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RealClassic December 2018

RealClassic magazine features the very best British motorcycles from all eras, plus charismatic Continental machines (and the odd Japanese classics crops up occasionally, too). Long term classic riders will recognise many of the members of the RC team, which includes authors, historians and journalists like Steve Wilson, Dave Minton, Matt Vale, Odgie, Jacqueline 'PUB' Bickerstaff, Rowena Hoseason and editor Frank Westworth -- but the magazine's key feature is that it is firmly grounded in the real world. Our articles are written by real life riders and reflect far more than a simple road test ever can. We're never scared of getting grubby in The Shed (and we even admit it when things go horribly wrong!)

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from the front

We are galloping towards the end of yet another year! This means that it’s almost time to consider making a new year’s resolution or two. I always do this (although if asked I would of course deny it) and for just about as long as I can remember the 2-wheeled theme of my annual resolution has been the same – ride more, fettle less, maintain less; ride more and further. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? And in an ideal world it would be easy. And in fact … it is easy. The only genuine snag comes in deciding what not to do, so that there’s more time liberated for riding. As I have become increasingly ancient – an entertaining process – I have found that the peripherals of the actual riding thing…

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tiger time!

It’s always amusing when a coincidence trips a chap up, don’t you agree? I’d been planning a ride up to my favourite Welsh March stomping grounds, meeting up with a few chums, like you do, one of whom had been entertained by my rediscovered enthusiasm for a 500 Triumph. To be honest, he was mostly amused. Amusement at my expense is common. I try to take advantage of it by pretending distress so that the amused pal pays for lunch. Or maybe beer. Sometimes this works. And sometimes… So while Martin and Roy reluctantly dug into pockets to ease my trembling lower lip, Chris simply chuckled some more and remarked that he thought I rather dwarfed the most excellent T100C which he’d seen me talking about on my Facebook page. This…

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subscriber prizes

This month’s winners in our subscriber prize draw are BOB HARRIS (member 9748) and VIAN CURTIS (member 4244). Congrats, chaps. Your surprise RC prizes are on their way to you! Our monthly winners are drawn randomly from all current subscribers: it’s our way of saying an additional ‘Thanks!’ for supporting the magazine. And of course, subscribers also get the exclusive Members’ Enclosure newsletter, giveaway and discounts, and access to our members-only Facebook group. So if you’re not already an RC subscriber – sign up online or turn to the back of the magazine. It could be your turn to win next time……

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incoming !

RC readers write, rant and rattle on... Summat to say? Send your comments, hints, tips, tales of woe and derring-don’t to: RCHQ@RealClassic.net MILES COURTS CONTROVERSY Morini riders are fantastically enthusiastic about their wonderful and brilliant motorcycles. So I expect that Paul Miles, who wrote about the 3½ Strada in RC175, has by now had terrible things done to him, probably involving the Official Morini Flywheel Holding Tool. His main criticism is that it is ‘underpowered’ compared with the Japanese bikes of the 1970s. It might be but, somehow, that is a comparison most Morini riders do not think about. When buzzing a 3½ Strada or Sport along a nice twisty road, most riders are thinking about the delights of the handling and the lovely free-revving urge of the engine. Some say the acceleration…

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rc readers recommend…

I asked on the RC Facebook group for recommended stainless steel suppliers and Dave Middleton’s name was mentioned. Yesterday (Sunday), I placed an order on his website feeling confident that my order would be looked at today (Monday). At 9.27am I get an email advising that my order had been assembled, packed and would be on its way to me today. You really can’t ask for better service than that! Graham Wicks, member I must give a mention to A Gagg and Sons in Nottingham for outstanding service. The Commando I’m doing needed a new rim and glass for the speedometer. They received it on Wednesday and I had it back on the Saturday. They even re-calibrated it as it was reading 10mph fast at no extra charge, so they definitely deserve…

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backwards glance

I started work aged 15 as an electrical fitter apprentice on Monday 19th December 1960, having left secondary school the Friday before. No ‘gap year’ in those days! Most of the 120 apprentices at HMS Collingwood were motorbike mad and the car park had a wonderful collection of British bikes. My provisional licence was ready for my 16th birthday, and a Norman Lido moped had already been purchased from Westree Motors in Maidstone. With L-plates affixed, I was on my way. My riding gear was just an overcoat and flat cap, no helmet being required in those days. The 250cc learner law had just come in at that time and many of the lads lusted after one of the many sports 250s that were on the market. These included the Royal…