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Real People

Issue 12 2019

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

Remember when you were 14, and how time just seemed to go on and on? Double maths… endless! Those 80 minutes felt like a 30-year prison stretch to me. But then life speeds up. The older we are, the faster it whizzes past.I’m thinking about it this week because when Jackie first locked eyes then lips with Simon, the pair of them were tousle-haired teenagers. They had a bit of a snog one night in a caravan, and that was that. When they finally got back in touch again, nearly 30 years had streaked by. They were in their forties by then, they didn’t want to waste any time. This time it was love.But how much time did they have left for this happy ever after? You’ll find out…

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our mad world!

Comedy TOT HEADS UP! Here’s Jude Devereux, three, up to his neck in fun! My boisterous boy was buried in the sand on holiday in Minorca by his daddy. Beth Devereux, Birch, Essex UK A rascally racoon left his owner in floods when he scampered upstairs and blocked the bathroom sink with a roll of loo paper. Michelle Rhodes, 39, from Portsmouth, returned home to find her mischievous pet had turned on the taps… THE STING A daft burglar buzzed off pretty quickly when he hopped over a fence and landed on some bee hives at an urban honey farm near Tower Bridge, London. Right below the fence were hives containing up to 80,000 of the stinging critters. ‘I think the…

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soap on a rope

EastEnders Dodgy dealings and shady business abound in Walford this week. Danny, one of Phil’s ‘business associates’, turns up at the Arches and demands Phil carry on with laundering money for him to make up for what they lost in Spain. And Keanu, who’s now back from that job in Costa Del Naughty, is followed back to Blighty by Midge, who targets Louise to badger Phil until he gets back cash he’s owed. Things are tight. Poor Sharon even has her card declined buying a gallon of Sauvignon Plonk in the Minute Mart! Elsewhere… Then there’s Tiff, who’s in well over her head thanks to her mystifying loyalty to dealer Evie. Both girls are in serious danger but now Bernie, Sonia, Whitney and Jack are involved, too. Can…

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taking sleeps from a baby

stories@realpeoplemag.co.uk I thought Katie was just quiet. I didn’t think anything was wrong (Facebook/@Sue Baxter) Lowering my drowsy newborn, Katie, into her Moses basket, I did it with all the care of a bomb disposal expert.Then, I gingerly retreated for the sofa to finally put my feet up… ‘MamAAAAA!’ came a shriek.It was my 15-month-old Lacey, rocketing into the living room and lobbing her bottle like a grenade. It clattered hard against the floor, inches from her newborn sister… I braced for the inevitable Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!With three other girls – Sarah, 12, Charlie, eight, and Millie, seven – there wasn’t much I didn’t know about raising rascals.Katie had arrived on April Fools’ Day 2010, but I was no fool when it came to motherhood. I knew the secrets of swaddling,…

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how does she sleep?

Smith duped me and the generous people who donated My Katie was getting taller by the day, smiling away as she stood in her frame and watched Mr Tumble… Where was her bed?‘Can you let me know how much money is in the fund?’ I asked bluntly, ringing Tracey.‘I’ll have to tally it up,’ she replied vaguely.She went quiet for a few days and when I nudged her again, my jaw hit the floor.‘It’s £3.8k,’ she told me.‘Eh? You told me a few weeks ago we’d hit £5,000!’ I snapped.‘I had to give some refunds,’ she snapped back at me.A sickening fear gathered into a fist in the pit of my stomach. Our little girl was outgrowing her cot… … she now has a bed she can…

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travel to the walloon!

The steep steps of the Montagne de Bueren Native Audrey Wallonia. Have you heard of it? A French-speaking part of Belgium, it’s a real gem.A good-looker, too, with its stunning landscapes, uniquely beautiful villages and fascinating towns and cities.And its people have a great name – Walloons. It may rhyme with balloon, but these are a fine, proud people. Audrey Hepburn was one of their own.Their regional capital, Namur, is famous for its slow pace, and travelling around Wallonia is a constant source of enchantment. So come with us and find out what awaits you there... DON’T MISS The Ibis hotel Namur is the perfect place to start your tour of this southern part of Belgium. It’s a gorgeous old town great for leisurely exploring,…