Real People Issue 41 2021

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this week in your fab value

There are waiting lists that cause real misery, like the ones stretched by Covid currently haunting our beloved NHS. Then there are the kind that aren’t life or death, just really, really annoying! There’s one of them in my house right now. It’s got a rusting gate on it. A floorboard just outside the bathroom that squeaks and announces when you need a pee in the middle of the night. A couple of bulbs are out on the cooker hood. And there’s a bedroom undecorated since Neanderthals were painting their cave walls! In other words, DIY that isn’t being D-O-N-E by you-know-who. Yes, him. Jodie will be able to sympathise with me. Her hubby was dawdling, too. Far from lazy, Adrian’s a hard-working window cleaner. So how come their own…

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mad our world!

Cute TTO TICKLED PINK What could be cuter than my baby, Evie, in her pink fluffy teddy outfit?! Amanda Hadley, Hayseech UK A Glasgow HR adviser has been awarded more than £5,000 after he was sacked for moaning about getting three chicken nuggets in his £1.99 canteen meal. His paltry lunch earned him a clucking big payout. BIRD IN THE HAND This is me at West Midlands Safari Park with a little lorikeet. Polly want a top up? Claire Ferris, Warwickshire WATER FIND! Creepy things found under the sea… USA A judge ordered a Michigan couple to pay their son £22,000 for chucking out his porn collection. David Werking stayed with his folks for 10 months after his divorce. When he moved out, he found his sleazy stash was gone. • Abandoned prison (Estonia) • A giant eyeball (Florida) • Statues of little children (Grenada) •…

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getting his kicks

As I walked into the church, my eyes swivelled not to the groom, but the best man. I’m sure I’ve seen him somewhere before. I took my seat in a pew and then it hit me. Brad Wilkinson, as I live and breathe! We’d been at primary school together in Warrington, Cheshire. I’d always fancied him. But I was the year below and way too shy to admit I liked him. So I’d just gaze wistfully at him across the playground. I hadn’t seen Brad since those school days and I’d had no idea he was going to be here at my cousin’s wedding in July 2015. Let alone how he’d wound up as her hubby’s best man. I couldn’t believe it. But, as I snatched glimpses at him, Brad still had that same twinkle in his bright blue eyes. The whole…

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injury time

Without looking back, I grabbed desperately at the car seat, hauled it up and ran out of the house in bare feet, wearing just my T-shirt and knickers. It was 1.30am. Blood was smeared across my face. My whole body ached. But my mind was sharp as a pin. I had to escape. I banged frantically on my next door neighbours’ door. ‘Take us to my parents’ house, please,’ I cried. I didn’t have my purse, couldn’t find a taxi. The couple took one look at me and Daniel and ushered us to their car. Perhaps they knew what Brad was like as they didn’t ask what’d happened. On the way, I checked Daniel over and he was fine – by some miracle the kick had only landed on the back of his car seat. It hadn’t actually touched…

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1 What fruit is used in a Bellini cocktail? 2 Find and cross out three Welsh cities. 3 Which country is known for the cheese Gorgonzola? 4 How many members were there in the Beatles? 5 What futuristic novel is George Orwell best known for? 6 Find and cross out three types of steak. 7 In which city would you find the hill Arthur’s Seat? 8 Of which country was Shakespeare’s Hamlet the prince? 9 In which crime drama does Sarah Lancashire star? 10 Which pop star was married to Sonny Bono? 11 Find and cross out five sea fish. 12 What two colours appear on the Greggs logo? 13 Who is the author of the John Rebus crime novels? 14 Where in the body are the metatarsals? 15 What does the abbreviation UN stand for? 16 What two colours appear on the flag of…

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legs last

Opening my car door, I climbed in behind the wheel. I had two small, square boxes clutched in my clammy fingers. I dropped them on to the passenger seat and started counting in my head. Two more packets. That makes… Seventy – 70 pills to take me out of this world I just couldn’t fit into. If my friends were round pegs, then I was all edges… and I couldn’t tell a soul. I’d sit with them at school and gossip about the lads they fancied. But I was 18 and I was gay. I could admit it only to myself – it was my biggest secret. I was in the middle of my A-levels, played goalie for Ipswich Ladies Football Club. I was friendly and popular, the class clown. But my clown tears were well hidden for…