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this week in your fab value

Remember how life seemed to stand still during Lockdown No1? Roads were silent, cities emptied. We were actually living one of those Morning After The Zombie Apocalypse moments and I quite enjoyed it. But now life is roaring back and feels like it’s flying. Ashanti knew what that truly meant Strong-headed, curious and fun-loving like any teenager, she wanted to dance and drink and have romances. But she had a condition that meant she aged eight years for every one we do. So a heartbreakingly beautiful, wrinkly little baby grew into a wonderful young woman living her final days as she turned 18. On p12 her mum captures it all. It was a short life, a fast life, but Ashanti really made it count. Liam and Danielle were on a…

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our mad world!

Cute TOT NEE AWWW ’Ello, ’ello, ’ello. My two-year-old son Fox is the sweetest little officer in town. Laura Jessica Keys, Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland UK A stunned woman discovered her rotten neighbours were climbing over her wall to use her garden while she was at work. She installed CCTV after becoming suspicious when she found furniture moved and fag ends on her path. Cheeky! GET A GANDER AT THIS! Don’t panic, your eyes aren’t deceiving you – this goose is flying upside down. Dutch photographer Vincent Cornelissen, who took the snap, says they do this to avoid predators. HOME AND AWAY Many of us aren’t going far, so check out this year’s top staycation hotspots… 1 North Wales 2 Cumbria 3 Cornwall 4 Devon 5 North Yorkshire 6 Yorkshire Dales 7 Peak District 8 South Wales 9 East Anglia 10 Dorset Source: Sykes Holiday Cottages USA The FBI is investigating a claim…

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tipping point

Shuffling from the kitchen to the living room, I glanced at the clock. Ten minutes until my fave telly quiz, Tipping Point. I was in for a treat that night last August. Usually, I whipped up a lovely meal for my two grown-up sons, Liam, 34, and Dan, 31, when they came to visit. Corned beef hash was Dan’s favourite, but he was also partial to a chicken curry. Tonight, though, him and Liam were treating me for a change. I heard the entry door to the flats clang and footsteps trail to my front door. I’d moved to my ground floor flat in Strood, Kent 10 months earlier – a new start after I’d split from my partner. And I was nearer my boys too. ‘Here you are,’ grinned Dan, coming through the door with his…

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most wanted

‘Could you show me your receipt, please?’ he said sternly. My blood boiled. My boy had been the innocent victim of a violent crime, not a crim himself. Just because of his appearance – scars and hoodie – it was assumed that he’d been the one who’d tried to leave the store without paying. Resigned, Dan took out the receipt and handed over the bags. Humiliation flooded over his features as other shoppers filed out and watched the security guard check our carrots and spuds against the receipt. But my Dan wasn’t the criminal. The police told us his attacker had been caught six hours after the incident and was in custody waiting to be charged. Ryan Miskin, 36,also of Strood, appeared at Maidstone Crown Court this June, and admitted a string of horrific knife attacks…

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Here’s one to get you in a spin! All of the answers to the questions can be found on Real People’s Roulette wheel. For your chance to bag £250, have a go at the quiz, eliminating the black or red section containing the answer, or answers, to each question as you go. When completed correctly, you’ll be left with just one section, which contains your prize answer. Write this on the entry coupon on page 67. 1 Before the Euro, what was the currency unit in Spain? 2 Find and cross out five films or TV series starring Steve Carell. 3 With what foodstuff do you associate Mr Whippy? 4 Which Spanish actor, who won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in No Country For Old Men, is married to Penelope Cruz? 5…

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144 years young

Huge silvery blue eyes stared up at me. A tuft of soft blonde hair erupted from her crown. After 42 weeks of pregnancy and three long days of labour at Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath, I stared at my baby in disbelief on 17 May 2003. ‘You ruined me, you know?’ I laughed to newborn, Ashanti. Weighing just 5lb 10oz despite being overdue, she was long, skinny and wrinkled like a prune. But babies were meant to look like little old men. She was the most gorgeous thing I’d ever seen. And she was strong and healthy. After three days, we were allowed home. Only Ashanti seemed to go backwards, not forwards. Over the next few months, her blonde hair fell out, leaving her bald. The natural tan she’d been born with, due to my Turkish heritage, paled…