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this week in your fab value

Such desperately sad news reached us as I write this. Heather Bone, the brave mum and Wham! fan who threw herself a ‘wake before I go-go’ send-off and told us all about it in issue 36, has been claimed by her breast cancer. She was only 41. It was a life way too short but what Heather packed into it! Two sons, true love and even a telly wedding, not to mention that last laugh-and-tear-filled bash… It must have been so bittersweet for her loved ones, celebrating her wonderful life with her while facing her coming death. Some part of Josh knew he was losing someone special too. There was a gnawing dread in the pit of his brain, for his mum had a new boyfriend and Josh was certain…

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our mad world!

Comedy TOT HIGH BROW My daughter, Florence, three, thought it’d be a great idea to ‘do her make-ups’ with permanent pen before a family dinner! Coral Hall, Stafford UK Stephen Cooper faced a stiff sentence after stealing Viagra from a Leek pharmacy. His excuse? He’d met a younger woman and needed some help. Handed a 12-month conditional discharge, his lawyer told the court… ‘he is not a hardened criminal’. Quite. BLUSTERY BARNET Me and my hubby trying to take a selfie on a trip to the very windy Clacton pier. Amanda Roberts, Wigan THAT’S RICH Treasure hunters’ luckiest spots... • Norfolk (971 finds since 2012) • Suffolk (581) • Lincolnshire (520) • North Yorkshire (421) • Wiltshire (336) • Dorset (331) • Oxfordshire (283) • Somerset (281) • East Riding of Yorkshire (218) • Isle of Wight (184) Source: USA A six-hour stand-off between Florida cops and an armed suspect was interrupted…

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new love, old horror

Heat seeped into my bones and I grasped Mum’s hand as we strolled around the packed market. My nostrils flared with smells of foods unrecognisable to me, cooking in terracotta pots. Me and my mum, Janet Scott, 41, were on holiday in Tunisia. I was six. But while I was taking in the colourful sights of the market, I was also aware that many of the other people were staring at my mum. She loved vibrant colours, and today she was wearing a purple and gold sarong, festooned with Egyptian hieroglyphics. Her dark, straight hair was immaculate. ‘Cleopatra,’ I heard a voice whisper. And when we arrived back at our hotel… ‘Cleopatra,’ as we walked into reception. ‘Cleopatra,’ as we made our way to the lift. Next morning, breakfast was laid outside our door. We hadn’t asked for it! Turned out…

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murder, no mystery

Numb, I hurried to Hannah’s flat. Two police officers were there. They explained Mum had been killed when a car had driven deliberately straight at her and pinned her against a wall. She was 51. And I knew – I just knew without asking – who the driver of that car would be… Simon… How many times had I warned her he was dangerous? Now it was too late! Mum, why did you give him a second chance? In the weeks that followed, we found out Simon had gone to Mum’s place with a knife he’d taken from his home that morning. In her bedroom, he’d stabbed her twice in the chest and then bundled her into his purple Volkswagen Polo. When he’d slowed his car down in traffic, she desperately tried to run. Bleeding and injured, she’d leapt…

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real people roulette

1 Find and cross out three Scottish cities. 2 How many children does the Queen have? 3 In which English city would you find the Anfield football ground? 4 Which country is known for the wine rioja? 5 Find and cross out three chemical elements. 6 Find and cross out five odd numbers. 7 In which 70s-set crime drama does Shaun Evans star? 8 Who presented The One Show from 2011 to 2020? 9 What two colours appear on the Boots logo? 10 Of which country was Shakespeare’s Macbeth the king? 11 How many playing cards are there in a regular pack? 12 What two colours appear on the flag of Switzerland? 13 How many sides are there in the shape called an octagon? 14 In which ocean are the Maldives? 15 Who wrote the best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code? 16 In which country…

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take a punt

Cambridge is the east of England’s most scenic city. Strolling around you’ll swoon over every little alleyway, courtyard, church, red-brick college, willow-lined riverbank and handsome punter. You can see and feel the history at every turn, from an off-shoot of Sir Isaac Newton’s apple tree outside Trinity College to King’s College chapel’s spires dominating the skyline. Kids will feel like they’ve stepped into a chapter of Harry Potter as they enter bookshops that wouldn’t look out of place in Diagon Alley and as for food and drink, all we can say is pack something with an elasticated waist because this city is punching above its weight when it comes to quality pubs, bistros, restaurants and bars to hang out in. A TOUR OF HISTORY The university’s colleges are brimming with more history…