boost the local economy. It will connect 67 different nature reserves and protected areas, mostly in the Sichuan Province. The area is already home to 80 per cent of wild pandas. Thankfully, the giant panda species was reclassified from ‘endangered’ to…

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super nana’s legacy

My shoulders felt so heavy that mid-November morning in 2018. I felt off-kilter as I made my way into my beloved Nana’s lounge room, my eyes sadly taking in the bare walls that surrounded me. I had the strangest feeling in my stomach. This moment felt eerily unnatural, yet it had been long expected. I’d been anticipating it for months, possibly years, yet Nana’s passing at 89 still arrived too suddenly for me. It had barely been a week since Mum had phoned with the news that my grandmother had been admitted to hospital. Now, here I was in her empty lounge in Hawkes Bay on New Zealand’s North Island, looking at her beautiful smile from a photo frame in the corner of the room. Nana’s face was beaming in the photo…