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this week in your fab value

I’m just back from my staycation. I barely saw the sun. But since I was in Lyme Regis on the amazing Jurassic Coast, I didn’t mind. I can’t claim to have had an encounter with a dinosaur, though. But I did fall foul of a big winged beast… It was a scene as traditional as hunting for crabs and eating fish and chips. After queueing for 10 minutes for a double scoop – salted caramel and strawberry, since you’re asking – a seagull promptly snaffled it away. Down its gullet in one my ice-cream went as I gaped like a haddock. ‘Ouch, brain freeze!’ I thought. But the feathered fiend didn’t seem to mind and came back for the wafer cone too! Then here I am, back at my desk,…

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our mad world!

Cute TOT BLOWN AWAY! I’ve heard of singing into your hairbrush, but my son, Ronnie, two, prefers singing into the hair dryer. Alexandra Low, Halesowen UK A London mum has won an 18-month legal battle to change her name to Natalie ‘Tinkerbelltherealgoddess’ Bell on her passport. Officials refused until her MP got involved. ‘Who wants to be the norm? Not me,’ she said. MONSTER COOKIE When it comes to breaking records one Ohio grandma, 95, has taken the biscuit by baking the world’s biggest Oreo weighing over 13st! Sweet dreams are made of this. IT’S YOUR CALL Kids who’ve been given some downright strange names this year… BOYS • Fysh • Legend • Lundynn • Crash • Heller GIRLS • Wednezdai • Velveeta • Summerbreeze • Jenesis • Vagina Source: Kidspot USA A woman who went ghost hunting at a haunted building in Buffalo, New York, got a proper fright after all when she…

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baby one more time

The bloke sat across from me wiped a smear of buffalo sauce from his lips, then they lifted into a sexy grin. My tummy flip-flopped. Just as gorgeous as I remembered! ‘So, how have the years treated you?’ Josh Barras, 29, said. ‘Well, I have three kids now,’ I smiled, dipping a chip into a pot of sauce. ‘Amazing!’ he said. That smile again. Being here with him was pretty amazing too. It was August 2014 and the teenage girl inside my 27-year-old single mum body was screaming with excitement! Josh and me had been at school together, 11 years before. With him being two years older, we hadn’t had any classes together, but at 15 I’d stalked the corridors waiting for him to walk by. A polite ‘Hello’ from dishy Josh had me in a spin for days. He…

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last dance

Josh, gone? As I rushed to the hospital, I made bargains with the universe. Anything, just so long as this wasn’t happening. Led to a set of hard plastic chairs outside an intensive care room, I waited with limbs like water. A doctor approached. ‘Josh is in a coma,’ he explained. Not dead! ‘I’m afraid you can’t see him as he’s still a prisoner.’ Cruel… For three agonising days, I sat there, waiting. The only glimpse I got of Josh was through a window in the door as he lay prone in bed, tubes snaking around him. His unmoving hand was handcuffed to the bed. A burly prison officer stood watch at all times. I wanted to scream. Josh wasn’t dangerous. He was just an addict. His own dad had killed himself out of nowhere. Now he’d tried to take the same tragic…

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real people roulette

1 What is high street chain Waterstones best known for selling? 2 Find and cross out five different wildflowers. 3 What nationality is MasterChef host John Torode? 4 What is high street chain Greggs best known for selling? 5 What is high street chain Halfords best known for selling? 6 What song includes the lyrics, ‘But if we should be evicted from our homes, We’ll just move somewhere else, And still carry on, Hold on, Hold on, Hold on… ‘? 7 What is high street chain Scribbler best known for selling? 8 Quint and Chief Brody are major characters in what classic film about a man-eating shark? 9 What is high street chain Lush best known for selling? 10 What is high street chain B&Q best known for selling? 11 In what language does ‘konichiwa’ mean ‘hello’? 12 What is high…

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dying to live

A picture of a sparkling diamond ring pinged up on my phone. It could only mean one thing… ‘Odette’s engaged!’ I cried to my husband, Garth Johnston, 45. ‘Wonderful!’ he grinned. It was summer 2017 and Odette, 28, my eldest daughter from a previous relationship, had been with her partner Matt, 44, a while. They’d already had two-year-old Ethan, my grandson. I was over the moon they were now getting hitched. I called Odette immediately. ‘Tell me everything!’ I pleaded. ‘He hid the ring in a hay bale!’ she laughed. Odette and Matt were riding instructors, so I wasn’t surprised the proposal was a horsey affair. Although they hadn’t set a date, I still couldn’t wait to help with the planning. My three other daughters, Brogan, 23, Bailey, 20, and Tatum, 16, were just as excited. ‘Take it easy,’ Garth warned,…