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Real People

Issue 24 2019

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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‘Tell me all about your dads,’ I said to the gang at RP Towers this week. We’re all for mums here, and our old men can get forgotten. With Father’s Day brewing, it was time to fix that. Writer, Sharon piped up, ‘Dad made us a slide when we were kids and he lined it with lino. It was the fastest EVER!’ Then she thought for a minute, adding, ‘…probably a deathtrap. Good job it was the seventies!’ Yes, BHS – before health & safety. Then Features Ed, Peter, went misty-eyed. ‘It was summer, we were off on a day trip to a theme park,’ he began. ‘I was in charge of the tickets. We’d been driving an hour when I realised I’d left them at home.’ Disaster! ‘Dad had to turn the car…

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our mad world!

Comedy TOT WHAT’S THE BUZZ? This busy bee is my son, Tommy, three, out enjoying the sunshine. We had a lovely day dressing up together. Lynne Newton, Spennymoor, Co. Durham UK Diners in a top Manchester steakhouse got a bonus when the waitress served a bottle of £4,500 red wine instead of the £260 one they’d ordered. ‘It’s a one-off mistake,’ said the manager. ‘If she’d done it twice, I’d be furious.’ What a plonk-er she was! GLASS ACT Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? That would be my eight-week-old kitten, Jasmin, who is fascinated by her own reflection. Lucy Hill, Halifax, West Yorkshire PENNY WISE With news that 1p coins won’t now be scrapped, did you know these facts? • The first 1p coin came out on 15 February 1971. • More than one and half…

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soap on a rope

This Sharon’s-up-the-duff-but-by-who storyline is a bootie! Arf. Of course Keanu was going to find out Sharon’s preggers! Of course! And it’s Louise who breaks the news to him. Reeling, he goes to see Shazza, who insists that Phil is, indeed, still the daddy. Keanu doesn’t care, though. He wants to come clean and reveal all about the affair to Lou. He really is thick! Wow. Like, hello! Surely someone’s going to step in here and stop this? Phil will actually kill him. Elsewhere… Stacey’s still giving Kat the cold shoulder, and things get positively icy when Stacey and Martin tell Kush he can’t spend his birthday with Arthur, as they have plans. Surely this will only antagonise Kush and force his hand. Hmm… things are starting to get very messy. Oh! And Max…

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sign of a swine

Staring at my dishy, dark-eyed date through a fug of pungent spices, I gave him a startled smile. ‘How will we eat all this?’ I chuckled. But Sebastian Swamy just waved to the waiter. ‘Two more Mojitos,’ he said. It was May 2014, and this crazy night out was just what I’d needed. I was 37, and it’d been a terrible few months. I’d split from my five-year-old son Toby’s* dad, then my own father had announced he was leaving my mum after 46 years together. I couldn’t believe it. All my hopes of everlasting love were crumbling into dust. I had a good job as staffing manager at Manchester Airport and I’d bought my own four-bed house, but I’d never pictured myself being a single mum. Even so, when a mate had asked if they could…

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I don’t know how I did it – half-stumbling, half-crawling down the stairs. I was leaving my baby in there, but I had to get out into the street – it was my only chance. Outside, I fell, stark naked, into the arms of a passing couple I clung to them as Sebastian emerged from the house, climbed into his Audi estate and sped off. Blessed sirens screamed, lights flashed. I was lifted into the back of an ambulance to Wythenshawe Hospital with Dylan beside me. A paramedic had rushed into the house to fetch him. I lay bruised and gashed by every vicious kick. In pieces – literally. I had a fractured cheekbone and five broken ribs. One had snapped and punctured my lung, so every breath felt like suffocation. At the hospital, an MRI…

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walk down the isle

City smoke and boring buildings not doing it for you at the moment? Fancy an island getaway without needing to pack your passport or splash out on travel adapters? Head to the Isle of Wight! This diamond-shaped isle has got stunning sea views and Baywatch-worthy beaches that’ll make you think you’ve just stepped off a plane. It’s only a few miles from the mainland, but visiting this twinkling gem in the English Channel is a little like stepping into a time machine with its old-world charm and treasure trove of pretty tearooms and chocolate-box villages. What’s more, the scenic paths that wind around the 57 miles of coastline make the island easy to explore on foot. So pull on your walking boots and step into the great outdoors. The fresh air will…