Real People Issue 36 2021

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this week in your fab value

Hair. Fellas’ hair. Where do you sit on that one? Does a luxurious shag-pile chest turn you on? Perhaps you prefer a nice pair of plucked pecs. And what about bald heads – yay or nay? Then we get to beards. There was a time you’d only see big bushy facial hair on your grandad and Noel Edmonds. Not any longer. Every fella has a face of fuzz, it seems like. And yet beards remain marmite. It’s the lips poking through the thatch of hair that freak me – like a pair of moist slugs! But spare a thought for Rachel. She fell for a clean-cut Aaron, who then headed to Australia when their teen love ended. He came back again a shaggy surfer and they rekindled their romance. Rachel…

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our mad world!

Comedy TOT RHU-ING THE DAY! My little one, Owen, 15 months, and his first taste of our home-grown rhubarb from the garden. Reckon he likes it? Kirsty Lee Giles, Southampton UK It’s nice to see old-fashioned civility is still alive and well in Melling, Merseyside. Several locals claim a man in his late 50s has wished them a very ‘cheery hello’ as he’s cycled by. Oh yes, he was also stark naked. TEA FOR THREE This summer holiday, me and my kids James, three, and Eliza, five, decided to get supersized crafting. Afternoon tea, anyone? Abigail Craig, Norwich HOW DID THAT GET THERE? Weird things medics found inside people… • 27 contact lenses (behind an eye) • A Lego tyre (nose) • A pea plant (lung) • Jewellery (bowel) • Toothpick (small intestine) • A nail (brain) • Stuffed soft toy (bottom) • A full-sized moth (ear) • Dentures…

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very cheeky nando’s

My fingers hovered over my phone. To reply or not… Can I take you out? winked the Facebook message. It was from Gerren Pinnock, 27. I’d known him for years in a vague sort of way. We lived near each other, went to the same parties, had wound up Facebook friends. He was handsome, but had a reputation as a ladies’ man. Not my cup of tea. As a single mum to my one-year-old son, Malachi, and studying physiotherapy at university, I only wanted a relationship if it was going somewhere. But, after a friend’s party a few days before in August 2016, Gerren had offered me a lift home. Saved me a cab fare. ‘Can I take you out one evening?’ he asked, pulling up outside the home I shared with my mum, Audrey, 55. ‘You’ve got me on…

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clucking on

Sitting down, I remembered all the laughs Gerren and me shared in this Nando’s. We’d only just brought Mali here to Bentley Bridge for his first Nandinos’ kids’ meal. Now, Jenny ordered two portions of medium chicken and PERi-PERi fries. No livers on the table this time. Just my heart. She sat down opposite me and admitted, ‘I always knew Gerren was with you. And I felt so guilty when I met your son. He’s adorable.’ Rage surged inside me. Gerren had taken my boy to meet his fancy woman? ‘He told me Mali was his son,’ Jenny sighed, ‘and I braided his hair.’ ‘That was you?’ I gulped, barely able to choke down my chips. Jenny explained she’d met Gerren through one of those big house parties he enjoyed so much. When he discovered she braided hair,…

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real people roulette

1 Lapin is the French name for what animal? 2 Find five brands of shampoo. 3 Clarks is a long-established high street brand known for selling what? 4 Chat is the French name for what animal? 5 Conkers come from what tree? 6 What song begins with the lyrics, ‘You light, the skies up above me, A star, so bright you blind me, Don’t close your eyes, Don’t fade away, Don’t fade away... ’? 7 The Eiffel Tower is located in what French city? 8 Johnny Depp is her father, but which French star is the mother of model and actress Lily Rose Depp? 9 Poisson is the French name for what animal? 10 With which quiz show would you associate Judith Keppel, Chris Hughes and Kevin Ashman? 11 Find five famous Kates. 12 What is the first name of Andy…

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health & happiness

The perfect open-plan kitchen. ‘Ooh, and a sunny nook for a table, in case I need to do all this again,’ I grinned to my boyfriend, Ollie Askill, 24, turning away from the Rightmove website and waving my arms at my piles of teaching notes. It was this March and I was in my second year of teaching at a primary school. I loved my job, watching the children grow and learn. But because of Covid, my teaching journey had been far from easy. Endless home learning planning and video calls! But all those months stuck locked in separate homes had brought one good thing. Me and Ollie had decided to move in together. We’d been house-hunting for a while, looking for just the right love nest in Ipswich. ‘Let’s book a viewing,’ Ollie smiled, looking…