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RealClassic February 2019

RealClassic magazine features the very best British motorcycles from all eras, plus charismatic Continental machines (and the odd Japanese classics crops up occasionally, too). Long term classic riders will recognise many of the members of the RC team, which includes authors, historians and journalists like Steve Wilson, Dave Minton, Matt Vale, Odgie, Jacqueline 'PUB' Bickerstaff, Rowena Hoseason and editor Frank Westworth -- but the magazine's key feature is that it is firmly grounded in the real world. Our articles are written by real life riders and reflect far more than a simple road test ever can. We're never scared of getting grubby in The Shed (and we even admit it when things go horribly wrong!)

United Kingdom
Mortons Media Group, Ltd
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from the front

In case you’ve not already looked, I must warn you that there are only a very few bikes for sale in this issue. It’s probably the lowest number we’ve ever had, which must contain a secret message – if only I knew what it was! But there’s another reason for the small number. There could have been a lot more than you’ll see, because we received a lot more – maybe three times as many, all told. So what happened? Things change in the online world of classics – as they change everywhere, of course – and one of those changes has seen an influx of private ads from the USA. These land in the RC mailbox along with much else, and they’re always ads for interesting bikes – high ticket and…

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one french boxer

‘My Ratier is better than any BMW!’ proclaimed my new friend Marcel as he knocked back what surely wasn’t his first shot of marc that morning (it’s the French version of grappa) as another little helper to get him through his day. Marcel worked as a delivery rider in Paris for the French sports daily L’Equipe, starting at 4.30 each morning as the first edition rolled off the presses in that pre-internet era. ‘It may resemble a BMW, but it was created with French style, and Gallic passion. Anyway, Monsieur le Président’ – de Gaulle, back then – ‘personally chose the Ratier for his Garde Républicaine to escort him with. Vive la France!’ I got to know Marcel in life before bike journalism by occasionally sharing with him the zinc counter…

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the miller museum

The Sammy Miller Museum in New Milton, Hampshire, UK is crammed full of interesting machines – including one of the biggest collections of exotic racing bikes in the world, and all are runners! These include the V8 Moto Guzzi, AJS Porcupine, Mondial 250 with dustbin fairing, Nortons, Ducatis, Suzukis, Hondas, Velocettes and many more! The Road Bike Hall includes a huge collection of factory prototypes and exotic designs from all over the world, and of course there are plenty of dirtbikes and trial icons, too – over 400 bikes in total. The Museum is open to visitors daily from 10am every day at New Milton, Hampshire B25 5SZ. 01425 620777 / www.sammymiller.co.uk…

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SUPER SPECIAL I’ve got to say that I am totally blown away by the Triumph/Kawasaki special featured in RC177. Massive kudos to the builder, I admire his skill and ability. John Measures, member Long-time RC reader GordonG built the beast and indeed it is an extremely well put-together package. Take a bow, that man Gordon! RowenaH STUCK RUBBER This photo was taken during preparation of my Yamaha Serow for my Class O entry in the MCC’s Exeter Trial. This is what you have to do when an old tyre has become corroded onto a rim. I carefully dissected the cover to remove the inner tube first without damaging it. A bit like the thoracic surgery you see on telly, you have to be sure you don’t go too deep with your knife. You suck the air…

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clutching at…

I had to work out a way of holding the clutch on my Yamaha XT500 as I don’t have the special clutch-holding tool. I didn’t want to be Mr Bodger (and I already broke a clutch tang on a Suzuki eons ago), so I came up with this simple and effective solution: >> Strips of aluminium sheet protect the plates from damage >> Self-locking wrenches need to be no wider than the plate tangs >> Slide into the clutch basket, apply socket to central nut and off she comes Probably many have already thought of this, but it might be useful to someone who hasn’t! Phil Packham, member…

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new bikes baaaaad

I was quite disappointed to see that you devoted nine pages in RC177 to a NEW Triumph made in Thailand. How is that a real classic? That is the sort of thing I expect to find in something like MCN or any of the other mags devoted to new stuff John Hulme, member 2085 Inevitably, no single article exists which will appeal to all readers and the interest in the current range of Triumphs is considerable. We can’t simply ignore it, and have always featured new Triumphs in RC (since RC03, in fact). The questions we’re asked the most – by a long way – are all about new, retro-styled bikes. Hence the Triumph stories, and there’ll be a Norton story along in a couple of issues time. So, we aim for…