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Recoil July/August 2020 #49

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Our magazine is gear heavy featuring guns, trucks, atv's, knives, watches, and more. Get Recoil digital magazine subscription today for gun evaluations, interviews with industry personalities, shooting tips from the pros, shooting sports, defense, do it yourself articles, and much more. We aim to appeal to the casual shooter as well as the core enthusiast.

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down range

It’s odd, but all of a sudden having a couple months’ worth of food, spare gas, first aid training and supplies, and the means to defend your tribe aren’t quite so outré among the bicoastal elites anymore. Now, this could be that they don’t want to rub shoulders with the great unwashed in the produce aisle, but maybe it’s indicative of a wider shift in attitude. While this crisis isn’t the apocalyptic plague it was predicted to be, mismanagement and hair-on-fire overreaction mean the second order effects are every bit as devastating to families and businesses. The mass media has a vested interest in splitting their audience into equally divided opposing camps, in order to blame the other for bad things happening and, in the process, sell more advertising. It’s entirely…

7 min.

1 Whether you’re a female shooter or you’re trying to get the lady of your life to get into the 2A lifestyle, it’s best to steer clear of kit that follows the “shrink it and pink it” strategy. Taking men’s gear and slapping it with cute camouflage is just not gonna fly. That’s why 5.11 Tactical developed a line of women’s apparel that doesn’t just look good, it also performs well — whether you’re on the range, the trail, or a casual night out. The Women’s Apex Pant offers a comfortable fit for the fairer sex, but with the same versatile features as the men’s version: articulated knees, plenty of pockets (including back magazine slots), and mechanical stretch canvas with stain-resistant Teflon finish, among many more. MAKE: 5.11 Tactical MODEL: Women’s Apex Pant MSRP: $80 URL: 511tactical.com 2 If…

8 min.
royal jordanian tank museum

Among armor enthusiasts and professionals alike, it’s commonly acknowledged that The Tank Museum in Bovington, UK, and the German Tank Museum in Munster, Germany, are world-renowned for the diversity and breadth of their collections and displays of armored vehicles. Joining the ranks of these two world-class museums is the Royal Jordanian Tank Museum. Located in southern Amman, the museum is a breathtakingly massive display of the chronology of the tank throughout military history beginning with World War I. Where the museum truly provides the most value to any student of military history is in its displays of Middle Eastern conflicts, especially in the past several decades, where armored warfare played prominently in the outcome of the Six Day War, the Yom Kippur War, and the Gulf War. The Royal Tank Museum…

4 min.
cool britannia

Aston Martin was nearing bankruptcy before an increasingly popular movie franchise put a certain MI6 agent behind the wheel of a tricked-out DB5. Although it was a fairly new concept at the time, it showed the power of product placement. Nowadays, cinema and corporate marketing go together like lawyers and tasseled loafers. If you’re a fan of the Bond movies, you’ve probably felt the urge to go buy something its star was wearing, drinking, or driving. Now’s your chance. Recently there’s been a rise in boutique companies taking older platforms and giving them modern enhancements. Whether it’s Singer’s pulse-pounding take on vintage 911 Porsches or our recent look at Mil-Spec Automotive’s revamped Hummers in Issue 44, the level of artistry and upgraded engineering are enough to make discerning car buffs like…

3 min.
unusual suspects

If there was ever a knife design that has captivated the minds of knife aficionados and casual knife users, alike, it’s the OTF (Out the Front) Automatic. Alternately and somewhat incorrectly referred to as stilettos or even push-knives, OTFs have been hyped a lot by their use in fiction from pulp novels and spy films of the 1960s to modern day video games and TV shows like 24. OTF knives represent a relatively small section of the automatic knife market. Most of this has to do with the poorly made imports that were popular at gun shows, flea markets, and gas stations for over three decades. That all changed when a talented young machinist for a major firearm manufacturer began producing high-end OTF knives of his own with quality materials and manufacturing…

5 min.
interrogating the unusual suspects

GUARDIAN TACTICAL RECON 411: Designed by Andy Buerck and Brian Mercer, both formerly of Microtech, Guardian Tactical builds a smooth DA OTF with a blade made from Elmax steel. The button is separated from the aluminum handle by a steel plate and three ceramic balls that eliminate grinding and wear. An innovative locking mechanism sits off to the side of the blade channel, so it reduces drag against the blade when opening and closing. These features eliminate the friction on the blade and button that have always plagued OTF knives. PROS: The aesthetics are tops on this model with a two-tone look to the blade. Fits in the hand well and feels comfortable and ergonomic Action is smooth with a minimal amount of blade play when opened. CONS: The clip is fixed in place and cannot be adjusted. MICROTECH KNIVES ULTRATECH…