Real People Issue 38 2021

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this week in your fab value

Breast or bottle for baby? Oh, I may be living dangerously now. I’m wading into an issue that stirs up strong feelings… Mums being made to feed their babies in toilets (awful) or feeling shamed when their newborn just won’t latch on (even worse). If breast is best, where does that leave all the mums who simply can’t manage it? Is a warm bottle for a baby really so wrong? Vanessa didn’t think so. She’d adored breastfeeding her firstborn, loving the peaceful, milky calm, the closeness and the knowing that she was giving her lad a great start in life. Then she fell pregnant again and this time the pumps ran dry. No milk for baby brother. ‘No matter,’ she thought, preparing a nice, warm bottle – all she wanted…

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mad our world! guaranteed to make you smile!

Comedy TOT DOTTY DAUGHTERS I thought my five-year-old, Georgi, had some terrible rash. Turns out her sister, Billi, six, had been to work – doing a dot-to-dot on her face! Sue Hutchinson, Cheltenham UK Alan Slattery’s handwriting was so bad that staff at an Eastbourne bank didn’t realise he was trying to rob them. He handed over a note asking for money... but cashiers couldn’t read it and he left empty-handed! ON YER BIKE! LOST AND FOUND Things left behind in holiday motor homes… • Deer antlers • 30 stolen credit cards • Wedding dress • Artificial leg • Frozen breast milk • Duct tape and lipstick USA Whose hearts don’t melt when they see a mum and her newborn? Maybe the Georgia couple who looked under their bed and found a mama snake with 17 babies! The pair screamed and the snake hissed. Probably saying,…

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under water

Friday night... The sharp tang of G&Ts, ice chattering in our glasses. We clinked them together, happy and giddy. ‘To the last hurrah!’ we cheered. It was a big night – 6 September 2019. Momentous! Me and my mates Hannah, Savanna and George were at Savanna’s flat in Worthing, celebrating our very last night together before heading off to university. I’d be studying graphic design at Arts University Bournemouth so this felt like the last night of our old lives, and I was going to miss them so much. But we were going to see ourselves off in big style at a club we’d heard about in Brighton called Shooshh. I got on my clubbing gear – glittery flares and a crop top. ‘You look stunning,’ Hannah said. ‘So do you,’ I replied, smiling at her black…

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sea oflies

Hannah came with me to court. ‘You can do this,’ she said, giving my hand a squeeze. It was just us two. I wanted to keep my family separate from this. Home was my happy place. I had the option to give evidence via video-link but I’d rejected it. I wanted to do everything I could for justice. I was reassured that Ali wouldn’t see me behind the screen, but just knowing he was inches away sent fear through my bones. The questioning was tough – especially by the defence barrister. ‘Do you remember dancing inappropriately with Mr Ali and leading him out of the club?’ she asked. ‘No!’ I replied. ‘Is that “no” or “you can’t remember”?’ she probed. I felt like the guilty one. Was she saying I’d asked for this? Next day, I watched the proceedings at Hannah’s…

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real people roulette

1 What type of drink would you expect a barista to serve you? 2 What does the ‘C’ stand for in BBC? 3 Find six celebrities confirmed for Strictly Come Dancing this year. 4 What does the ‘V’ stand for in VAT? 5 What is the capital of Sweden? 6 What song includes the lyrics, ‘I wrote a letter to the postman, He put it in his sack, But the very next morning, He brought my letter back…’? 7 What day of the week do the French call Samedi? 8 What does the ‘L’ stand for in TLC? 9 Algarve is a region in what country? 10 What is the capital and chief port of Denmark? 11 What does the ‘G’ stand for in OMG!? 12 What does BTW stand for in textspeak? 13 With what kind of drink do you associate…

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danger in the night

Leaning over the bar, the muscly punter winked, ‘So when you buying me a drink, then?’ Only 20, working in a pub and nightclub in Wrexham, I was used to cheesy chat-up lines. But, despite myself, I laughed. ‘Well… I have just finished up,’ I blushed. We found a corner and the brass-necked buff bloke introduced himself as 22-year-old Damien Jones. After swapping numbers that night in November 2013, we texted every day for three weeks. I was making him wait for a first date. I have epilepsy, so I can’t work, Damien messaged. Poor lad. But he was so warm and open, I eventually agreed to meet up again. The first time I went round to his, we snuggled in bed. Drifting off, I was the little spoon with Damien behind me. One of his arms was under my head,…